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"Kayfabe Football" is the second and most recent episode of The Nyrdcast Podcast 2.0, released on February 2, 2018.[1]

Official Description[edit | edit source]

Matt and Jay run through a few topics this week, including Sunday’s big football game, the return of the XFL, The Ant-Man and Wasp Preview along with other Marvel Movie topics, why Image Comics don’t have more series converted to TV and Movies, and an in depth discussion on Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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The intro music is from " the Euclids; the clip was from their track Social Damage.

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Fan Art

Welcome to episode two of the nerd cast podcast version 2.0 this week toner no showed on us, and it was mad, and I left this week to talk about football both the big game coming up this weekend the XFL. We talked a lot about Marvel movies the new animals preview. We talk about integrating the fox movies Indus toner hadn't seen it. So this give Matt Naya tune an opportunity to talk about the Last Jedi. Before we get to that though I have and a sponsor this week. It's part of PD org if you listen to her create podcast create wikis for those podcasts on pot of PD podcast wikis can store information about podcast episodes such as transcripts summaries and Fan Art. And it allows creators and fans of podcast to work together to inform new and current listeners. To create your own podcast Wiki go to Pata. It's pod PDA. Sunday have you in followed football this year, I mean my my thought an idea. I watch like 20 minutes of football this year. I think be honest. I I've watched a couple games here and there, but yeah, I don't really care. Yeah, um I'm more interested in commercials. I mean NFL just isn't important anymore after they took my team from me. Yeah, I mean, I don't know I just I just enjoy the college game more, and I'm more invested than that to be honest with you. So I I've been asked about doing you know squares. You know that's the where you pick squares for a Super Bowl party thing. Yeah at work, and I just have no interest in the commercials. I'd like I'll see the commercial on-line the next day if everyone to yeah if anything if I do anything for Super Bowl would be more along the lines of just get to it eat food. Talk. You know social as more of a social event. That's what it's always been though. There's more social event than the only time I've ever cared about the game as when the Rangers were in it and got it. They're not here anymore. I just. I don't care. You know yeah, we're all we're going to a party to but it's also a beer share and so I think we're gonna be standing around trying different beers more than paying attention to the game. Yeah, because I mean what's this Patriots and Eagles yeah, those who it is yeah, and I'm the Patriots again who gave you know boring? I hate it was the same teams over and over. There's no you know diversity in the sport so if it's going to be them over and over yeah, no thanks. No. I'm still mad about the Super Bowl and what was it 2001 when they beat the Rams? Yeah, so if there's one if there's one thing I'd root for its Chris Long getting a Super Bowl championship after playing so many shitty years in st. Louis. Yeah, I mean he's he's just an all-around good guy, and he deserves it before he hangs it up. Yeah. Yeah, I agree with you agree with you. Wholeheartedly really old early just not not something like care too much, but I'm almost like it. Maybe we'll go watch a movie instead yeah, I've got that point my life register. Don't care enough anymore. I used to care. Yeah, I used to care about sports so much more than I do now since nowadays. Just I just don't let mean even you know like Mister basketball. I'll try to I'll try to watch it that night, but if I don't get around to it. I'm not you know losing sleep over kindly. I want what's so great about technology these days versus how it used to be you can miss a game, and it's on there so it's out. It's online somewhere you can always go back and watch them, so yeah, yeah, at least you can see the important clips. Absolutely absolutely will not so yeah, no ma'am. I just yeah, I mean Chris Long things. I'd be kind of cool story one. You know be good parametric. He's putting into the league, but yeah, yeah, man. I don't know just bad. I don't have much interest in it at all really don't. Would you rather watch the XFL for oh, man? Yeah? I think so if I can get some WWE mixed in with some football. Give me something that W. XFL. Didn't used to have like storylines to go with it. I got wrestling storyline at all or was it. I don't remember what projects I didn't watch that 34-32 count enjoy my memory. Yeah, I seen that either, but I'm we were in college in I would say we were drinking when we'd watch it. So I think they had little skits almost but not like those story lines between the teams if I remember right cuz I get my Russian turns down again. How you used to be all up in that because was like kayfabe. Yeah, well, that's called where they do that that the storylines kayfabe yeah, and then yeah teeny little mix a little kayfabe in the XFL. Would be into it because of the awesome. Well. I think they're just using the name because when they did it the first time for that here. It was talking about how is going to be so extreme in the rules are going to be different, and there's going to be more hitting and stuff and now this time Vince's like it's going to be family friendly, and we're going to protect the players, and it seems like it's the complete opposite organism minor league football Maybe. So wafer is this going to be a way like was a way for high school kids go straight to my fellow kind of and get paid right away. I don't really know haulage. I have no clue because you know the NCAA will try to interfere with that would censor their social big billion dollar Corporation. They'll go straight to the government to try and you know block this somehow, but if I was Vince it's kind of like what's that guy Lorenzo ball or whatever name that guy is? It started Alonso boys basketball with the kids that are shitheads. Yeah stole shit, and China. Yeah, you know starting to Legal where he started League like Lithuania or something said something like that and. Basically like Thai school kids go straight over there to go play professional would skip the one-year rule in college for basketball. This could be a way to skip the three year rule in football. Yeah, I would hate that to happen because I love the tradition of college football. I think how I hate that players don't get paid it sucks for them, but I love the sport of college football still love that. That's something. I don't get tired of and see I don't know if they'd be able to draw these Elite five-star prospects into the XFL because first off are they going to be able to. A at that level that would make it worthwhile for them and be how easy would it be then to go to the NFL afterwards. I mean, I know the original XML. I think we saw two players make it was Tommy Maddox. He was a quarterback for the Steelers for a while yeah, and he hate me. Yeah, that guy doesn't Thomas name ever. So I don't know yeah, I feel like it doesn't draw much for me man to be honest with you. It just doesn't I think the dinner. The water if you would just mix wrestling into it he would he has a built-in and base anyway yeah, he Were Somehow add storylines, and I don't even care if the games are fixed. He said one Northern fixed. You know Lisa. There's a storyline that draw your attention to it. Yeah, and if they got this here's how here's how they could do it J. Here's how they could draw people's attention