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Alright, I'm getting annoyed at how people constantly insist that there should be a bunch of extra lines in the episode box on the Let's Play Minecraft Page. There isn't a reason why there should be. And also, it makes it look fugly and hard to read, seeing a very stretched out box (it becomes very apparant why when you look at a row with one line of description and multiple lines describing the winner etc., totally disproportional). I didn't want to have to instaban people for putting in additional lines, but I'm gonna have to. Also I would like to see people jump on the bandwagon for the Rooster Teeth Wiki: Projects page. It isn't different from regular editing, just need to do what you regularly do on the stuff the project works on. The benefits are in seeing the wiki improve and help brainstorm new ideas for pages. It's easier to do those on projects. So join those projects and again I apologize for having to go to such extremes on the Minecraft page.