Rat's Nest

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Rat's Nest is a Halo 3 map used in fliming two of the early episodes of Red vs Blue: Reconstruction.

It served as the secondary motorpool for Freelancer Command, speciaizing in vehicles. The Red and Blue bases stationed at Rat's Nest each have access to a number of Warthogs and Mongooses, as well as a circuit track, making this facility a suitable candidate for Freelancers to sharpen their driving skills.

In Chapter 3, Agent Washington went to the Blue Base there to find Michael J. Caboose. He persuaded the Blue Sergeant there to give him Caboose (who was tied up in the brig).

In Chapter 9, Sarge went to the Red Base there, in order to recruit Dick Simmons and Dexter Grif (whom he saves by driving in front of the firing squad with his warthog). In Sarge's absence, Grif had been promoted to Sergeant of Red Team at Rat's Nest, which Sarge found physically impossible to believe (Sarge later requested Agent Washington to demote Grif, it was initially agreed as Private, but Sarge wanted something more demeaning, and went with Minor Junior Private Grif Negative First Class).

Rooster Teeth Employees Who Have Voiced Characters on Rat's Nest[edit | edit source]

1) Matt Hullum - Sarge

2) Geoff Ramsey - Grif

3) Gustavo Sorola - Simmons

4) Joel Heyman - Caboose

5) Gavin Free - Jones (Or Jo-en-es)

6) Shannon McCormick - Agent Washington

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Agent Alabama particularly enjoyed this facility, being able to hunt Simulation Troopers from the back of a Mongoose, that was until he drove one straight off the edge of a cliff.
  • Once a year, the Red and Blues stationed at Rat's Nest would still pay tribute to Agent Alabama by sending a flaming Mongoose soaring into the night sky. They watch the Mongoose explode on the rocks below with tears glistening in their visors.