to it instead of a football game taking four hours to place get it done in an hour something like that. Yeah, that would be a way to get your attention into it especially with today's audience that doesn't have alleged attention span. Oh, yeah, stood in the spring so hard for football fans have football to watch all year then yes true, and that just have the rush. You know put the flags away. Don't worry about the call to Penny on every single play. Yeah, I would give it. I would speed up the game. The absolute best game would be where someone accidentally hits the Raf in the raft turns around in the clothes lines on its specific. Just gets down right to his face got the people's elbow on them. Yeah, heavy sweet same ring pops up in the middle of the field may. I just go at it. Hell yeah. So that's your penalty after you call if two guys get get you know again to a published go to a wrestling on the sideline start fight in the Restless retain or W awesome if you get penalized the rain comes out, and there's like the Big Show in the ring, and you have to wrestle the big show oh man, baby. Hilarious watching like some 5-7 scat back. That's you know we'd like 140 pounds till you go fight everything Rey Mysterio. I guess by now the Giants yeah. Let me good. Yeah, but now I mean. I yeah. I know I know you were to talk about the super. Hope that's what the next big thing. I guess that's coming up on Sunday, and then I know the news access filled with man. They're just not it. They don't draw me anymore. You know just I'm tired of it that it's politicized now. They've taken the fun out of the game where parlophone the game used to be the trash talkin between teams the rivalries you could have yeah because how much the players hated each other. And you know it's supposed to be a physical violence for that's the whole point of the sport these guys know what they're signing up for when they decide to play that sport. That's a full-contact sport. I'm sorry sucks. What these guys go through and they really did get it from head trauma. You know that's why I'm I like when guys know what's time to hang it up like a lot guys retire early now today. I'm ready to hang it up now. That's fine by me but. They're just third they're watering down the sport so much. It's just not the same. Yeah, I the flip side of it though is. What does it say for the league if these guys when they have kids old enough to play don't want to play because of what they went through no no a little tough sell for them. You know yeah, there's no right or wrong answer to that. That's just a conundrum that the lake and have to get through because did you see what was it that? I thought I read somewhere who paid for it someone. Just paid like what sixty was it sixty billion dollars or something like that 69 of his billion. Just to air the the Thursday night game is now is just one night a week. Tell you that all the players hate to play that game. I don't know who was the The Entity that bought it the rights for it, but God. I like people who even really watching that much anymore. You know yeah, I know the reported numbers were way down. Yeah all season they've been down in and I've heard ESPN wants to get out of there Monday night game because the costume too much. They can't afford that contract. Yeah. He's being the dying once. They got away from the sport and turned in more into people spent hot takes all the time who cares about history anymore. Yeah, so I used to remember that watching like who was it was Patrick in. Who was routine up with the guy the phone do NBC now Overman? Yeah him an older man, but yeah, then Stuart Scott yesterday that those to tune in TV cuz entertainment. Yeah, it was funny. It wasn't politicized. It wasn't shouting it was just looking at the highlights and making fun of the stuff that can make fun of in the highlights. You know ya know. I usually in the amount that they've been spending on Sports and all of a sudden. They're like well. I don't know if we can do this anymore. Let's let's cut our best talent. Yeah, you know being a sports journalist these days is no longer just being a sports journalist. Is whether they had you have to have an active Twitter following God be the social media. You've got a right. You've got to do video. You've got you know just yeah crazy, okay? And just write columns anymore knowing you've got to be the guy that breaks every got a radio show to you have a podcast the other Pat. Have a podcast in a radio show should be a journalist yeah, and you got to break the big story. I mean if you don't break the big story someone else is going to beat you to it, and they're going to talk to you, and it doesn't matter if it's correct or true. You have to break it right from it matters. So how it has changed how times have changed from the old school ESPN. Just looking at highlights to where things are now where it's nothing, but hot takes I thinks. Kind of like MTV not playing music videos anymore. Yeah, which didn't even make me like our music videos. You can make it anymore. Oh yeah that I can go on YouTube and find all kinds of current music videos prime minister like pop music like I know I seed like I've seen like on YouTube like they put something on there like now I guess you're right. I guess I see some rap ones to then I'd like the old school rock one we had a rat one for every single song I came up. Yeah. They have it for every song now. There's a just the one who. They do ah I think it depends on who it is because I know like the Foo Fighters still do a lot of videos because they just enjoy making them do ya and the average per the average band. I don't know how many of their songs from an album. They'll put on YouTube, but I did see on YouTube that the ant in the WASP preview came out. Did you see that? Yeah watch the um? Don't remember a lot from it, and there's very few things like you don't even know it's not memorable. It was good like I enjoyed it. I think I like that though because I went I spewed about that before in regards to trailers getting away too much of what's going on. Yeah, the only thing. I wish they wouldn't have shown was The Stingers. Yeah, loss. I don't want to see her shooting anything, and then I guess you kinda. I hope it's not the coolest thing in the movie, but. When they showed the WASP running on the knife yeah, I thought that was awesome. I like I hope that's not the cool sequence of the movie. That was really freaking cool. Thought. That was awesome awesome little Gadget trick right there. You know that's cool. Yeah, well based off the way it went with the first movie. They release that clip of him fighting. And it just blew everyone away, but then that was a concern was that going to be the coolest thing we're going to see from this movie, and they proved it wasn't so I'm thinking that they're saving some of this stuff, but um the things that stuck out to me was when they were in the car chase and they Shrunk the truck down. Yeah, I got under the other track and then blew back up, and yeah, that's cool. Yeah that and then the same is it the same director that he's the same guy that directed the first 1i. Don't do this one know for sure. I'll pull it up real quick um, but then I also like I thought it was pretty funny the Hello Kitty gag with the Pez dispenser. Yeah, those reported. Yeah, I don't know I guess my biggest concern is that the most intriguing storyline Ant-Man and wash is obviously. Not between Scotland, and I guess this is Pimm's this supposed to be the daughter, which this not Janet Van Dyne because Janet is going to be Michelle Pfeiffer right right the original wasp is lost in the micro verse or whatever right right, so what's this girl's name. Is this Gene. What's her name in the movie remember? I? Don't