The Pen Addict No. 122: It Physically Hurts My Head

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"It Physically Hurts My Head"
The Pen Addict episode
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Original release dateSeptember 29, 2014 (2014-September-29)
Running time01:07:34
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  • Harry's
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"The Pen Addict 122: It Physically Hurts My Head" is the 122nd episode of The Pen Addict, released on September 29, 2014.[1]

Official Description[edit | edit source]

Is this an episode of The Pen Addict or an episode of Analog(ue)? Myke and Brad discussed the huge changes at the The Pen Addict blog this week, including their great enemy the Imposter Syndrome. They also talk about secret pens, blinding Field Notes, and the best reader email ever.

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Show Notes[edit | edit source]

Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain Pen Dark Brown Special Edition | Cult Pens

Field Notes Unexposed Edition — The Finer Point

KenouniRenashin on Twitter: "Jesus. @dowdyism @imyke Guys, Scribble want me to be a beta tester."

KenouniRenashin on Twitter: "@ian_hedley @dowdyism @imyke they want like, $15 for shipping and I'm a tad wary of that."

KenouniRenashin on Twitter: "@imyke @dowdyism As I've been saying to others; if I can do it without handing over my card details, I'll do it. But I don't trust them"

And now it’s all this

Dr. Drang (@drdrang) | Twitter

The Desk of Adam

Weekly Sponsorships Now Available At The Pen Addict — The Pen Addict

Sponsor — The Pen Addict

The End Of Ink Links — The Pen Addict

Impostor syndrome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Other[edit | edit source]

Fan Art

References[edit | edit source]

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