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</image> <title source="title1"> <default>Wade</default> </title> <label> </label> <label>Age</label> <label>Born</label> <label>Died</label> <label>Rank</label> <label>Gender</label> <label>Armor</label> <label>Weapons</label> <label>Equipment</label> <label>Citizenship</label> <label>Status</label> <header>Additional information</header> <label>Specialty</label> <label>Affiliation</label> <label>Notable Facts</label> <label>Appearances</label> <label>Voice Actor</label> <label>Actor</label> </infobox> Wade, voiced by Joel Heyman, is a stereotypical drug addict featured in Rooster Teeth production's "The Strangerhood". He has a hippie-like attitude and accent. He states is name is "Durnt", despite the name tag on his shirt that says "Hello, my name is Wade" as a running joke throughout the series.

Physical Apperance[edit | edit source]

Wade wears a casual blue shirt, khakis, and brown sandals during most of the series along with his "Hello, my name is Wade" name tag. He has shaggy blonde hair and grey, bloodshot eyes, which insinuates even further that he is a drug addict.