offhand, but I'm on successful. That's the thing I I love the original a man because he owes with what everyone rumors about a man is Michael Pena. Yeah excuse of pointless part of that empathy, but uh my only concern me in that is their care extreme between Scott Lang, and then his daughter was from the first movie. That's not what stood out the most to me, but this is going to be a you know a team-up. Movie. Is there good chemistry between the two of them. I don't know if there is I didn't get that sense from the trailer. Yeah, but what's what stinks is that they're not going to be able to take the best story line between the Ant-Man and wasp and which you know dealing with the marital abuse. You know yeah, so one from what that's it's drama. It's intriguing. I'm guessing because it is neither. You'll never see that storyline. Well. It's been kind of blown out of proportion to from the comic because of the comic. It was just an accidental thing that writers later on used to as a thing to bring Hank Pym down yeah, right so she's hoping dying. Hope bayonets day, and yeah, it's directed by Peyton Reed. I believe he did good. Yeah, yeah, he deliver home, so okay. I'm good good trailer. Don't tell me too much. I I'll tell you what I'm avoiding all black panther trailers right now. I don't want to see any more. I don't I've I've heard reviews are awesome for black panther so far. You know the initial reactions. I don't want very I kind of just like the initial first trailers for these things. I don't really want to watch anymore or exceeding the first one yeah because. I just don't want the movie to be spoiled for me from the trailer. I really don't well. I'm looking forward to I'm excited for it. We talked about this a lot when around Thomas Spider-Man. We thought the whole Final Act of the movie was going to be on the ferry. Yep. Wait, which we're completely wrong, which I'm glad about because it made for an awesome ending for the movie, but I think Marvel is pretty good about not giving away too much. Him, and and maybe at times even making this believe oh, no they've they're going too far now, but that's not always the case. Yeah, I'll give you that point, but I still think that give it too much. Thanks. Just don't want it. You know these moot. You don't have this these Marvel movies will sell themselves. You don't really have to Market them that much you know she was little as you need to because of seeing regardless. Oh yeah, because they're invested in the in the bigger story invested on all these tie-ins to see how they tie into the bigger movie with you know Avengers so right. I just don't need to be spoiled, but I don't want to. See all material for Ian C, and what's interesting is I've gone and I found like reaction people had to like the original Star War movies because it was all word-of-mouth. There's no internet. Yeah, there were a couple previews. Maybe and everything from that was like people saying they were completely shocked. They had no clue was gonna happen that the stuff with Vader being Luke's father. Just no one could believe it, and I don't think there's no way to spoil an internet right they would spoil that mail. Going to keep that Under Wraps except for I get did you know later was gonna be at the end of Rogue one I before you went and saw it I didn't but on my Facebook feed it popped up an article. That said it was before hand and it said that he was going to be in the movie, so I don't realize I know I do you gonna be in any part of the movie at all you know so yeah, I'm pretty sure I had heard he was going to be but we didn't know what to pasady and at that point. I'm like no more spoilers. Put 'em here. I got I wanted to throw a curveball Edge though in regards to talk about Ant-Man and black panther all the Marvel movies. What not yeah, so and I get one. Oh you had a good copy you want to throw in regards to how you fold in the fox characters into the mobile Universe something that I did found out that Kevin fight. He has a contract with Disney. And that is due at the end of phase what we're in for right now, and I think it it's due at some point after all these movies come out at the end of phase four so you have Kevin feige who's the architect of all of it right? Yeah? What do you do once? He's out because if you remain Architects, and he's using more modern storylines and the people that created the more modern storylines. Are really not writer for Marvel anymore. I at least I think so tell me for because then this is leaving right he's already gone, and you've got Millar who was gone along time ago, but you know long time ago. Yeah. He's all the baker hasn't been writing Marvel books for a while now correct write your main big-time hitters for your main storylines that you're really playing off of so my thoughts are we guarded running out of material as far as your big stories to use for vendor movies. And then the other issue being Kevin feige if he wants to leave. Wouldn't that be smart at this point because you pretty much be leaving on top and then that really opens the Pandora's box of what do you really do once? He is gone. He had to bring someone new in and how do you how did that? How does that new main producer fold in all those characters? That's a lot more worried about or or or are you coming by again go hey Disney Marvel. I've made this company billions upon billions of dollars at this point. Of what are you going to pay me to stay here? You know stick around. Yeah, look at much lovers that guy has yeah to just be completely stupid wealthy. Yeah, so I think they could really go back and modernize older stories except. I don't think they'd run out of story ideas. I think there's. I mean there's going to be new stories coming out. They have tons of old stories. I haven't touched on Ike Avengers. I'm Kang the Conqueror is a big bad guy for them in there. I mean there's time travel. There's resetting reciting the story, but go dark Avengers yeah that I never equal, but you have to get up the folin Osborne in there somehow pretty big. You'd have to find someone really good play, Norman, Osborn yeah, and you'd have to probably establish them first in the Spider-Man yeah. Put a ride heard today was a foggy is his he said his favorite movies are the Star Wars movies yeah, and that just gives you an alarm Builder gone, huh Last Jedi which will talk about later was not that with it was met with mixed reviews right. Yeah, didn't perform as well as they projected that it's going to admit its make it as money regardless. You know it Star Wars doesn't perform over in China building any Star Wars in these perform over in China. There's been a lot of issues with the Solo movie. You know as far as just we're here. Still not see we still haven't seen the trailer for it comes out in a few months here heard. That's a huge mess if you're Kevin feige. Do you go you guys want me to work on Star Wars? Can you kick Kathleen Kennedy out of there and let him start taking over, or does she have a death grip on that Star Wars thing, or do you want the guy that knows how to do what they're trying to do basically kind of using the same formula / Star Wars as they're doing over marble. Yeah, you got your main story with your big pictures, and you have your tie-ins to it Universe building. Yeah, exactly, so do you want? I thought that would be pretty interesting to see feige take over the Star Wars world. I think Kathleen Kennedy has complete control over there and that we won't see her leaving for the foreseeable future the questioning. Why because you know I'd question. Why when you I like force awakens mixed reviews on that one too kind of yeah last you even more so you know could they have wavering faith in her ability to produce. High quality films, I