The Last Podcast on the Left

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The Last Podcast on the Left
Hosted byBen Kissel
Marcus Parks
Henry Zebrowski
GenreComedy, True Crime, Black Comedy, Paranormal
Length40 - 90 Min
Audio formatMP3
No. of episodes302
Original release2011 – present

The Last Podcast on the Left is a weekly podcast featuring comedian and podcast host Ben Kissel, podcast producer and researcher Marcus Parks, and comedian/actor Henry Zebrowski (who joined in the third episode), all of whom are long-time friends. Released each Friday, the episodes are generally one hour in length with the hosts exploring the horrors of the world both imagined and real. Previous episodes have explored the topics of serial killers, conspiracy theories, UFO sightings, ghosts, and readings of fan-submitted creepypastas.[1] Kissel, Parks, and Zebrowski began touring with live performances of the podcast as well as a live streaming spinoff show on the Adult Swim website titled "The Last Stream on the Left".[2]

Several repeat characters are present on the Podcast, primarily voiced by Zebrowski, such as; Detective Popcorn (the semi-erotic food-focused incompetent police detective) and Terry the Gnome.

On April 25th, 2017 The Last Podcast on the Left received the Webby award in the new Comedy (Podcasts and Digital Audio) category.[3]

Episodes[edit | edit source]

No. Title Description[4] Duration[5] Released
1 The First! You knew it was only a matter of time until we said fuck it, let’s just talk about horror movies for 30 minutes. Join us on this first episode as we (Ben Kissel and Marcus Parks of The Round Table of Gentlemen) talk about why we love horror movies so much and who our favorite slashers are, plus Ben reviews the film Rubber. We’re gettin’ spooky! 35:07
2 Demonology It’s an all-demon episode on this Last Podcast On The Left as Ben and Marcus talk about Drag Me To Hell, Hellraiser, Insidious, and their own personal experiences with demons and ghosts including Ben’s Wisconsin demon, Deb-Deb. 42:04
3 Serial Killers We’ve got a new co-host! Please join us in welcoming Henry Zebrowski to the show as we talk about our favorite serial killers, including Ed Gein, John Wayne Gacy, and H.H. Holmes. 42:28
4 Cults Hoo boy, we’ve got a disturbing one on our hands. Tune in this episode as we discuss the wonderful world of cults! Branch Davidians, Heaven’s Gate, the Manson family and of course the big daddy, Jonestown (actual bonus footage of their last moments included), are all covered in this, the fourth episode of Last Podcast On The Left. 42:54
5 Sightings Our first Alien sightings episode! 32:45
6 Nazi Party Nazis! Join us this week as we delve into the horrors of the Nazi party from their belief in the occult to the experiments of The Angel of Death, Dr. Joseph Mengele. 34:29
7 Vampires Tune in this week to hear us talk about the origins of vampires (corpses!), vampire movies (Let The Right One In!), and the world’s fattest vampire, Count Warren. 27:27
8 The End of the World Join us to hear about our actual apocalyptic predictions and theories on this special post-fake-apocalypse episode. 42:52
9 Ghosts! They’re real! Just like demons. Join us as we talk about The Amityville Horror, ghost hunters, fake mediums, and the future ghost of Ben Kissel. 33:33
10 Live at the Cave Comedy Radio Launch Party! On this special mini-episode, the boys return to the subject of serial killers, specifically Pogo the Clown himself, John Wayne Gacy. 11:354
11 Exorcisms! In the second installment of our continuing ghost/demon series, we delve into the world of exorcisms, specifically the case of Anneliese Michel, featuring actual audio footage of her exorcism! 36:01
12 The Psychic Journey Join us on the very first Last Podcast On The Left field trip as we search the East Village of New York City for a psychic worth a damn, plus resident psychic and tarot card expert and stand-up comedian Subhah Agarwal comes in to give us the skinny on the whole business. 42:39
13 Chasing The Boogeyman Part One: Son of Sam In this, the first in a three part series to find the real New York boogeyman, we travel out to Forest Hills for our second field trip to the site of the murders of victims 4 and 5 of the Son of Sam himself, David Berkowitz! We even brought our own bait. 46:35
14 Chasing the Boogeyman Part Two: The Boogeyman Within In this, the second in a three part series to find the boogeyman, we look inside ourselves for the psychopath lurking in our own souls. Special guest Molly Knefel comes in to administer a test to see exactly who the biggest sociopath on Last Podcast actually is. I think you already know who it is. 32:01
15 Hoodoo Voodoo Voodoo! Tune in this week as special correspondent Kiki Kapral returns from New Orleans on a voodoo expedition to talk about her interview with an actual voodoo priestess, plus we talk about Haitian voodoo and the anthropological study and subsequent movie starring Bill Pullman known as The Serpent and The Rainbow. 34:15
16 Creepypasta It's story time! On this episode, Ben, Henry, and Marcus read to you and discuss some of the creepiest stories they can find on the internet, including one of the best on out there, Barbie.avi. 30:41
17 Ghost Hunters Damn near as bad as TV psychics. Tune in this week to hear our opinions on the terrible world that is ghost hunter TV shows. Bullshit each and every one! Ghosts are still real, though. 30:54
18 The Abducted On this very special episode, Ben, Henry, and Marcus welcome actual alien abductee and author Jeremy Vaeni into the studio to discuss his experiences with the creatures from beyond. 45:53
19 Ghost Bustin' Field trip time! Join us this week as Henry, Ben, and Marcus travel to their friend Natalie's house to bust the poltergeist that's been terrorizing her for the last year or so. 44:04
20 Spontaneous Human Combustion Spontaneous human combustion! Is it something you should be afraid of? Tune in this week to hear us discuss this mysterious phenomenon. 28:53
