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The Lifestyle PodNetwork (LPN)
TypePodcast and videocast
Country Australia  Canada  United States  United Kingdom
AvailabilityInternational (via the Internet)
Slogan"Australia's Fastest Growing Podcast Network"
Key people
James Williams
Dave Gray
Launch date
Official website

The Lifestyle PodNetwork (LPN) began in 2007 with a show called Podcasters' Emporium, a podcast specifically designed to help people create better sounding podcasts. This show, hosted by Dave Gray and James Williams, attracted a large audience of podcasters almost immediately.

Podcasters’ Emporium addressed a growing problem faced by citizen media; People enjoy creating podcasts, but most do not have the technical and marketing knowledge required to attract listeners. Large media companies constantly bombard the podcast market, predominately the Apple iTunes Store, with pre-recorded or time-shifted radio and TV content. Podcasters who create free content can not compete with the huge followings generated by commercially based content producers and therefore quickly become lost in the background noise in the podcast directories. Podcasters' Emporium was created to help solve this problem.

History[edit | edit source]

Due to the amount of interest generated by the podcast, the Lifestyle PodNetwork followed, launching in June 2008 with five shows and three hosts.[1] The Lifestyle PodNetwork continues to attract new and existing pocasters with its philosophy of “giving everyone a voice,” making it “Australia’s fastest growing podcast network.”

Many people find a “network of podcasters” to be appealing because they can draw on the experience of other podcasters in order to get their content online and more easily push it out to their listeners. The Lifestyle PodNetwork claims to provide a "one-click" solution for neophyte podcasters, or offers a completely hands-off approach for veteran podcasters who are merely wish to leverage the power of the network.

The Lifestyle PodNetwork currently has over 50 different shows,[2] with a total of over 1 million downloads since launching the network. James Williams states that the network can remain self-sufficient by relying on website advertising space and from voluntary listener subscriptions and support.

In 2009, Duncan Riley of the Australian tech website The Inquisitr declared The Lifestyle PodNetwork to be "Australia’s Next Big Podcasting Network."[3]

In December 2010, The Lifestyle PodNetwork became a featured provider on the Australian Apple iTunes Store.[4]

Podcasts of note[edit | edit source]

The Lifestyle PodNetwork has attracted show hosts from the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States and Australia and covers a wide range of audience interests from including Technology, Spirituality, Business, Travel, Music, Sports and Recreation.

Podcasts of note, other than the Podcasters’ Emporium, include:

  • The Aussie Geek Podcast. Originally called the Global Geek Podcast began February 2006 on The Podcast Network. (Most of the original Global Geek Podcast content was lost when TPN was hacked.) This podcast is hosted by Dave Gray [Australian], KD Murray Canadian, Cait Australian, Tim King Australian and "Knightwise" Belgian. The AGP was originally created by Dave, Tim, and Knightwise. These hosts, from different parts of the world and time zones use the power of Skype to communicate and produce a podcast about “everything tech and Web2.0.” The Aussie Geek Podcast consistently scores high user ratings in the Australian iTunes Store under "Tech Podcasts."
  • The Dream Show is hosted by Australian author Jane Teresa Anderson. Listeners are offered the opportunity to call in or write in and have their dreams interpreted by a leading expert in dream interpretation. Jane Teresa Anderson is based in Brisbane, Australia, and is considered a leading authority on dream analysis and interpretation. She is also the author of six books on dreams, including the bestselling book, Dream Alchemy. A frequent guest on Australian television and radio stations, Jane Teresa recently appeared on Channel 7’s Australia's national morning program Sunrise, and can often be heard on Australia's Austereo Radio Network MMM station.
  • The Astrology Show is hosted by Jessica Adams, Adam Smith, and Neil Spencer. This is a free podcast about Astrology and astrological readings by three experts in the field. Jessica Adams holds a degree in Ancient Civilizations, Philosophy and Religious Studies and is the author of three astrology books; Adam Smith is a professional astrologer who writes for the Daily Mirror, Elle, Spirit, Chat, Harper’s Bazaar and other papers around the world; and Neil Spencer is a journalist, screenwriter and astrologer, he is also the author of True As The Stars Above, Adventures in Modern Astrology (Gollancz) and currently writes a monthly column for She magazine.

Hosts of note[edit | edit source]

  • James Williams, based in Sydney, Australia. Currently employed in the communication field in the Financial Services industry, focusing on strategic messaging and channel development. He is a passionate communicator with broad online technical expertise who and has a passion for new media. Professionally, James also hosts speaking engagements and podcasts to help businesses leverage social media and technology to communicate effectively with their customers, stakeholders and employees. James hosts or co-hosts several podcasts on the Lifestyle PodNetwork.
  • Dave Gray, based in the eastern part of New South Wales between Brisbane and Sydney. Dave has been a blogger since 2003 and podcasting since 2005. During his early days of podcasting Dave made a couple of appearances in early episodes of the G’Day World podcast which was hosted by Cameron Reilly and Richard Giles. Dave is famous in the podcasting community for being the individual who wrote Apple a letter regarding the ownership of the term “podcasting,” and received an official reply from Apple settling it once and for all. Dave is a Registered Nurse, a stickler for audio quality in podcasts, and is currently involved in several technological applications relating to the field of health.

Notes[edit | edit source]

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