don't know yeah, although. I think a lot of people probably like just give it two day filoni. Yeah, and do it all. I'll I don't know if he didn't want that responsibility or not yeah, but here's the real curveball. Not be really smart buying certain company dealer Brothers. Yeah, but they were not stupid. They probably go Hey Kevin, buddy. Can you fix are really fucked up universe and I make it better. Please? I could see them trying to plant the seeds already, but Warner Brothers ticket Tim this way over to DC. Side. Yeah, if they wouldn't they need to yeah really really need to what I don't know if there's enough money in the world, but before you know it does if this knee want some things go. People you know yeah, but here's the thing Warner Brothers can do they can say you built that from scratch, so we're lower than scratch right now if you can build this up. You will be a legend. I just don't know me. I don't know what were brothers is doing with their property and like I never I'm never up to speed on the air over shows on WB anymore. Yeah, CW old difference, but uh not caught up on that but. Apparently there's going to be a Krypton show on Syfy right. I think it started it has okay, and then you got Gotham, which Gotham's I watch it. Just because I love Batman yeah, and it's got there's good parts of other things too fine to enjoy about it. It's just not consistently very good, and then now I just heard they're coming out with a show called Metropolis numbered about this yet. I heard a little bit about it. Yeah. It's the showrunners of Gotham. Just trying to do the same thing with Metropolis. I'm like guys Superman's Rogues Gallery is not what makes Superman a character that people love they love watching Superman yeah, and why are they keep wanting to give a shows without Superman's right someone made a good point saying Smallville didn't have too bad. I was like yeah. Least Clark was in there. You know they rented Clark. I love me Hannibal. You know how I am about Smallville. Oh, yeah, well my favorite shows of all time. Well they also hit like moving in that direction, and you see how he gets there. Yeah, I'm like okay you try to give us all these shows without the most important part Superman. As I what do you get what is WB Twitter? What are they trying to do? Why can't they get the grasp on the fact that Superman is one most iconic character than I know you're not the hugest you're not the biggest Superman fan. I don't work, and I get I'm sorry. Where do you stand on Manus steel? No. I like it. I think it's one of the best movies OK you get what I'm getting at here to ban of the character that people want to like oh yeah, there's something. You know they want to like and there's one good stories from and there's got to be a way to get these guys to go put him. Front and center somewhere and get get it right. You guys fucked up with Justice League start over start over with Mana steel to start wearing it should have he is your big hitter you start with him he I have full faith that the Matt Reeves Batman Story You're gonna be great, too. I don't believe they should I should be just one of the Standalone. I do like the fact that they want to be just good movies. Yes be a good movie and the thing about the they don't that WB doesn't understand is make it a good movie and just sprinkle in the fact that they're going to be tied to the bitch p. Marvel movies don't ever make it like they have to be beholden to what's going to happen in the avenger movie. You know right? They just sprinkled in a little bit and just make references here in there. Well. Yeah, I mean like winter soldiers the best example. There's a little bit of hints in there, but it's a great movie on a standalone its own, but it sprinkles in the big picture now right in with the Ant Man and watch preview. I mean they show you a little bit of what happened in Civil War but. It seems like they're off of something dealing with the repercussions of it. Yeah, yeah, so but I just don't get under stand Gotham being a TV show because that's one of the best things about Batman. Or is this Rose Gallery right and the villains for Batman are sometimes more popular than the hero this for that and some people actually like the Villas better. Yeah, and that show works because it focuses on the villain side of things, but I don't know how that's going to work for with droplets because I guess that's whether induced focus on the villains because what else can you do what else you gonna do about Metropolis? Yeah, but stores, can you tell okay, and here's the thing you have random person can name a bunch of Batman villains. Outside of lacks know who will a common person know maybe he's odd and blends. I'm not if they're trying to ground it because that's the thing with Batman character Aviles grounded right right to manage characters, not grounded because he's not a grounded character. He's an alien and his best his best Rogues are aliens & alien. Brainiac is an eight million. Yep. I mean dark side is an alien. You don't know. I just don't get it. I don't know what they're doing over there. I really don't and for as good as Geoff Johns had for a run till the fact that he's in charge of being the creative officer behind all of this was only this guy has a clue how to run. You know the TV side and the movie side. Yeah doesn't get it again. Well. He was I just don't know who's really running it the US recently replaced, too. That's just tells you should probably just not be involved. I guess right and that's Prime like got sued Warner Brothers. You're going to want to throw a ton of money if I key and to say try to fix this see I think part of the problem was there trying to be too ambitious. They saw the end result of Marvel and tried to jump straight to it, so instead of a slow build-up the Justice League and introducing everyone. They jumped. We're almost right into it. Yeah, and then just something like suicide squad should have worked. Like I think they saw Guardians of the Galaxy. Oh, this is something different it worked for Marvel. Yeah, but didn't look at the fact that there was like seven movies before that one came out. Yeah. Well. I'll yeah I mean. Suicide Squad. It made money. I said did though it made money. It was a fund of the trailers were freaking awesome. Yeah, those trailer sold everybody even again. There's. Say what you will about you can still find parts of it that you like I as bad as it was in some ways. I can still say there's parts that would like about it. I didn't mind it. I mean it was it was like a Mindless action movie. I mean if you sat back and just enjoy it for what it was it. It was fun. And it can I get you on board with me saying that Jared Leto should never play The Joker again. Can I please get you on board with that? I don't know if it's ghetto nearly hit man. I'm telling you he's awful. He's awful. It doesn't it just doesn't work in 2000 I. My way of looking at The Joker Is we've had so many people different right the character I can see different interpretations every time someone else plays off right so get the Viewpoint. I understand. I'm OK with he had his turn Basics. Well. We'll good enough. Ya times writers write one. Run of the comic, and they're never back again, but it just didn't work alone the other the other thing is with his performance. We don't we only saw a fraction of what he shot. So so maybe that wasn't even the best stuff. I just don't like I don't like the I just don't even like just he's a good acts don't like his interpretation of the character. I guess yea in I mean part of it could have been writing to I mean yeah, they go riding in various writing it. I guess does the writer say act this way for this character. You know yea, or does he get to put some