21 The Illuminati It's a helluva time on The Last Podcast today as the Ben and Henry give the rundown on that most secret of societies, The Illuminati! And hoo boy, we got a doozy of a special guest today: former Minnesota governor and conspiracy theory expert, Jesse "The Body" Ventura! 40:01
22 Human Centipede 2: The Review We watch it so you don't have to! Henry, Marcus, and Ben review The Human Centipede 2, complete with live reactions of the movie. Warning: Spoilers abound! 35:46
23 Real Life Bogeymen: Child Molesters Seeing as how pedophiles are somehow in vogue right now, the Last Podcast boys decided to devote an entire episode to these real life bogeymen and their plans to stop them forever. Put 'em in the mines! 34:20
24 Friendly Ghosts Join the boys this week as they fail miserably at an attempt at a lighthearted show about friendly ghosts. When it's all said and done, Casper is still a dead child. 28:28
25 Monsters On this special 25th episode edition, Ben, Henry, and Marcus begin their series on regional monsters starting with the big three, Bigfoot, Chupacabra, and The Mothman. 43:00
26 911 Ben, Henry, and Marcus delve into the gruesome world of actual 911 calls. Warning: this episode is not for the faint of heart. 33:14
27 Torture From the baddassery of Medieval Times (The Pear, The Breast Ripper, The Iron Maiden) to today's relatively weak CIA techniques (The Belly Slap, The Attention Grabber, Waterboarding), we cover it all on today's Last Podcast On The Left. 38:56
28 Families Are Tough The boys explore the phenomenon of families who kill, whether it be each other or the people around them. 38:16
29 Reincarnation Henry, Ben, and Marcus discuss the concept of reincarnation and guide you through your very own past life regression! 41:12
30 The March Madness of Killers! March Madness is in full swing and the Last Podcast is here to give you their very own version: killers both real and imagined, head to head in a tournament to the death for your entertainment! 1:02:33
31 Texas Executions Today's LPOTL delves into that most fascinating of subjects, the executed criminals of Texas. From Charles Rumbaugh and his prison escapes to Karla Faye Tucker and her pick-axe, we got 'em all! 38:49
32 Biological and Chemical Warfare The Last Podcasters explore the subject of biological and chemical warfare, from ye olde smallpox to today's weaponized ebola. 30:03
33 1-800-Suicide The boys discuss suicide, how fucking stupid it is, and how hilarious it can be. 31:25
34 Heaven's Gate The boys explore the Heaven's Gate incident and the man behind it all, Marshall Applewhite. 41:39
35 There's Bones In The Chocolate The boys explore the world of mentally challenged serial killers. 33:56
36 Sandwiches in the Matrix Glitches in the matrix, masturbation sigils, and the writings of Philip K. Dick! 31:17
37 The Zombie Apocalypse is Upon Us You've read the story of the face-eating man, now hear all the alarming facts surrounding the case! From the rash of mysterious happenings around Florida in the surrounding areas to the extreme effects of snorting bath salts, LPOTL is delving into the world of real-life zombies for your frightening pleasure. 34:39
38 Erratic Behavior Our conversation of the impending apocalypse continues as new stories of cannibalism surface and previously covered stories reveal more disturbing details. 30:23
39 Hail Satan! The boys explore the many facets of Satan and Satanism, including the origins of the myth, how extremely misinformed people are about the concept of Satanism, and Satanic clubs throughout the centuries. 46:18
40 The Alien Agenda The boys explore the vast alien agenda threatening the human race and everything you hold dear! 41:35
41 Our Psychic Powers The boys test their psychic abilities. The results...are disturbing! 24:49
42 Ghost, Alien, or Molested? The boys research ghost and alien stories on the internet to answer the burning question concerning most of them: was it a ghost or an alien, or their grandpa? 41:07
43 Occult Symbols The boys explore the phenomenon of occult symbols in everyday life, Masonic numerology, and the facts behind the claim that the President is a Reptilian/Grey/Humanoid hybrid. 37:25
44 A Smattering of Creepy Creepypasta returns! Today's Last Podcast brings you that and more, including a particularly disturbing site called Normal Porn for Normal People, the East Side Rapist, and the mysterious disappearances in America's national parks. 55:19
45 Demon Hunters Demon hunters! They're real and out for action! Join us as we read passages from The Field Guide to Demons, explore the world of people who think they're in a constant battle with the forces of darkness, and discuss a trio of sexy sisters who perform exorcisms. 46:16
46 Cannibalism The boys discuss famous cannibals throughout history, particularly everyone's favorite, Mr. Albert Fish. 54:09
47 Origins of the Pyramids The origins of the pyramids are revealed! Join us as we explore different theories as to how these impossible structures will built, plus secrets of the Curse of King Tut's tomb are explored in depth. Surprisingly, it involves a canary. 41:53
48 666: The List of the Beast In honor of our favorite upcoming holiday, the boys give their top 6 horror movies each! 50:56
49 Haunted House Adventure The boys go over the top five haunted houses in the world and take a trip to the famed Killers haunted house in New York City! 56:04
50 50th Episode Halloween Spooky Story Extravaganza! On this special Halloween edition of Last Podcast: 4 of our friends come by to tell us the spookiest stories they've got the creep the hell outta ya when you're alone at night! 1:30:26
51 Gucci and Dogs and HAARP The boys explore the phenomenon of super-storms, from the (true) claim that Obama used HAARP to create Hurricane Sandy in an attempt to sway the election (WHICH WORKED) to macabre details of the great Galveston hurricane of 1900 in which 8000 souls perished. 52:01
