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The Rialto Report
Hosted byAshley West and April Hall
Audio formatMP3
Original releaseJanuary 18, 2013 – present

The Rialto Report is a weekly podcast and article series documenting the Golden Age of Porn. It consists of oral history,[1] audio, photo, and documentary archives.[2] It is hosted by Ashley West[3] and April Hall as well as guest contributors such as academics and writers with insight into the subjects covered. The series has interviewed notable golden age participants such as Ginger Lynn, Sharon Mitchell, Kay Parker, Jeff Stryker and Jennifer Welles. Its name refers to The Rialto, New York City's first commercial theater district in Union Square, Manhattan.[citation needed]

Hosts West and Hall serve as consultants to the HBO show The Deuce.

Format[edit | edit source]

The Rialto Report delivers content in three main formats:

  • Podcasts are typically long-form interviews with performers, directors and distributors from the golden age of adult film. Interviews focus on the subjects' personal lives and candid memories of their experiences within the early adult industry
  • Investigative articles unearth information about the early adult industry, and the social and cultural context in which it operated.
  • Photo essays of previously unpublished, rare photographs offer behind-the-scenes looks into the golden age industry and the people who were part of it.

Podcasts[edit | edit source]

# Podcast Participants Running time Release date
1 "John Amero and ‘Body of a Female’"[4]

John Amero discusses the making of his first film, Body of a Female (1964), which he co-directed with Michael Findlay.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Michael Bowen (guest presenter)
  • John Amero (director)
65 minutes March 4, 2013
2 "George Payne: Wild Man of Porn"[5]

George Payne, star of films such as The Taming of Rebecca, The Story of Prunella and The Back Row, talks about his life and career in adult film.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Michael Bowen (guest presenter)
  • George Payne (actor)
57 minutes March 10, 2013
3 "Jennifer Welles: The Lady Vanishes"[6]

Jennifer Welles breaks a 35–year silence to speak publicly about her life and career in film.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Jennifer Welles (actor)
51 minutes March 17, 2013
4 "Jeffrey Hurst: The Reluctant Porn Star"[7]

Jeffrey Hurst speaks about his career in adult films in the 1970s.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Jeffrey Hurst (actor)
60 minutes March 30, 2013
5 "Annie Sprinkle: The Early Years"[8]

Annie Sprinkle remembers her early life and the start of her career in adult films in the 1970s.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Annie Sprinkle (actor)
48 minutes April 7, 2013
6 "Barbara Nitke: Porn’s On Set Photographer"[9]

Barbara Nitke, the on-set photographer for many New York adult films in the 1980s, talks about her memories of the industry.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Barbara Nitke (photographer)
48 minutes April 14, 2013
7 "Carter Stevens: A Porn Renaissance Man"[10]

Carter Stevens, actor, director, and producer, talks about the highs and lows of his life and career.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Carter Stevens (director/actor)
68 minutes April 21, 2013
8 "Jeanne Silver: Real Wild Child"[11]

Jeanne Silver, adult film actress and stripper from the 1970s and 1980s, talks about her life and memories.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • April Hall (co-host)
  • Jeanne Silver (actor)
68 minutes April 28, 2013
9 "The Naughty Victorians (1975)"[12]

A detailed look back at the making of The Naughty Victorians: An Erotic Tale of a Maiden’s Revenge (1975)

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Laura Helen Marks (guest presenter)
  • Robert Sickinger (director)
  • Beerbohn Tree (actor)
  • Jennifer Jordan (actor)
76 minutes May 5, 2013
10 "Larry Revene: Loops and Organized Crime"[13]

Larry Revene, director and cinematographer in the adult film industry in the 1970s and 1980s, talks about his start in the business: making 8mm loops with Bob Wolfe in New York.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Larry Revene (director/cinematographer)
76 minutes May 5, 2013
11 "Georgina Spelvin: The Devil, Miss Jones and the New York Years"[14]

Georgina Spelvin, the star of The Devil in Miss Jones, talks about her upbringing in Texas, her Broadway career, her political activism, and her adult film work in New York.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Georgina Spelvin (actor)
74 minutes May 19, 2013
12 "R. Bolla: Adult Film’s Method Actor"[15]

Robert Kerman, star of Debbie Does Dallas and scores of porn films in the 1970s and 1980s, talks about his life as a struggling actor in New York, his move into adult film work in New York, and how he nearly broke into the mainstream.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • April Hall (co-host)
  • Robert Kerman (actor)
55 minutes June 2, 2013
13 "Captain Lust: The Truth Behind the Myth"[16]