input into that say. I'm going to add I'm gonna. I'm going to put a spin on your writing with the way. I'm going to act out your word. You know. I don't know how specific the writers say you need to act like this way and look and look this certain way right. You know yeah, that's a big part for me to is the look. I just this time. I not my favorite look for the Joker. You didn't like the tattoos and the gold teeth this didn't just ya know just doesn't work for me. Just really don't think. right. We touched on it, but there's how would you integrate the fox Marvel properties into the MCU? Carefully very carefully and don't just throw excuse me don't just throw a Wolverine and every movie, right. As you have so many characters, they're really good characters that have done right you don't need to throw a Wolverine and every movie to make it sell I know he's going to be you know how else we're gonna make money if people don't know who the characters are in the movie was going to go see that movie. Who knew about The Gardens of Galaxy and people still want to go see that movie right right now? I mean, there's too much proof out there that you don't need to rush in and go. Three goats Wolverine vs. Hull first movie going to do is we'll reimburse Halter's right back, and you took the second Ant-Man the lesser-known at man turned into successful movie. Yeah, yeah, so I think I think the smart playing we touched on this a little bit. I guess last time. I don't know I can remember for sure. You got to get Fantastic Four right? You've got to because of how important because of how important Reed Richards is. To the overall Marvel Universe in my opinion. Yeah, because he there you're reset whenever something goes wrong time travel with Reed messing with something trying to better the world somehow um I think imma Nadia something really important to the Marvel Universe because you can do a lot of great stories from that you can do a lot of resets. You know yeah off of that a lot of good branching off Stories the one offs. You know use your Illuminati with you know Xavier. And read in Black Panther and the Tony and who else is in their Black Bolt. They might want to avoid him buckles. You can well eventually in humans will get rolled back in maybe but be very careful. Yeah figure within human because that let the bad taste a lot of people's mouths on right one one. It's officially been canceled, so you know I mean no, but people are not sold on that those characters when they should be that. They're they're good characters when done right? I think that like I said because also if you if you get Fantastic Four right that means you're going to get Doctor Doom right and I think? Doctor Doom is your Joker just I don't know if that's a great comparison, but basically. I was just trying to say probably your best villain right I mean DC has so many great villains. I think Marvel if you want to use your best feeling this is it and then for your big hitters. You're gonna have Galactus. Right, that's why I fantasy for so important because if you're going to do something where it's you have to have a threat big enough for the Avengers to come together pretty sure Galactus is going to be your guy goodnight present under come together and the big complain about Marvel movies has been the lack of good villains. You've had low key, and then it's like the TV show guys that Netflix guys. That's because they're lacking the big ones that they have rights too, and it's dr. Doom its Magneto. I just I I want them to fold in I like. Okay the Fantastic Four from Josh trank kindly. I liked what they were trying to do in regards to using younger characters a younger read/write basically. I can I told you how many times read ultimate Fantastic Four but if you do alternate Fantastic Four right? That's serious turns into a movie itself. That's what Millar always did well with always does what with his books. Yes their movies just in book form. They look like screenplays. You know they just look at real ice cream place. I think trying to go that way is fine. I don't mind if you do use an older readers. I just want them to get read-write so they can get the Illuminati right and then you can go and do Planet Hall. I know I Dil Ki studying Thor Ragnarok. Diet. Don't have I know they touched on a little bit, but maybe you can finally do. Authority REO Planet Hulk right live action so you can do the whole story, and then you can do world war hawk coming back and that can be Avengers vs. Hulk kind of thing you know yeah, it have all the characters coming because you're going to try to take down him. I want them to do action right and I meet when I made by doing action right I know they did first class, but I mean I really want the first class I went Scott I want angel I won't Beast before he turns blue. I want you know original grey in there. I don't know if that's going to be what we're seeing in dark Phoenix kind of thing what we kind of got a glimpse off and apocalypse but scrap those movies, man. I'm telling I know we're gonna get dark Phoenix. No matter. What but you kind of just right con from there recast everybody and go young get these kids in there where they're teenagers. You know. Yeah, don't make them adults like they did in the first singer verse. You know don't don't do that right. And then you can bring in waters later, you can these things can be successful, and then you know what the big setup is when you get Avengers vs action. Yep, because that storyline writes itself. That was a movie that that crossover event which did you read the whole crossover bit? Yeah? I did it's a good dude it. It was a good thing and you had to build up to that though with your action movies. Yeah, I have an idea in mind how they could do it, but they would have to get the sale done like ASAP to make this work. OK when Thanos has The Infinity Gauntlet we know he's going to end up changing something something to get Rewritten and whether it means we get new actors coming in as Iron Man Captain America to replace the guys that are getting too old or costing too much know. Why can't Reed Richards and his crew be up in space when that happens in that caused the accident to give some their powers, okay, so that's your set of Fantastic Four way when he goes in and does whatever he does the? Change everything with you retcon it mutation start happening your mutants are back to being your mutants instead of the Inhumans because they tried to do it the Inhumans is make them what the means are in the comic books. So I think if you the second Infinity where you could set everything up perfectly to make it all work, but I don't know they have enough time to get that done like Rewritten reshot guys in I mean a fantastic for post credits scene of them in space getting hit with the cosmic rays coming from The Infinity Gauntlet there you go. You're set up to go to bring them in yeah, but you know you just saying how to fold them in that you've got to get fitted. You see what I'm saying. How important Fantastic Four is hell of it. They're just so important to everything. It's the church this you can't get this wrong again. Yeah, you had three strikes against you guys you can't get this wrong. You got to get this right you got to yes. There are two important to the big picture of things so and I just I what I'm excited for. Is that you have House of M that you're going to be able to do. Oh yeah? I hope they do, but you can't do that too soon right you got a new that's got to be one of your ending things. Where moves you want to read. You know you got retcon after that you know. I don't know what you use House of M four, but that's such a good story line, and it just stinks that they've already used. Civil War yeah, you know and so war was just