The Overnightscape

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The Overnightscape
Hosted byFrank Edward Nora
UpdatesNew episodes released frequently
Original releaseMarch 27, 2003 – present

The Overnightscape is a popular podcast hosted by Frank Edward Nora, co-creator of Anything But Monday (magazine). Releasing its first episode in March 2003, a full year and a half before the term 'podcast' came into use, The Overnightscape has since released its 500th episode in July 2006. In 2005, The Overnightscape was nominated for a Podcast Award (in the Political/Cultural category).[1][2] Produced at Frank's home in Nutley, New Jersey, the show follows an informal talk radio format involving the daily events of Frank's life in the New York/New Jersey area.[3] Regular features on the show include product reviews where Frank gives his opinion on a wide variety of items from candy to cigars, socio-political commentary, dream reviews, "Completely Random Memories" and "Adventures in Mid-Town Manhattan". The Overnightscape was formerly part of an internet radio project known as Bluffcosm.[4] Currently, the show is released in a "Weekly Unlimited" format and can range from 1 to over 5 hours in length. Periodic guests on the show include Frank's sister Julie, whose exuberance for Duran Duran cannot be surpassed, and his father Frank Ralph Nora, who often shares anecdotes about his work in architectural design.

Frank Edward Nora always had a taste for audio. Even as a child, Frank brought his field recorder with him, which you can also hear excerpts from on the show from time to time. Those and other full-length recordings can be found on the Station Unlimited website. This childlike fascination still shines through today. Frank is influenced by radio presenter Jean Sheperd who had a similar style of talk radio show.

In addition to The Overnightscape, for a time Frank also hosted The Rampler and The Frank Nora Show, as well as co-hosting the Anything But Monday Podcast with friend and colleague "Mad Mike" Masters. MP3 files of all of these programs can be found at

Frank portrayed himself in the documentary motion picture Starbucking, released in 2007 by Heretic Films.[5] Frank comments on the journeys of Winter, a man whose goal is to visit every Starbucks in the world.

The Overnightscape is now being hosted on The Overnightscape Underground, at, and has reached 1431 episodes as of October 6, 2017. also hosts several other Internet radio shows of a similar format. These shows include Overnightscape Central, The Brian Jude Show, Night Project, Conspiracy of the Insignificant, Morning Commute, American Girls Americast, Special Delivery, Sparetime Radio, Midnight Citizen, Chadcast, Anybody's Guess, The Carrie Michel Show, and more. All Overnightscape audio projects are also hosted at

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