We speak to scripwriter Steven Barry, production manager Carter Stevens, and director Beau Buchanan, about the events of August 1976 and the shooting of Captain Lust.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Steven Barry (scriptwriter)
  • Carter Stevens (production manager)
  • Beau Buchanan (director)
64 minutes June 9, 2013
14 "Wakefield Poole: Theater, Dance and Porn"[17]

Wakefield Poole talks about his life as an independent filmmaker and pioneer of gay rights, and Jim Tushinski talks about his new documentary, I Always Said Yes: The Many Lives of Wakefield Poole.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Wakefield Poole (director/producer)
  • Jim Tushinski (director/writer)
97 minutes June 16, 2013
15 "Barbara Broadcast: A Podcast in Four Courses"[18]

A discussion of Barbara Broadcast, one of the most revered New York adult films of the 1970s.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Peter Andrews (actor)
  • Michael Gaunt (actor)
  • Steven Morowitz (distributor)
  • Laura Helen Marks (academic)
80 minutes June 30, 2013
16 "Gloria Leonard: The New York Years"[19]

A discussion with Gloria Leonard, the grand dame of the 1970s New York adult film scene.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Gloria Leonard (actor)
60 minutes July 14, 2013
17 "Susan McBain: A Personal Odyssey"[20]

A conversation with Susan McBain, star of the 1970s New York adult film scene.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • April Hall (co-host)
  • Susan McBain (actor)
42 minutes July 28, 2013
18 "Bob Chinn: West Coast Pioneer"[21]

Interview with Bob Chinn—director of the Johnny Wadd series of films starring John Holmes, as well as the man behind films such as Candy Stripers, Little Orphan Dusty, and Hot & Saucy Pizza Girls.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Bob Chinn (director)
  • Jill Nelson (writer)
98 minutes August 4, 2013
19 "Uschi Digard: SuperSoul"[22]

A conversation with Uschi Digard—legendary star of 1970s sexploitation films and magazine spreads, and frequent collaborator of Russ Meyer.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Uschi Digard (actor)
67 minutes August 25, 2013
20 "Deep Throat: Damiano, Lovelace.. and ‘Lovelace’"[23]

A look at the making of the film Deep Throat—with Gerard Damiano Jr., son of the director of Deep Throat, and Eric Danville, author of The Complete Linda Lovelace.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Gerard Damiano Jr. (director/writer)
  • Eric Danville (writer)
80 minutes September 8, 2013
21 "Helga Sven: Her Mystery. And Her Fan."[24]

A profile of Helga Sven, star of 1980s adult films and magazine layouts, and also a fan of hers who tracked her down and has his own unique story to tell.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Helga Sven (actor)
  • fan
78 minutes September 22, 2013
22 "Eric Edwards: Twilight of a Shy Porn Star"[25]

An interview with Eric Edwards—adult film actor and director from the 1970s through to the 1990s.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Eric Edwards (actor/director)
92 minutes October 6, 2013
23 "Seka: The Platinum Princess speaks"[26]

A discussion with Seka—the last star of the golden age of adult film and the first star of the video era.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • April Hall (co-host)
  • Seka (actor)
71 minutes October 20, 2013
24 "Herschel Savage: The Evergreen Porn Star"[27]

A conversation with Herschel Savage, the veteran adult film actor who entered the business in New York in 1976.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • April Hall (co-host)
  • Herschel Savage (actor)
93 minutes November 3, 2013
25 "Jamie Gillis: New York Beginnings"[28]

A previously unheard interview with the late Jamie Gillis, the adult film actor whose career started in 1971 and spanned the next 35 plus years.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Jamie Gillis (actor)
61 minutes November 17, 2013
26 "Jeff Stryker: Porn’s Enigmatic Star"[29]

An interview with the reclusive and elusive 1980s porn star Jeff Stryker.

  • April Hall (host)
  • Laura Helen Marks (guest presenter)
  • Jeff Stryker (actor)
70 minutes December 1, 2013
27 "Ray Horsch: Sociopathic Villain"[30]

A discussion with Ray Horsch, director of The Erotic Memoirs of a Male Chauvinist Pig.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Ray Horsch (actor)
101 minutes December 15, 2013
28 "Richard Pacheco: A Family Affair"[31]

Richard Pacheco, his son Bobby and his daughter Polly discuss the publication of his autobiography Hindsight—True Love and Mischief in the Golden Age of Porn.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Richard Pacheco (actor)
  • Bobby Gordon (actor)
  • Polly Gordon (actor)
114 minutes December 29, 2013
29 "Jonas Middleton: God, Church, and ‘Through the Looking Glass’"[32]

A conversation with Jonas Middleton, director of Through the Looking Glass.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Jonas Middleton (director)
62 minutes January 12, 2014
30 "Veronica Vera: A Consenting Adult"[33]

Veronica Vera talks about her life in the New York sex scene in the 1980s.