so good now. They can't go back and use it can't and they didn't have something to Key Parts to it with like reading like the division of the Fantastic film besides. I know I don't maybe they can because it will say it's a reboot of the universe and they just they actually give us the exact reason why they do Civil War could you do it again you think or is that just is it going to be too soon to do that? I would think it's too soon to do that. That sucks though. It really sucks that you can't just use the book as the complete out or outline and just use as your blueprint of saying. For into exactly like the book was because how good that was yeah, you could set up secret warrant not Secret Wars arms secret, Invasion secret Invasion before yeah, I mean they could even all real fun with Captain Marvel the scrolls are going to be in it, so they could be upsetting the seeds for that right now. I would hope so because we don't have a clue what happens after the second Infinity war movie right which what's that even gonna be called as I they haven't announced it yet now. They haven't announced it, okay? I just got ya see there's the the opportunities are. Limitless you know there's so much they can do yeah just a matter. What do they choose to do, and it's a matter of who's in control of it if feige leaves do they still had the same quality knows huh be interesting to see ya considered if you bring over towards got a lot of toys to play with ya, but in the problem is if you bring in someone outside to try to do it you might have a different voice on it than what you initially had. Yep, and I I guess I could find someone. That's in-house that knows the fight method. I guess and then just follow it since I guess that would be a smart move yeah, right, so let's jump from mainstream to more Indie comic stuff. Why don't we see more image comic properties becoming movies and TV shows because producers of movies are not going to take a gamble on something that doesn't have a. Somewhat guaranteed return even with the worst Marvel movie maseri Min a bad DC movie their Snowden come back and break even no one wants to break even all their shareholders. Don't want them to break even, but taking the gamble. I mean, but we talked about that last time how many movies are remakes reboots sequels. You know they don't want to take that risk to use original material, and that's what image is everything with image is original material. Yeah, but you are seeing where risks are taking her on television. Yeah, and you do see. Some image things. I mean you have the Millar verse on Netflix at some point don't know what if which books of his are really going to be on Netflix, and I don't know if they're in be TV shows or they gonna be movies. Where's that's a good place to take your risk to is. Hey all comic book nerds out love all Mar stuff. It's all gonna be on Netflix. I was a good move by them in my opinion. Yeah that the problem. There is though. They don't didn't get the full library because he had lied about so much of it beforehand because it seemed like. Millar's doing a new book and it's already been licensed out to to a production company. No. I don't well and Lord it's been so long. Maybe those had expiration. Where if they didn't actually do something with a kind of like if they didn't make a fantastic for movie or Spider-Man movie every x amount of years the rights revert back kind of thing right, maybe that's what happened we don't I don't know if that's what you know for a fact that flicks doesn't have his whole Library I know for a fact. They don't because oh ok because I mean kick ass is. Well, sorry produced right, but this you want to do a TV show for it now or something like that or if you want to go and explore Hit-Girl or something because I mean they've done that in the comics so but yeah, I mean it's not that hasn't been tried like I guess when images one. Oh, that's vertigo their minor. Yeah, I vertigo mixed up in their eyes thinking. Why last man. You know they've tried to do last minute a few times, but just fell through, but like shoe the the comic book chew I see that as a TV show born i c. As a movie and the police procedural yeah, and there's talks of that for a while, but I don't know ever happened with it. That's a hard sell man because it's it's a weird concept. It's such a good book. It's a rayon tastic book. It's just try to teach bird not teach people to sell people on what the concept is we tell some what's about. Like even when you told a car book person what that's about their what yeah, yeah, that's messed up. I'll try read it sure you know they but try to do it for a TV show or my dad, but you know Saga that could be that's a TV show to me. Oh yes. That's a space epic Space Opera kind of thing um. I guess it's just frustrating to see. Then missing the opportunity where they could take invincible and say from Robert Kirkman the guy that made The Walking Dead and which view instantly doing notes was gonna be on something. They're adding that to TV, but I don't know what who got it. I don't know if HBO got her salt. I think Rogen and his partner. I'll remember his name is the same guys doing preacher with him goal think they got Invincible to okay, but I don't know if they're Invincible cannot be on AMC. Just like I haven't watched preacher. Yeah, I don't think I really have much interest because it doesn't belong at AMC. That's not a book that they put on EMC. That should be in HS. No Showtime. Type show yeah absolutely and Invincible absolutely for as much of a superhero driven story. It is there's a lot of adult topics that it takes on tons of adult topics that takes on and it's bloody and gory and graphic as all get out. And it's you're going to you're gonna take away the essence of what made the book So Good by watering it down on AMC. You just are and I think that's going to be a problem with a lot of the image book. They can't be on something like AMC or FX because you know because of the content in them because I I'm looking at my bookshelf. I got East-West here. If it's it's a western, but there's so much like cursing and graphic nudity and stuff in it known cable channel would do it would have to go premium then um Nike Saga Saga is the same way. Some what else do I got here? Well um what's wrong up mostly book. I was just going to say suppose Bond spawns going to get another movie though amazingly. Yeah, which I'm curious. I'm curious about it. Yeah. I will go see it. Actually this because how curious I am I can't tell you last night already spawned book. Yeah, used to be a huge spawn fan. That's one of the first books ever got me into reading comics but. And I actually read today to that cowboy ninja Viking is still in production someplace with Chris Pratt as the lead in it ok, so I mean it's not that they don't they just don't have them again. That's their number three. They just don't have as much pool. Which that's the shame because the ton of amazing books are over there, but there are risks. That's why that's reason why they're just a risk to produce that because they don't have as big a following and as they they're not in the Zeitgeist of society of saying oh, it's a Superman movie. I okay. To reasonably I can go see that you say that. I don't know give me an image character hit Earth get me some here the book criminal. I just finished there you go. I'll series, and it was seven volumes. They could be seven stand-alone movies because each one doesn't connect to the next one. It's got some overlapping characters. Yeah, but each one is a stand-alone story, but I don't know how well and Anwar Crime Story would do in a movie. Simpson said he did well now the first well. Yeah, but since it he did well because well wants a good story or good story. I