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Enjoy The Show was a weekly entertainment movie podcast talk show that was originally created and hosted by Jon Risinger, centered around movies, it can be seen as a sort of successor to Screen Play. The show regularly features Andrew Blanchard, Tyler Coe and Ashley Jenkins as guests.

This was a show in which host Jon Risinger, along with a panel of guests, seeks to answer the important question of why people love film and TV so much. They talk mostly about recent films, and tie them into larger topics about their respective genres usually. Each episode focuses on a single, timeless topic that exemplifies a distinct passion point. Everyone can watch shows and movies, so it’s time for everyone to be able to discuss what’s good about them.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Episode Featuring Description Date Link
0.1 - The Deadpool Defiance Jon RisingerTyler Coe, Andrew Blanchard A failed gameshow host (Jon Risinger) teams up with a "past his prime" jock (Tyler Coe) to the discover the meaning behind unicorn masturbation jokes, comedically small man-child hands and ring pops hidden inside body cavities. Along the way they are joined by New England-accented, "comic relief" generic white guy, Andrew Blanchard, and in the end ruin some perfectly good movie quotes with swear words.Welcome to Enjoy the Show. December 21, 2016 0.1
0.2 - The K-2SO Kink Jon Risinger, Tyler Coe, Ashley Jenkins Former scientist Jon Risinger lives on a farm with his daughter, Tyler Coe. His peaceful existence comes crashing down when the evil Ashley Jenkins takes him away from his beloved family. Many years later, Jon is now the lead engineer for the most powerful weapon in the galaxy, comic relief in the form of a charming droid voiced by Alan Tudyk. January 4, 2017 0.2
0.3 - The Stranger Things Spectacle Jon Risinger, Marcus LaPorte, Tyler Coe On January 11, 2016, in the town of Austin, TX, 12-year-old Jon Risinger vanishes mysteriously. Jon's frantic mother, Tyler Coe, searches for him with an M41A Pulse Rifle and flamethrower while Police Chief Marcus LaPorte launches his own investigation into the design of the batmobile from Batman Forever. Unfortunately Jon has no friends so no one else went looking for him. January 11, 2017 0.3
0.4 - The Gosling Gravitation Jon Risinger, Tyler Coe, Andrew Blanchard Jon Risinger and Tyler Coe are drawn together by their common desire to talk about Ryan Gosling. But as success mounts they are faced with decisions that begin to fray the fragile fabric of their love of Ryan Gosling. And then Andrew Blanchard flies into space with love and magic. January 18, 2017 0.4
1 - The Oscars Opposition Jon Risinger, Ashley Jenkins, Andrew Blanchard Spoiler alert: no one cares who wins The Oscars. Most people don't even see the majority of the movies nominated. Instead, let's start "Enjoy the Show" off with a tradition that looks to celebrate movies we enjoyed this past year even if they weren't given a golden statue by people in tuxedos on a red carpet. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show. February 22, 2017 1
2 - SPLIT: Shyamalan's Second Coming Jon Risinger, Lynn Marquis, Tyler Coe Raise your hand if you never lost faith in Shyamalan? PUT YOUR HANDS DOWN RIGHT NOW! Everyone lost faith after The Last Airbender. EVERYONE! March 1, 2017 2

After The Credits[edit | edit source]

Episode Featuring Description Link
1 Jon Risinger, Ashley Jenkins, Andrew Blanchard The cast of Enjoy the Show hang out in the theater after the show to talk about Helen Mirren's future with the Fast & Furious, Ashley's obsession with Charmed and when was the last time they saw a good Jim Carrey film. 1
2 Jon Risinger, Lynn Marquis, Tyler Coe Is The Young Pope entertaining or just catholic click bait? Where does the good stuff on Netflix end and the growing pile of trash they are making start? And is Jon Eskimo brothers with Ewan McGregor? 2

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