  • April Hall (host)
  • Veronica Vera (actor/writer)
  • Annie Sprinkle (actor/writer)
116 minutes January 26, 2014
31 "Al Goldstein: Screw, Midnight Blue, and F*@k You"[34]

A look back at Al Goldstein's life and legacy—with Al himself in one of his last interviews.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Al Goldstein (publisher)
  • Steven Heller (art director)
  • Josh Alan Friedman (writer)
  • Herald Price Fahringer (lawyer)
118 minutes February 23, 2014
32 "Kay Parker: Many Lives"[35]

Kay Parker talks about her beginnings in war time Birmingham in England to becoming a star in the California adult film industry.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Kay Parker (actor)
  • Eric Edwards (actor)
  • Seka (actor)
  • Richard Pacheco (actor)
100 minutes March 9, 2014
33 "Rick Savage: New York’s Last Porn Star"[36]

Rick Savage talks about his life and career from being a dancer to a sex show performer to becoming a star in the California and New York adult film industries.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Rick Savage (actor)
96 minutes March 23, 2014
34 "Sharon Mitchell: Punk Rock Porn Star"[37]

Sharon Mitchell look backs on her life and career and the legacy of AIM Medical.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • April Hall (co-host)
  • Sharon Mitchell (actor)
107 minutes April 6, 2014
35 "Candida Royalle: ‘Femme’, Feminism, and a Female Icon"[38]

Candida Royalle talks about her life and influential career as a pioneer in the adult film industry.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Candida Royalle (actor)
106 minutes April 20, 2014
36 "Sharon Kane: ‘History Should Be Remembered For As Long As It’s Needed’"[39]

Sharon Kane talks about growing up in Ohio, stripping in San Francisco, acting in adult films and more.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Laura Helen Marks (guest presenter)
  • Sharon Kane (actor)
99 minutes May 25, 2014
37 "Jerry Butler: Young, Wild and Wonderful"[40]

On the 25th anniversary of the publication of his autobiography Raw Talent, Jerry Butler looks back on his career, his book and his life.

  • April Hall (host)
  • Jerry Butler (actor)
  • William Margold (actor/director)
  • Cathy Tavel (writer)
111 minutes June 8, 2014
38 "Marty Hodas: King of the Peeps"[41]

An interview with Marty Hodas, the man who introduced peep show machines into Times Square.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Marty Hodas (producer/distributor)
52 minutes June 8, 2014
39 "Serena: Hippie, Kinky, Teenage Cruiser"[42]

Serena talks about her life in adult film and her autobiography Bright Lights Lonely Nights. With an introduction by Johnny Legend.

  • April Hall (host)
  • Serena (actor/artist)
  • Johnny Legend (musician/director)
109 minutes July 20, 2014
40 "Shanna McCullough: Like Ginger Exploding"[43]

Shanna McCullough looks back at her 30-year career working with many of the greats from the adult industry.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Shanna McCullough (actor)
78 minutes August 31, 2014
41 "Suze Randall. And Humphry. And Holly."[44]

Suze Randall, husband Humphry Knipe and daughter Holly Randall discuss what it is like being a family in the adult film business.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Suze Randall (photographer)
  • Humphry Knipe (writer/Director)
  • Holly Randall (photographer)
67 minutes September 21, 2014
42 "Marlene Willoughby: New York’s Archetypal Porn Star"[45]

Marlene Willoughby speaks publicly for the first time in decades about her acting, modeling, and adult film career.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Marlene Willoughby (actor)
67 minutes October 12, 2014
43 "Ginger Lynn: The Girl Next Door"[46]

Ginger Lynn talks about her career that has spanned four decades, including acting, modeling, art and radio.

  • April Hall (host)
  • Ginger Lynn (actor)
93 minutes November 2, 2014
44 "Hyapatia Lee: Secrets and Lives"[47]

Hyapatia Lee discusses her family, her career, her husband Bud Lee, her work with High Times, her autobiography and how she manages mental illness.