guess you say story is right right say like that um, but I think it's because of how unique to look of it was yeah. I think people are drawn to the theater. It's just different aesthetic Aaliyah looks well in in film nerds knew that like Robert Rodriguez was doing it and Frank Miller was gonna cope direct it with them, so yeah. Did you cut stuff? So there's the I think the market this just finding the right Market to put image book somewhere like I said put them on Netflix put them on Hulu put them on a premium channel some kind, and there's the people will watch it because there's their stores are so good. They do have a ton of good stories some of the moves stories are really out there though. Yeah, they have a lot of out their stuff because they're as writers have the freedom to do so out there. But there's a market in this is a matter of tapping into it at the right place. I just don't think it's going to I don't think you're ever going to see that a big Studio because even spawned is being produced by Blum House, which does all the smaller or movies? Yeah, so I there might be another aspect to it too that I just thought about Marvel owns all their characters, so it's easy for them as a company to say here. We're going to we're going to make movies with our character. The characters at image are owned by the creators, and so you probably run into creators that don't necessarily want to deal with the movie side of it or possibly him. Or you can or some other money they want for it right. You know how much money they want or they what's the share they going to say it's mine, and I'd or maybe they want to direct it a lot of writers are basically. They are directors there. Just their story boards are the page, right? You know they write screenplays for re-issue. They do it had that creative controls price on hard to give up to ya when the other thing is you don't have image as a company going out pushing them because there's not any real benefit for them to get movies made. There's not that you're actually right all the money goes back to the creators. So it's just up to the Creator to want to push it you know right so the big thing. I've been wanting to talk to anybody about. Star Wars look up right so what were your thoughts on The Last Jedi. I thought twice theater because the first time I saw it I kind of left not underwhelmed or overwhelmed. I was whelmed yeah, I think this is why the term. I want to use I was just well. The layer thing you know the thing I was that bothered me a whole lot yeah, because it just looked weird whether or not you know how powerful force user. She really was or it. Just seems like you know we all know Carrie Fisher's dead before we see that movie. Yeah, pretty good spot to just take I thought that was it that would been perfect a good way to end the story to be honest with you yeah Warriors. You know she died fighting the battle Yeah, the flip side of it is though. They have all this other footage of Her filmed already yes, and it would be a shame to let that go to waste yeah, and I thought they had a second point they could have taken around and with when Hall doe goes and does the hyperspace jump through their ships. Yeah, that could have very easily been laid because she's always been very Hands-On Hall doe tries to stopper. She stuns her says take her. I'm gonna do this and then yeah right around right there because you can doesn't have much. And movie perfect. I'm on board with that as well. Yeah, so a lot of missed opportunity in their um. I liked the Kyla and Ray interaction. Yeah, I like their chemistry together. I like where they tried to trick you that you know kyllo can be turned, which they did that when he didn't fire on his mom ship right you saw the conflict within them well even though previous movie you saw that with him when he killed on cuz it's like yeah. The oh he's going to he's going to turn up note nevermind. Yep. Yep, and then uh I guess the fact that they built up smoke to be this all-powerful even more. You know more devious and more deceptive and more one of the strongest Sith Lord even more stronger than the city's you know and so all that mystery. You know straight that shroud of mystery of you know who is he what's his real lineage, and who's he tied to? Yeah, and really it was just a big flat blue. You know like air coming off Bloom. Yeah, you know just it didn't live up to the hype his his his villainous did not live up to the hype and no I've got two thoughts on that first off. They're going to end up going back and doing that in books and stuff. Yeah, which I think is becoming a crutch for for Disney with Star Wars. You know because they're using the books to fill in the stories that the Casual Star War fan is not going to go and look at I mean I've read almost everything. I've got like four books here. I haven't read yet, but like I've read fast, and it was disappointing because there were some aspects of the character in the book that were really cool, but then she's lame in the movies very language right and then. With shouldn't because she looks badass. Oh, yeah, you know so and then like with the force awakens a lot of the complaints was people didn't understand. What was going on in the rest of the Galaxy when the first order destroys the senate in that whole system because they skipped all over it now didn't show any of it. You need to show in my opinion because because they put it in a book it was in the bloodline book with a set all that up and how the first order came to power and that stuff that. Casual people will probably need to know so they are drawn into the story a little bit more. Yeah, which I get the book. The book should enhance your experience because like I said with Catalyst yeah, Catalyst only enhanced my enjoyment Road Warren. I mean, that's why I loved wrote one so much. Yeah, I knew the background, but I shouldn't have to read the book to enjoy the movie shouldn't have to. I think like you said they're just third they're relying on those books too much to fill in the gaps too much, so I'm going to go into this more in a little bit, but the other issue with smoke is JJ built him up in the force awakens make them seem like this big bad guy who and then Ryan Johnson didn't do anything with it, and that was seen throughout the movie that there were so many plot threads that were left open that weren't touched upon or just kind of thrown away. Yep, race parentage the Knights of Ren. I mean it just goes on. There's so much at Disney did a disservice to both JJ and Ryan Johnson by not having one cohesive story through all three movies, and I know people love to bash the prequels, but the prequels were all written by George Lucas that it was one story all the way through it the original trilogy while he didn't write Empire. He had the storyline in place. For the writers to go by so it was all his story yeah here. We're seeing JJ story then Ryan Johnson story, and they were going to go back and CJ story again, so we'll see some of those loosens tied up, but it's not going to be one cohesive, which didn't make sense. They'll be like what I think right. What was the last movie right and in writing off the nights are in okay there with other parts of the first-order fleet throughout the Galaxy taking it over. That's fine. You can you can say that after the fact, but they didn't even touch on them and that's covered in a book somewhere. No they haven't even played Seven done anything with that ok, so because I miss my timeline of books right now. Yeah, I'm trial remember where I'm at regards like I just I finished. I just finished dark disciple J. That book was forty two chapters long. Yeah, that's about. 