User blog:Kamikaze839/Communication with other Users and Changes to the Wiki

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Hi all! Just want to let you know about a few things going around on the wiki. As some of you have noticed, some articles can no longer be editted if you do not have an account. This is not to hurt you, but for admistrative reasons. If there is a vandal on a wiki, I can ban it, but it makes it harder for some users to edit. This is because nonregistered users directly edit from an IP and by banning the IP, I essentially ban all other users who use that IP from editting on the wiki. I don't want to have the actions of one user affect the actions of others. Having user accounts also sets you up to join Projects and is one of the qualifications of having chat mod and rollback rights, as well as editing certain pages that are locked to all users from edit warring, recent shocking turn of events, etc.

Also, in terms of Policies, I have decided to upgrade the punishment for intimidation, harassment, and bullying to be that of threatening users: Permanent Ban. Also note that the ban will happen WITHOUT WARNING. On one of the other wikis I edit, I had to put up with one such user, which really frustrated me. Also as a note: I haven't seen this yet, but if a user asks for you personal information and says that they are from the staff or was asked by one of the admins here, DO NOT give it to them. Neither the wiki staff nor the admins will ask you for your personal information at any time. If someone does ask for it, contact one of the admins and we will deal with it quickly. You can submit your request on the Administrative Requests Page on the wiki, as well as various other requests.

As for communication purposes, each article has its own talk page. If you go to a page and click the button that says "talk" by the edit button, you can start discussions to talk about improvements to the articles. It is NOT a place to discuss how much you like the character, that's what the forums are for. Also make sure to do two things: Create a section header so we can organize talk pages better, and sign your posts with 4 ~ so we know who's who. For improvements to the overall wiki, Take it to the Improvements and Suggestions Board in the forums.

Also, Chat is now open, and I am currently developing a quick policy for chatting.