  • April Hall (host)
  • Hyapatia Lee (actor)
114 minutes November 23, 2014
45 "Fred Lincoln: The Early Years"[48]

Fred Lincoln remembers his career in adult film, his wives Tiffany Clark and Patti Rhodes, managing Plato's Retreat, starting the Hellfire Club and starring in The Last House on the Left.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Fred Lincoln (actor/director)
46 minutes December 14, 2014
46 "Constance Money: The Re-opening of Misty Beethoven. And her father."[49]

Constance Money speaks about her life, in and out of films. Constance's father provides his view of her career as well.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Constance Money (actor)
81 minutes January 25, 2015
47 "Nina Hartley: The Importance Of Being (With) Earnest"[50]

Nina Hartley talks about starting out in the film business and how she's seen it change since she began in 1984.

  • April Hall (host)
  • Nina Hartley (actor)
  • Carol Queen (writer/sexologist)
101 minutes February 22, 2015
48 "Howard Ziehm: Mona… (and marijuana, music, and M.I.T.)"[51]

Howard Ziehm discusses his groundbreaking film Mona: The Virgin Nymph and his role in the adult industry up until Flesh Gordon.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Howard Ziehm (director/writer)
99 minutes March 15, 2015
49 "Jim South: The Last Agent"[52]

Jim South discusses World Modeling, the talent agency he started to supply talent to the adult film industry.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Jim South (agent)
72 minutes April 19, 2015
50 "Michelle Maren: A Reluctant Star"[53]

Michelle Maren talks about her years in New York, her time making adult films, and making her recent documentary An Autobiography of Michelle Maren.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Michelle Maren (actor)
90 minutes May 10, 2015
51 "Sharon Kelly / Colleen Brennan: From Soft to Hard"[54]

Sharon Kelly remembers her career in film, her dancing years, and living the fast life.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Sharon Kelly (actor)
72 minutes May 30, 2015
52 "‘Deep Sleep’ (1972): Deep, Deep Trouble"[55]

A profile of the making of 1972 adult film Deep Sleep and the aftermath of its release.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Alfred Sole (director)
  • Kim Pope (actor)
  • Joseph Friedman (cinematographer)
  • Butch Taylor (composer)
  • John Niccollai (prosecutor)
69 minutes July 25, 2015
53 "Roberta Findlay: A Respectable Woman"[56]

Roberta Findlay discusses her years making films both on her own and with her husbands Michael Findlay and Walter Sear.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Roberta Findlay (actor/director)
83 minutes August 16, 2015
54 "George McDonald: The First Adult Film Star"[57]

George McDonald talks about his start in the era of short, silent 8mm films and the transition to full-length pornographic features within a couple of years.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • George McDonald (actor)
97 minutes September 6, 2015
55 "Whatever Happened to Candy Samples?"[58]

A profile of and interview with Candy Samples, early cheesecake model, exotic dancer, adult film actress and male magazine contributor.

  • April Hall (host)
  • Candy Samples (actor/model)
45 minutes October 18, 2015
56 "Billy Dee: Porn Again Christian"[59]

Billy Dee talks about growing up, his start in adult film, his time in the military, a short stint in prison and finding his way in life.

  • April Hall (host)
  • Billy Dee (actor)
134 minutes November 15, 2015
57 "João Fernandes: The Artist Formerly Known as Harry Flecks"[60]

João Fernandes discusses shooting 1960s black and white soft-core sexploitation films, graduating groundbreaking hardcore features like Deep Throat, and transitioning to mainstream work like Walker, Texas Ranger.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • João Fernandes (cinematographer)
118 minutes January 24, 2016
58 "Barbara Dare: A Curious Woman"[61]

Barbara Dare breaks decades of silence to share how she got into the adult film business, what she thought of her time in it, and why she got out.

  • April Hall (host)
  • Barbara Dare (actor)
100 minutes February 21, 2016
59 "Johnnie Keyes: The Man Behind The Green Door"[62]

Johnnie Keyes discusses what led him to the leading male role in the renowned 1972 adult film Behind the Green Door and his career in movies and music since then.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Johnnie Keyes (actor/musician)
74 minutes March 13, 2016
60 "Veronica Hart: Hart to Heart"[63]

Veronica Hart talks about her time in glam rock England, working as a stripper and live sex show performer in Times Square, becoming one of the top adult film actors and directors and making mainstream cameos in films like Boogie Nights.