52 Project MK-Ultra Inspired by the Jimmy Saville BBC scandal, the boys explore the seedy world of the MK-Ultra program, including LSD experiments on mental patients, raping children for the purpose of creating super-spies, and the blackmailing of foreign dignitaries. 50:28
53 The Toybox Killer David Parker Ray, one of America's least known yet most brutal serial killers, has his sexually sadistic crimes explored by the boys. 54:13
54 Curses Henry returns from near death as we talk about all manner of curses, from Gypsy to Satanic to Biblical to Irish! 47:51
55 The Great Beast 666 The boys explore the life of the Wickedest Man in the World and World Champion Power Bottom Aleister Crowley. 52:36
56 A Maximillian LeBlanc Christmas Join us one of the great masters of horror cinema, Maximillian Blanc (James Adomian), as he regales us with a special Christmas recitation. 4:14
57 Jesus In honor of the holiday season (which is now thankfully behind us), the boys explore the myth of Jesus and the three theories as to where the idea of the man came from. Lizards. 45:46
58 Cobra, The Light Aliens, and You Henry explores his newest theory about the constant battle between the Reptilians who want to subjugate us and Codename: Cobra, the hero who represents the light aliens who only want the best for humankind and pyramids and crystals and the Queen of England plus yetis. 43:36
59 The B.T.K. Killer Part One: The Ball Game Explodes We explore the career of one of America's most frightening and depraved serial killers, Dennis Rader aka B.T.K. Strangler. On this, the first episode of a two part series, we start with his emergence in 1974 with the Otero family killings and continue until the beginning of his first hiatus after the murder of Nancy Fox in 1977. 39:57
60 Serial Killer Fantasy Baseball Live On this special bonus live episode of Last Podcast, the boys pick a fantasy baseball team stocked entirely with our favorite serial killers. 44:27
61 The B.T.K. Killer Part Two: Detective Popcorn The B.T.K. series comes to close as we cover his last few kills, how he got caught, and just how much of a terrible person in every respect that this guy is. 39:52
62 Thought Form Energy Ghosts Henry skypes in from Los Angeles to give us updates on the Black Dahlia murder and to teach us about Tulpae, the imaginary ghost friends you can create in your spare time for fun and profit. 44:34
63 Bigfoot The secrets of Bigfoot are revealed, including the infamous Patterson-Gimlin film, recent sightings of the Bigfoot, the possibility that they might be aliens, and the mystery of why everyone involved in Bigfoot research has horrible, terrible surnames. 43:46
64 Bonus Material: The Jonestown Death Tape On this special bonus episode of Last Podcast: we present to you, in its entirety, the Jonestown Death Tape, starring the Reverend Jim Jones! Listen in to hear the last 45 minutes of 900 people's lives. Needless to say, it is very disturbing. 54:53
65 Creepypasta 3: The Hamburgering It's creepypasta time again! Join us as we read stories about sentient severed heads, haunted children, and shared dream experiences. Plus! Henry gives us a report from LA about the Canadian tourist found in a hotel water tank and the creepy past of the hotel itself. 43:31
66 The Dark World of Internet Fetish Sites Inspired by the NYC Cannibal Cop story, Ben, Henry, and Marcus explore the worlds of vore, gynophagia, and Cannibal Cop's favorite site, Dark Fetish Net. We'll also be discussing whether or not the cop was going to actually go through with his planned crimes. 40:52
67 Spectrophilia Sexual themes continue as the boys discuss the topic of Spectrophilia (sex with ghosts) while blowing the lid off Chinese ghost weddings. 42:45
68 Satanic Ritual Abuse Part I: Burning In My Rectum On this, the first of a two part episode, we explore the roots of the Satanic ritual abuse panic of the eighties going all the way back to the Bible and discuss the darker conspiratorial undertones of what real Satanic ritual abuse may actually be. Guaranteed to induce burning in your rectum. 43:58
69 Satanic Ritual Abuse Part II: Old Grandma Played the Piano Our two part series on SRA concludes as the boys explore the McMartin Preschool case, Russ Dizdar's one-man war against the forces of Satan, and how MK-Ultra and the Nazis tie into it all. 53:06
70 King of the Warlocks We examine the world of cursed objects, from the Codex Gigas to mandrakes to the haunted objects one can find on the eBay. 34:20
71 The American Curse Ben, Henry and Marcus talk Boston Marathon conspiracies, plus all the horrible disasters and mass killings surrounding the dates of April 15th - 20th in American history (total body count: 1,412) and how it all ties in to The Shot Heard Round The World. 49:23
72 Alien Implants and Abductions The lid gets blown off the world of alien implants and Henry talks about the horrible life of author and alien abductee Whitley Strieber. 57:38
73 Ley Lines, Dolphins, and the Indigo The boys get a little new agey as they try to understand how sacred geometry and ley lines affect our reality, try a little dolphin meditation, and explore the hidden power behind the 33rd Parallel. 50:57
74 Sex Dungeons In light of the recent events in Cleveland, the boys explore a few of the sex dungeons of our past, including Josef Fritzl and a mysterious group of Australian men known only as The Family. 54:03
75 The Afterlife A new documentary about the afterlife inspires the boys to dig deep into the world of near death experiences, particularly the people who went to hell instead of heaven. 49:20
76 Real-Life Vampires Real-life vampires are exposed as the boys explore the cases of Marcus Wesson (cult leader responsible for nine deaths who believed Jesus Christ was a vampire), Andrei Chikatilo (Russian killer of 52 women and children) and Richard Chase (The Vampire of Sacramento, killer of six who bathed in their blood and ate his victims). 49:19
