User blog:Kamikaze839/Let's Play New Super Mario Bros U Review

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Alright, so I'm going to start writing reviews for Let's Plays. Well not reviews, just my opinions on what goes on.

So when I first saw they were playing a Nintendo game, I was very confused. I expected them to do something xbox related. So anyways I thought it was a very great Let's Play, and a welcome change of pace from the MMOs they've been doing as of late. Nintendo has definitely been overlooked as one of the games where you can totally screw your friends over. Geoff's shenanigans with the platform making was gold, and so was Gavin's confusion on being eaten by Yoshis. I would like to see more cooperation in the team, 'cause seeing this every part of the let's play will get old. As usual, Ray is doing the best. Michael, he's good, but he tends to rush by all the secrets of the game. Jack did fairly well. It seems they will do more non-xbox LPs in the future, and go into Nintendo LPs, which has yet to be touched by AH. Overall, again, this was a welcome change of pace from the MMO LPs and one of the best LPs they've made, in my opinion. No competitions, no structure, just good ol' messing around with each other and beating a game.