  • April Hall (host)
  • Veronica Hart (actor/director)
111 minutes April 10, 2016
61 "1987: Lisa DeLeeuw, Jamie Gillis, John Seeman"[64]

Adult performer Richard Pacheco shares early interviews he conducted with porn stars Lisa De Leeuw, Jamie Gillis and John Seeman.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Richard Pacheco (actor)
  • Lisa DeLeeuw (actor)
  • Jamie Gillis (actor)
  • John Seeman (actor)
60 minutes June 19, 2016
62 "Tina Russell: Searching for the Lost Girl of Porn"[65]

A collection of family, friends and performers remember adult actress Tina Russell, discussing her life, marriage, career and early death.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Jason Russell (actor/director)
  • Harry Reems (actor)
  • Fred Lincoln (actor/director/Producer)
107 minutes August 21, 2016
63 "Tiffany Clark: No Simple Yes or No"[66]

Tiffany Clark talks about her turbulent upbringing, her experiences in the adult film industry, her marriage to actor and producer Fred Lincoln, her descent into and recovery from drug abuse and life after the adult business.

  • April Hall (host)
  • Tiffany Clark (actor)
121 minutes September 11, 2016
64 "Raven Touchstone (and Paul Thomas): A writer’s Tale"[67]

Raven Touchstone looks back at her life and her career as one of the adult film industry's most prolific scriptwriter. With an introduction by adult film actor and director Paul Thomas.

  • April Hall (host)
  • Raven Touchstone (writer)
  • Paul Thomas (actor/director)
83 minutes October 16, 2016
65 "Donald Trump by Al Goldstein: An Edifice Complex"[68]

Al Goldstein shares his view of Donald Trump in this 1970s segment from Midnight Blue.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Al Goldtein (publisher)
5 minutes October 30, 2016
66 "Henri Pachard: When He Was Ron Sullivan"[69]

Ron Sullivan - better known by many as Henri Pachard - shares his memories of early filmmaking in 1960s New York City.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Ron Sullivan/Henri Pachard (director)
38 minutes November 20, 2016
67 "Tom Byron – A Life Choice"[70]

Tom Byron looks back at his three decades in the adult film industry.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Tom Byron (actor)
109 minutes March 12, 2017
68 "Rhonda Jo Petty: Happiness is the Truth"[71]

Rhonda Jo Petty discusses her life and career in the adult film industry.

  • April Hall (host)
  • Rhonda Jo Petty (actor)
92 minutes April 16, 2017
69 "‘More, More, More’: The Search for Andrea True, and the Creation of a Disco Sensation"[72]

Rialto Report host Ashley West profiles Andrea True including her time in adult film as well as her music success with disco hits like More, More, More.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Harry Reems (actor)
  • Jeffrey Hurst (actor)
  • Tom Moulton (record producer)
  • Joe Barbosa (musician)
  • Michael Zager (record producer)
78 minutes May 21, 2017
70 "Andrea True: Her Last Interview"[73]

Andrea True discusses her adult film years, her disco career and what she's been doing since she retired from the entertainment industry.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Andrea True (actor)
46 minutes June 11, 2017
71 "Greg Dark: ‘Porn Is Dead. Long Live The Dark Bros.’"[74]

Greg Dark talks about his artistic influences, his unique approach to pornography, and his move into the mainstream entertainment industry.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Greg Dark (director)
97 minutes August 13, 2017
72 "The Deuce: Behind the Scenes"[75]

The Rialto Report, consultants on the HBO's The Deuce, speaks with a show producer, writer and director about the making of the series.

  • Ashley West (host)
  • Marc Henry Johnson (producer)
  • Megan Abbott (writer)
  • Michelle MacLaren (director)
56 minutes September 3, 2017
73 "Radley Metzger – 1971"[76]

Two contemporary interviews with director Radley Metger from 1971.

  • Radley Metzger (director)
  • Joseph Gelmis (film critic)
53 minutes September 24, 2017
74 "Keisha: The Innocence of an Adult Film Star"[77]

Keisha discusses her long career in adult film and her work as a sexual healer.

  • April Hall (host)
  • Keisha (actor)
103 minutes December 3, 2017
75 "Supporting Characters"[78]

Rialto Report host Ashley West is interviewed by Bill Ackerman from the Supporting Characters podcast.

  • Bill Ackerman (host)
  • Ashley West (host)
119 minutes December 24, 2017
76 "The Story of ‘Midnight Blue’: Sex, Lies, and Videotape"[79]

Rialto Report host April Hall profiles the rise and fall of Al Goldstein's public access television show Midnight Blue.

  • April Hall (host)
  • Alex Bennett (radio host)
  • Josh Alan Friedman (writer)
79 minutes January 7, 2018

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