77 Japanese War Crimes In one of our more disturbing episodes, we delve into what are arguably Japan's worst among many war crimes: The Rape of Nanking and Unit 731. 48:14
78 Lord RayEl: The Messiah Has Arrived The Second Coming of Jesus Christ is upon us! Join us as we hear the Good Word from Lord RayEl aka Raymond Elwood Howard-Lear, convicted felon and former candidate for mayor of Chicago. 50:51
79 Creepypasta 4: Then Who Was Phone? The boys read some of their favorite creepypasta and listen to some hilarious 911 calls involving dead autistic children. 50:06
80 The Citizen's Hearing on Disclosure The boys address the former Canadian Defense Secretary's claims that there are four distinct species of aliens working with world governments and cover the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure, a recent three day event held in Vegas featuring some of the most credible witnesses yet gathered in one place. 44:10
81 Female Serial Killers The psychology and motivations behind women who kill! From Elizabeth Bathory to Aileen Wournos, we explore the reasons behind the killing sprees of the fairer sex. 1:04:21
82 Secret Societies The world of secret societies is revealed, from the Bilderberg Group to the Tri-Lateral Commission and ending in the place where all the elite go to play: Bohemian Grove. 1:04:40
83 Unsolved Serial Murders Part 1: The Phantom, the Axe,

and the Torso

In the first of a two part series, the boys examine cases of unsolved serial murders, including the Phantom of Texarkana, The Axeman of New Orleans, and the Cleveland Torso Murderer! 33:15
84 Unsolved Serial Murders Part 2: The Zodiac Henry and Marcus almost lose their minds researching the Zodiac killer as Ben tries to hold it all together. Tune in for the hard facts of the murders and the dozens of theories surrounding what is possibly the most famous and fascinating of all unsolved serial murders in American history. 1:15:43
85 Witches: A History and Demonstration of Their Power We explore the history of witches from sixteenth century England to modern day Africa plus a magical battle between the white magic forces of Henry and the Satanic forces of Marcus is held as Ben uses his powers to summon Matthew McConaughey to his Facebook page. 52:42
86 Spree Killers Pt. 1: If They Knew How Much Fun I Was Havin'... Types 1-4 of spree killers and mass murderers are discussed, from Charles Starkweather's two month, eleven victim rampage through Nebraska to Richard Speck's deadly night with eight nursing students in 1966 and all the postal workers in between. 1:08:16
87 Spree Killers Pt. 2: I've Been Getting These Headaches... We continue our coverage of America's worst spree killers with the top men on campus: Charles Whitman, the deadly sniper who killed 16 and wounded 32 from the top of a clock tower at the University of Texas, and Seung-Hui Cho, the deeply troubled madman who rose to the top of America's spree killer list with a body count of 32 while stalking the campus at Virginia Tech. 59:43
88 The Vile Vortices We explore the Vile Vortices of planet earth focusing mainly on everyone's favorite disappearance zone: The Bermuda Triangle. Tune in to hear theories ranging from Pleadian space networks to Atlantean super weapons plus a thorough examination of Japan's feared oceanographic anomaly: the Dragon's Triangle! 55:41
89 Open Lines This is it! We're finally releasing our long-awaited pilot on to the podcasting masses. Join us as we take calls from a man running a haunted hotel, an ER nurse who swears he can feel spirits leaving bodies, and woman who has had actual sexual intercourse with a ghost. 1:08:02
90 The Pleiadians and the Battle for Humanity It's an alien extravaganza as we explore the different sides of the conflict raging on earth between the malevolent forces of the Grays/Reptilians and the light beings known as the Pleiadians! 47:24
91 Black Serial Killers Part 1: Call Me God The vastly underreported phenomenon of African-American serial killers is discussed at length in this two part series. Today's murderers: the Cleveland Strangler, the Grim Sleeper (including the other four serial killers operating in South Los Angeles at the time), and the Beltway Snipers. 52:27
92 Black Serial Killers Part II: The Zebra Murders Our series on black serial killers concludes with one of the most terrifying, bizarre, and under reported killing sprees in American history: the Zebra Murders. 49:17
93 Gnomes! The wonderful moon experiences of gnomes are explored in all of their cuddly and evil Siberian glory! 53:22
94 Creepypasta 5: Babybum Halloween month kicks off with a collection of more of our favorite Creepypasta! 50:29
95 Listenerpasta This one's for you! We took calls and emails from our listeners telling us their creepiest and scariest real life stories involving ghosts, demons, serial killers, and, in the best email we've ever gotten, a secret government military base! 1:11:56
96 Call 911! Our October series continues with an episode almost completely dedicated to horrifying 911 calls. Almost because there's also a pedophile testimony thrown in there. 1:05:23
97 Movies of the Beast Halloween month continues with a whole slew of Halloween movie recommendations plus an interview with Shane Morton, the makeup artist and special effects designer who made Henry the lovely demon he is on Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell! 1:05:45
98 Hostage to the Devil It's an exorcism extravaganza as we detail the processes of possession and exorcism in detail and perform a real life seance right here in the studio! 1:05:56
99 Bundy Our heavy hitters series begins with everyone's favorite psycho killer ladies man, Ted Bundy! On the first of this two parter, we explore Bundy's early life, his first series of murders, and his from two consecutive prison breaks. 59:13