22 chapters too long be honest with you that day that Rider drug that book on so long. Yeah, it's ridiculous. I was like I loved it. It was so fast-paced and where I thought it should have ended. It just didn't it kept going and going. I like my God just ended already. Yeah. Hey, it would have been much better as part of the Clone Wars, but um getting back to the Last Jedi. Yeah, tons, just like I said I saw it twice my first time just whelmed coming up. Second time. I like it a lot better did it. I would look I knew what to look past like I could say I can go okay. Here's the part of me. I'm not going to enjoy just kind of Zone a little bit on those. Yeah, kind of pick it back up on the port, so I know I'm going to enjoy and just focus. The fact that you got to see Luke at the end do what he did yeah, kinda made it everything worthwhile, although kind of disappointed that I didn't get to see more of Luke. Ya doing what I wanted to see Luke. Do was which was see him display his full power. For line Jedi Master. Yeah, you know in just School some Fools With lightsaber use his Force Powers because what he did at the end. That's that's full that that's Yoda level. You know that's your level for stability in the fact that now we don't get to see it anymore. That's the huge disappointment to me. Yeah, you know you didn't have to do that to Luke you just did I don't think you did. I would love to see his story in the next one where you go okay now. We're done with this whole trailer. We're done with the Skywalker Saga. Because it would it would have been nice to see the true conflict between to see if Luke could really get Ben to turn you know yeah, but I guess those are trying to say that that's not gonna. Be possible. This is there's no way that better than turn so yeah, I think part of the issue is to is the next movie was supposed to be Carrie Fisher's movie four-legged, and had they known. What was going to happen. If we're probably would have died in Luke would have probably made it onto the next movie comes yeah, I'm here right yeah. That's the only thing I can think of I know a lot of people were upset about how Luke was portrayed in the movie that he was I mean to our generation that grew up with the original movies Luke was like a God and the see him as like the shelves also throw off character that to be honest with you throw away. Yeah, you know so but. This goes back to the books, and I'm in the middle of reading the legend of Luke Skywalker, and then put the whole movie in perspective for me yet the legend of Luke had gotten to the point where he couldn't live up to it now between that and the failure with Ben. He didn't know how to react to it, and he just pulled away him and what the book is there you got to read the book to get all sack, which I shouldn't have to read the book to get that exactly that well because. I am one of five percent of the people that have seen Star Wars that will sit down and read every single one of these books so when I sit there and explain that the people would like well that makes sense. But I've never would have known if you weren't such a nerd because which the books like I said start disciple, and I like a toy I read most of Lords of the sylph, that's right doors and since right. Yeah, the books are good. They're enjoyable their bit too long look that it reminds me of you know George, art. I haven't read Game of Thrones all the way through I've only started the first book. But I know what the big big complaint about his books are being too long because they're just too descriptive. Yeah same with these Star Wars books. I'm wondering if this is just a trend in sci fi writing or fantasy writing. You know you have to be overly descriptive and unlike just get on with the plot and get on with the story. Let's get to actions. You know. It's just I don't know NC. I feel the same way about Lord of the Rings hmm in the thing they all have in common is their unique worlds where you kind of have to explain some of these nuances that yeah, we shall have to spend a thousand pages to do it. Oh, I think I agree yeah. I mean because I've never made it through loaded Irv yeah through the Lord of the Rings. I read the first book. I Gotsta Get there just because the language used yeah in the setting and yeah, but I. Last should I do I hate it. No. I don't hate it. I like it. I like it the more. I watch it and I can Star Wars movie. You know not gonna complain as long as I get it Star Wars movies right least enjoyable. It's not it's not complete dogshit like some / reactors are doing you know, but the fact. I like the point you made about there. Not being a cohesive story. Going all the way through now. That's going to bother me now that you made that point. I kind of get the dwell on that point now. I'm like no way you're right now, OJ doesn't come back, and he closed his his plot holes. I think he's going to go back and all those threads that he started in the first one. I think yeah. He'll end in the third one yeah, and then just leaves me to go. What are we gonna? Do what's than folks come the next children because it was gonna focus is it going to be Ray from this point forward is that going, but you're next chills going to be because that was a letdown for me, too. I didn't need her to be tied to the sky Walkers. Yeah, so I. To her to be tied into the Star Wars Story the fact that she's just a nobody that kind of bothers me a little bit. It just does I got interview if anyone that disagrees with that opinion. That's fine. It doesn't bother me that people would disagree with it, but for me personally. I really did want her to have a hair lineage. That's tied to character in the story yeah, I've gone back and forth on this because. I get what they're trying to do. They're trying to show anybody can have a tie to the force between her and the stable boy at the end grabbing the broom. Yeah, so I get that. But yeah, it would be fun throwback. I mean most of us have put forty years into these movies or close to him and so I get that they want to I get that each new Trilogy comes out is for that generation of Star War fans, so the kids that saw the prequels in the theaters love the prequels where our generation doesn't have that appreciation for them. Yeah in I watch my kids with these new movies, and that was me as a kid, and so that's that they aren't for me. There for my kids if I can get enjoyment out of them, I get enjoyment out of him good point now I can see on that point. I don't even with the prequels there again. I get more of the fact that if you if anyone goes back and watches the Clone Wars cartoon. You'll get more enjoyment out of the prequels out of that cartoon, then you would oh, yeah movies to be honest with you because had they done the movies like they did the cartoon you like okay now this makes sense now. This is good. They're hitting something good stuff in here. Oh, yeah and butt and you understand a little more of the transition Anakin between two and three. Oh, man, I ended it there Skype actually crashed so we didn't get to finish our conversation, but that was a good stopping point I didn't get to touch on it, but I really liked the Last Jedi yeah, there were issues with it, but like I said, it's a movie for my kids. That's the new generation of Star War fans, and I had no problem with that I definitely want to go see it again everyone. I've talked to that if seen at a second see how much more I like them for more from the nerd cast podcast other podcast. I do go to nerd casts, NY RDC AST you can find us on social media any of the social media platforms. Just search nerd cast we're part of the inside joke outside voice podcast Network It's I Jo V net there you can find other great podcasts the intro music. Was social damage by the band The Euclid's.

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