The Temple, Part 6

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> Home > Episodes <infobox> <title source="title"><default>Unknown</default></title> <image source="image"/> <label>imagecaption</label> <label>season</label><default>unknown</default> <label>number</label><default>unknown</default> <label>air date</label><default>Unknown</default> <label>previous</label><default>Unknown</default> <label>next</label><default>Unknown</default> </infobox> On this week's episode of Sneak Attack!, the gang moves through the second floor of the temple, eager to discover its secrets, and find the missing half of the spell scroll. After defeating the three monsters of the arena, and leaving the library, they are tasked with solving a strange puzzle involving levers and statues. Would they be able to solve the riddle, or would the spell scroll be forever out of reach?