100 Bundy Part 2: Bones for Time Our two part series on Ted Bundy concludes with the sheer brutality of his crimes in Tallahassee, his wonderful courtroom performance, and the myriad confessions that peppered his last days. 1:02:35
101 Hate Week The boys explore the world of hate groups from the KKK to the Nation of Islam to Holocaust deniers worldwide! 44:20
102 Serial Killers of World War II We uncover the history of serial killing in Europe amidst the destruction of World War II, including Gordon Cummins, The Blackout Ripper, and Marcel Petoit, Doctor Satan himself! 1:09:52
103 Creepypasta 6: The Repercussions of Evil Creepypasta returns with voices from the grave, cannibalism, murderous ghosts, and the fate of one Corporal John Stalvern. 53:42
104 Journey to the Planet Serpo What really happened at Roswell? I mean, REALLY really happened? And what far-off alien adventures did the US military get into following that fateful night in New Mexico? Tune in to this week's episode as we take a Planet Serpo. 48:35
105 John Wayne Gacy The Heavy Hitters series continues with the Killer Clown himself, John Wayne Gacy! Join us in this first installment as we explore Gacy's early life as a pudgy Boy Scout to his sodomy conviction in Iowa and landing back in Des Plaines, IL where Gacy's murder spree of 33 teenage boys begins. 1:06:05
106 John Wayne Gacy Part II: Maybe He Didn't Do It We conclude our two parter on John Wayne Gacy with detailed accounts of his murders, the investigation that led to his arrest, and the trial that resulted in a lethal injection in 1994. 1:11:01
107 Haunted Battlegrounds: The American Civil War We begin our series on haunted battlegrounds with the bloodiest and most horrific war America has experienced: The Civil War. From the Bloody Lane of Antietam to Soldier's Orphanage in Gettysburg, we cover not only the hauntings but the brutal conditions both sides were forced to endure. 1:00:19
108 Urban Legends We delve into some of our favorite urban legends, including the Bunnyman, the phenomenon of Crybaby Bridges, and the great Devil Worshiper myth of the nineties. 1:06:27
109 Regional Monsters II: A Hint of Mucus We further explore the wilds of America in our second episode on regional monsters with tales of Loveland Frog Men, the Flatwoods Monster, the Melon Heads, and the Wendigo!

Regional MonstersFrog MenFlatwoods MonsterMelon HeadsWendigoMonstersUrban Legends

110 Richard Ramirez: The Night Stalker The Heavy Hitter series continues with possibly the most terrifying killer of them all: Richard Ramirez, aka the Night Stalker. 57:48
111 Richard Ramirez Part II: Wet Leather We close our two-parter on Richard Ramirez with his final brutal days as a killer, his capture at the hands of an heroic mob, and the trial of the century that followed. 1:05:07
112 Gangstalking We explore the nefarious technique of gangstalking, which could either be a real-life tactic used to drive the good people of the world slowly insane or a paranoid fantasy of the more deluded members of our species. 50:28
113 Henry's New Orleans Adventure We got a minisode for ya as Henry comes to us live from New Orleans to tell us about some of the creepier things he's experienced since he's been there, including the horrors of the Lalaurie Mansion, a bearded nerd, and a very bothered sandwich shop worker. 27:10
114 The Bridgewater Triangle This one's got everything: Bigfoot, aliens, cryptozoological creatures, ghosts, Indian burial grounds, haunted asylums, haunted prisons and Satanic Ritual murders, all within a 200 square mile area in Massachusetts called The Bridgewater Triangle. 1:02:01
115 Creepypasta 7: The High Price We Pay at the Pump It's another installment of Creepypasta, this time with salty seamen, mysterious diseases, and screaming deer! 45:16
116 Gary Ridgway Our Heavy Hitters series continues with America's most prolific serial killer, Gary Ridgway a.k.a. the Green River Killer. 55:17
117 The Sensitive Monsters We cover the little girl variety of monsters, such as unicorns, pegasi, centaurs, and fairies. 1:03:08
118 Satanism in the Government Part I: Hellfire In this, the first of a two part series, we blow the lid off the Satanic (child pedophile ring) elements of the United States government starting with the possibly Satanic founding fathers and the occult layout of Washington, D.C. going all the way to Michael Aquino and the CIA front known only as the Finders. 1:00:45
119 The Satanic Government Part III: The Franklin Cover-Up Part II We continue our investigation into the Satanic government with The Franklin Cover-Up which centered around pedophile sex ring that operated out of Omaha, NE during the eighties and was promptly, you guessed it, covered up by the government. 59:39
120 Remote Viewing Our series on the Satanic government draws to a close with the investigation, trials, and the ultimate injustice that is the Franklin Cover-Up. 55:05
121 Remote Viewing We explore the phenomenon of remote viewing, from the CIA program known as Project Stargate to how you can use it for fun and profit! 53:28
122 Dahmer Part I: Infinity Land On this, the first in a series of three episodes on one of our favorite Heavy Hitters, Jeffrey Dahmer, we cover the man's life from his bizarre and lonely childhood through high school up until his arrival in the great city of Milwaukee. 59:53
123 Dahmer Part II: How To Be Left Alone In The Ghetto The Dahmer series continues as we cover the bulk of his kills from the blackout beginnings to his eventual dabbling in the chemical arts. 1:11:12
124 Dahmer Part III: Paint It White Our series on Jeffrey Dahmer concludes with the his final descent into madness, the murder museum that was his apartment, and his eventual death at the hands of a fellow inmate. 1:04:52
125 Archons, Seres, and the Secret Fates of All Mankind We cover the physic soul parasites known as the Archons and the world savior giants known only to one man, the Seres! 1:01:12
