The Pen Addict No. 177: The Pen Type Brad

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"The Pen Type Brad"
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Original release dateOctober 19, 2015 (2015-October-19)
Running time01:02:40
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"The Pen Addict 177: The Pen Type Brad" is the 177th episode of The Pen Addict, released on October 19, 2015.[1]

Official Description[edit | edit source]

Can Bic save handwriting? That is what they are trying to do with their latest campaign “Fight for your write.” We discuss that, the origins of Bic, interesting Field Notes, and Brad professes his love for a certain pen.

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Show Notes[edit | edit source]

Analog(ue) #62: 100% Of Everything I Don't Want To Do - Relay FM

Bic Is On A Mission To Save Handwriting. Does It Need Saving? | Here & Now

Allusionist 21: Eponyms I: The Ballad of Bic and Biro — The Allusionist

#inktober • Instagram photos and videos

Nixon Field Notes | Misc Accessories | Nixon Watches and Premium Accessories

Edison Pen Co – 2015 Limited Edition Mina Group Buy!

Uni KH-20 Hand Crank Pencil Sharpener - Black -

The Best Pencil Sharpener in the World – Classroom Friendly Supplies

Stephen's Fractures

First Look: Pen Type-B from CW&T — The Pen Addict

Pen Type-B by cw&t — Kickstarter

Other[edit | edit source]

Fan Art

References[edit | edit source]

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