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You know this wiki has a lot of potential to be good. It's just that more people need to be on here and edit. This includes proper formatting and stuff. No grammar mistakes, linking actually makes sense, and the place is informative. I tried setting up guidlines which aren't hard to follow, but that doesn't seem to do much. If you haven't seen the new guidlines they're basically: Good grammar, no personal opinion or vandalism (i.e no saying an employee or character sucks on their page, unless it's from a quote someone said about them). And put in a bunch of details helps. I'd also like to see more registered users. I know I'm not an admin, but it's kind of irritating to me to have to call some editor by their IP addresses. Not fun calling people numbers, better to call them by a user name. Another thing I wanted to do to help boost wiki editing is to create a vote of your favorite articles, which will only be featured if you put in more information on it. It's not hard, just go watch some RT videos and look up the staff pages on the RT site, figure out what you can, and put it down on the page. Their podcasts are a great place to look for information. Again, this wiki can be good, it's just that people need to get out there and get information. Look at the RvB and even the RWBY wiki. Those wikis look more polished than this one.