126 Haunted Hollywood We cover the horrible place that is Hollywood, CA, featuring tales of jilted starlet suicides, the cursed ring of Italian heartthrob Rudolph Valentino, and the fat ghost that lives with Dan Aykroyd. 57:45
127 Werewolves Part I: God's Werewolf Werewolves! Where do they come from? What are there origins? And do they still walk among us? We cover all this and more in this, our first installment. 54:25
128 Werewolves Part II: Eat the Boy We wrap up out two parter on werewolves with the notorious witch trials of the 16th and 17th centuries and the wide variety of brutal murders blamed on various werewolves during that same time period. 49:26
129 O.J. Simpson In honor of the 20th anniversary of the infamous murders, we cover everyone's favorite hidden camera prankster O.J. Simpson as he jukes and jives his way through the heavy hitting Trial of the Century. 1:04:28
130 Creepypasta 8: Leg of a Horse Creepypasta returns with two insane asylums, instructions on how to reach other worlds through elevators, and spooky-dooky twists involving horses. 53:18
131 Australian Serial Killers Part 1: Big Bradley We begin our series on Australian serial killers with the backwoods Outback boys: Ivan Milat, Bradley Murdoch and Paul Steven Haigh! 53:37
132 Australian Serial Killers Part 2: Essie Made Me Do It We conclude our two-parter on Australian serial killers with Eric Edgar Cooke a.k.a. the Night Caller and John Wayne Glover a.k.a. the Granny Killer. 1:01:28
133 Waco The Branch-Davidians, David Koresh, and Mount Carmel. The ATF, the FBI, and Janet Reno. See how badly the American government can screw up when all these things come together on today's episode all about the infamous Waco siege of 1993. 1:27:18
134 Alien-Human Hybrids In what is possibly our most coherent alien episode, we discuss the vast alien conspiracy to breed with humans in an attempt to slowly replace homo sapiens with homo alienus, thereby continuing their sterile species while giving themselves access to our 3D world because as you all know, they're sorta stuck in the fourth dimension. Most coherent yet 1:03:20
135 Ted Kaczynski Part 1: I Will Have My Revenge! The Heavy Hitters series continues with Ted Kaczynski AKA the Unabomber! In this first part we cover his humble beginnings as a nerd at Harvard where his mind was broken by a psychological experiment to his first headline making bomb on American Airlines Flight 444. 1:01:06
136 Ted Kaczynski Part 2: Eat Your Cake and Have It Too The Unabomber saga comes to a close with three fatalities, 16 serious injuries, and a whole lotta sour milk. 1:14:02
137 Astrology The boys delve into the world of astrology, from its murderous uses throughout the years to how you can use it to improve your gardening skills, plus we read our astrology charts and reveal some very surprising things about ourselves. 1:09:33
138 Henry's True Crime Los Angeles Adventure A dispatch from our man in California: Henry sleuths about Los Angeles, digging up details on the Cecil Hotel and the Black Dahlia Murder. 44:30
139 Edgewood Part 2: Disco Soup The boys cover the various chemical warfare experiments done on the United States' own soldiers by the army at Edgewood Arsenal. In this first part: sarin, gas chambers, and the wacky collection of scientists that made it all happen. 1:03:57
140 Edgewood Part 1: The Colonel's Pink Cadillac We finish out our two parter on the Edgewood Arsenal drug experiments with harrowing tales of LSD overdoses, soldiers on PCP, and the evil motivations behind an experiment that took us all the way over to France. 1:00:32
141 Andrei Chikatilo Part 1: Soviet Moods It's the Butcher of Rostov on the next in our series of serial killer heavy hitters. On this, the first of two parts, we cover Andrei Chikatilo's life from his birth in the midst of the most brutal forced famine holocaust Russia ever saw to the moment he realized blood and murder was the only thing that would give him any sexual satisfaction. 1:10:25
142 Chikatilo Part 2: Andrei's Big Day Out We wrap up our two parter on Russia's Andrei Chikatilo, possibly the most brutal killer we've ever covered. 1:21:30
143 The Worst Ways to Die We cover some of the world's worst ways to die, from airplane crashes to grisly executions to one of the most savage and cruel things we've ever covered: the Concrete Encased High School Girl murder. 1:09:08
144 Halloween Breakdown It's a Halloween grab bag this week as we get to stories involving some of our favorite subjects: possessions, hauntings, aliens, murder, and fetid rotting corpses by the hundreds. 1:08:01
145 Listnerpasta II: Brain Worms It's time for our annual Listenerpasta episode with stories from you, the listener! This year we've got aliens abduction, blood puke, ghost stories from Afghanistan, and a childhood friend of spree killer Seung Cho. 1:15:09
146 Creepypasta 9: Gjoberdik It's Halloween creepypasta time again as we read stories about fake old ladies, hooker hair, and baseball murders, plus a bonus 911 call! 1:06:13
147 Charles Manson Part 1: An Incarcerated Life It's part one of our three part series on Charles Manson! Today's episode brings you Charlie's upbringing in various correctional facilities, his rise as a sexual dynamo, and the beginnings of The Family. 1:15:24
148 Charles Manson Part 2: The Turning of the Worm Our series on Charles Manson continues with Manson's music, his relationship with Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys and how a long list of unfortunate circumstances and coincidences led to the eventual murder of eight people. 1:19:09
149 Charles Manson Part 3: The Devil's Work We wrap up our series on Charles Manson with the infamous Tate and LaBianca murders, the trial that followed, and the life of Charles Manson since. 1:31:49
150 Monsters of the American Indian We cover the world of Native American monsters, from the terrifying witches known as Skinwalkers to the mischievous, possibly murderous Mannegishi. 1:12:07
151 Horrors of the UK We cover a smattering of UK horrors, including Spring Heeled Jack, ghosts of World War I, and the Moors Murders! 1:13:65
152 The Dylatov Pass Incident It's one of the 20th century's most enduring mysteries, the Dylatov Pass incident! What killed nine hikers in the Siberian mountains one fateful night in 1959? Was it an avalanche? The KGB? Aliens? Indigenous peoples? Yetis? TINY TORNADOS? Listen to find out. 1:04:01
153 Fred and Rosemary West The Heavy Hitters series continues with the UK's (and possibly the world's) most depraved and sadistic man and wife team, Fred and Rosemary West. 1:13:40
154 The Dark Side of Santa Claus It's the dark side of our lord and savior Santa Claus, from his supposed Satanic leanings to the horrifying wonder that is Christmas in Iceland. 1:03:56
155 2014: The Year in Murder and Mayhem It's our 2014 retrospective, as we cover the year's most murderous news stories from January to December, including spree stabbings, Brazilian serial killers, Irish baby graves, and mass fatal alcohol poisonings. 1:19:23
156 The Coronado Group Abduction Aliens return with the Coronado Group Abduction, in which at least six people were abducted while attending a UFO convention on the same night in the same motel while Bill Clinton was in town. There's a lot to unpack here. 1:03:38
157 Nazis and the Occult Part 1: Severe and Annoying It's part one of our coverage of the occult roots of the Nazi party, from the seemingly harmless teachings of Madame Helena Blavatsky to the nefarious Thule Society and beyond. 1:07:58
158 Nazis and the Occult Part 2: White People Nerds We end our series on the Nazi-Occult connection with its most heinous evildoer, Heinrich Himmler, and the esoteric meanings behind the swastika. 1:07:55
159 The Boston Strangler Murders Part 1: A Paranoia of Mother-Hate It's a different kind of Heavy Hitter as we cover a series of brutal and bizarre murders that were almost certainly committed by no less than three people over a period of 18 months in Boston during the early sixties. 1:21:01
160 The Boston Strangler Murders Part 2: Shoes in the Shower It's the second part of the Boston Strangler Murders as we cover the two psychics who became entrenched in the search for the killer and both the likely and unlikely suspects of the murders including the man who took credit for it all but probably didn't do it: Albert DeSalvo. 1:15:24
161 Hollow Moon The moon. Is it hollow? Are there aliens inside? Is it even REAL? We answer all these questions and more on our exploration of Earth's very first satellite and the experts that maintain that the moon is definitely, absolutely, without a doubt, not what it seems. 1:12:31
162 Axe Murderers Part One - Horse Owner and Horse In the first of our two parter on axe murders throughout history, we cover a story of a prostitute brutally murdered WITH AN AXE in olde New York and the story of Kate Webster, an Irishwoman who murdered her boss, dismembered the body, and threw the whole mess into the River Thames. 52:43 2/18/15
163 Axe Murderers Part Two - Pinning Butterflies It's the second in our axe murder series as we cover the largest axe murder in the history of the United States (eight!) with the Villasca Murders and Karla Faye Tucker, the pickax biker who won the hearts and minds of America. 58:08 2/25/15
164 Playing with the Dead Whether you like to use them as Google or a variation on the Fleshlight, the dead are at your disposal on this episode of Last Podcast. It's necromancy, necrophilia, and the connection between the two. 1:21:13 3/4/15
165 Ed Kemper Part 1: A Bit of a Bumblebutt Our Heavy Hitters series continues with Ed Kemper aka The Co-ed Killer! We start at the beginning with his locked-in-the-basement childhood, the cold-blooded murder of his grandparents, and the development of the methods he would eventually use to kill 6 young hitchhikers in the early seventies. 1:00:27 3/11/15
166 Ed Kemper Part 2 - Momendorf We wrap up our Ed Kemper two parter with all of his gruesome murders, from his copulation with the disconnected heads of his victims to the eventual treatment of his mother to the same fate. 1:11:48 3/18/15
167 JonBenét Ramsey Part 1 - And Hence It's possibly America's most well-known unsolved murder on this week's Last Podcast two-parter as we analyze the circumstances surrounding the murder and the infamous ransom note. 1:01:08 3/25/15
168 JonBenét Ramsey Part 2: The Last Bulb on the Christmas Tree The most bizarre conspiracy theories get a little light on the second part of our JonBenét Ramsey series as we cover her connections to 9/11, Satanic ritual abuse, and MK Ultra, as well as the reasons why the Ramsey's almost certainly didn't kill her. 1:05:04 4/1/15
169 The Betty and Barney Hill Abduction Part 1: Concentric Circles It's one of the first and possibly the most credible of all alien abductions this week with part one of the Betty and Barney Hill story. 59:34 4/8/15
170 Betty and Barney Hill Part 2: Don't Think I Can't Take It We wrap up the Betty and Barney Hill abduction with the terrifying hypnotherapy sessions, semen sucking suction cups, and Captain Swett's Book of Poetry. 1:06:06 4/15/15
171 Serial Killers of the American Frontier It's two tales of frontier madness this week as we cover Mickey and Wiley Harpe, the smelliest cave men to ever rampage across Kentucky, and Felipe Espinoza, whose body count positively dwarfs the notches on the gun of any wild west outlaw. 1:15:07 4/22/15
172 Ed Gein Part One - Oddball It's finally Gein time as we cover the origin of Wisconsin's real life bogeyman and just what his mother did to make Eddie Gein into the inspiration for Psycho, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Silence of the Lambs, and countless others. 1:07:03 4/30/15
173 Ed Gein Part Two - A Living Rainbow In part two of three about the original Psycho, Ed Gein, we cover his first lady murder with tavern owner Mary Hogan and the various graveyard antics that eventually resulted in midnight reveries while wearing homemade mammary vests, among other things. 59:21 5/6/15
174 Ed Gein Part Three - Salted and Treated In the last of our three parter on Ed Gein, we cover the murder and mutilation of Bernice Worden and explore Ed's house of horrors, from the infamous nipple belt to his human skull bedposts. 1:09:35 5/13/15
175 Amityville Part One - The Story It's the most famous haunting of all time on today's Last Podcast as we cover the accepted story of the 28 day haunting that the Lutzes experienced as portrayed in Jay Anson's The Amityville Horror and the mass murder that preceded it. 56:56 5/21/15
176 Amityville Part Two - The Truth It's the actual truth behind The Amityville Horror today on Last Podcast as we go through all the more outrageous claims made by the Lutz family and refute each and every one, plus we'll hear more about what may or may not have happened the night of the actual murders from Ronnie DeFeo himself. 52:33 5/27/15
177 Mysterious Sounds and Recordings This week we're exploring and listening to some of the most mysterious sounds ever recorded, including the Bloop, the Hum, the Phantom Cosmonaut, and the fascinating phenomenon of Number Stations. 1:18:32 6/3/15
178 Columbine Part One - The Myth On the first of this very special two parter, Last Podcast debunks the long standing myths concerning the perpetrators of the Columbine High School mass murder. 1:06:42 6/10/15
179 Columbine Part Two - Creations, Exploitations, and Cover-Ups On this, the conclusion of our Columbine series: we cover exactly how the myths of Columbine were created, how the Evangelical community exploited the tragedy, and how the entire thing could have been prevented and the cover-up that followed. 1:13:25 6/17/15
180 An Interview with Laurence R. Harvey In this special Last Podcast, Laurence R. Harvey, star of infamous The Human Centipede 2 and the emotional center of The Human Centipede 3, talks with us about how he got the part of Martin, various feces-related matters on the respective sets, and the type of people who make the movies he likes to be in. 26:32 6/22/15
181 Creepypasta 10 - Thumbers It's the tenth in our Creepypasta series as we read stories involving skin burning, eyeball popping, Pac Man, and thumbers, plus bonus 911 calls! 1:08:10 7/2/15
182 Henry Lee Lucas Part One - From the Womb of a Whore It's the childhood of Henry Lee Lucas on the first of our three part series on the greatest drifter America ever produced. Follow the upbringing of the man who started off as the son of a prostitute and ended up with the highest confessed but not confirmed body count in American history. 1:08:20 7/8/15
183 Henry Lee Lucas Part Two - Highway Star On the second part of our three part series on Henry Lee Lucas, we meet Henry's life partner in murder, the gigantic and terrifying Ottis Toole and follow the pair on their supposed and probably only half true cross-country killing spree. 1:20:27 7/16/15
184 Henry Lee Lucas Part III: The Hand of Death On the third of what is now a four part series, we backtrack a bit and join Henry and Ottis as they spin a tale of the Satanic Floridian death cult that they supposedly served during their run of mayhem and murder called The Hand of Death. 1:05:48 7/23/15
185 Henry Lee Lucas Part IV: I Belong To The Devil The saga of Henry Lee Lucas comes to an end as we cover his last (and possibly only) killing spree, the various well meaning but dead wrong Christians who helped him along his way, and his post-capture life as the favorite pet of the Texas Rangers. 1:07:43 7/29/15
186 Fairies It's time to descend into Fairyland with the boys this week as we discuss the wide varieties of fairies, their practices, and why you should never eat their tiny cakes. 1:00:30 8/5/15
187 The Dulce Facility Part One: Pronounced Kkhhah-sshh-fahsh-sst It's time to go deep underground to the world's largest Reptillian Humanoid-Grey-Human collaborative facility in Dulce, NM as we discuss the horrific genetic experiments performed therein as well as the lunching habits of all three species. 1:20:30 8/12/15
188 Dulce Part Two - Serious Business Mode The Dulce Wars come to an end on this week's episode as Thomas Castello's story of the conflict between humans, Reptilians, and Greys for the soul of humanity comes to a head. 53:33 8/19/15
189 9/11 Part One - The Day It's the first of our three part 9/11 series as we cover exclusively the actual events that happened both in the sky and on the ground in lower Manhattan on September 11th, 2001. 1:40:04 8/29/15
190 9/11 Part Two: The Conspiracy On part two of our series we explain the grand overarching conspiracy of 9/11 from the rise of worse-than-Reptilian Dick Cheney to the now billion dollar industry that is the War on Terror and how it all came to be in between. 1:44:20 9/3/15
191 9/11 Part Three - Six Degrees of Baphomet In this, the last of our 9/11 series, we fully explore the magickal side of 9/11 and how it relates very strongly (almost too strongly) to Aleister Crowley, numerology, Ozzy, and something called The Opening of the Mouth Ceremony. 1:11:14 9/11/15
192 Hollow Earth In a continuation of our Hollow Series, we're covering everything you would ever want to know about the phenomenon of the Hollow Earth, from the Secret Diaries of Admiral Richard Byrd to the Vrill-ya, the subterranean race of Aryans that the Nazis so fervently believed in. 1:19:04 9/17/15
193 Son of Sam Part One: Kill For My Master In the first of our two parter on David Berkowitz aka The Son of Sam, we cover the beginnings of David's life as a pudgy arson prone child in the Bronx to his eventual status as the man who held New York City hostage with his .44 caliber revolver throughout the first half of 1977. 1:07:04 9/23/15
194 Son of Sam Part II - The Wicked King of Wicker The city of New York loses it's collective mind in part two of our Son of Sam series as the letters from the Chubby Behemoth himself start rolling in and his killings continue to their completion, plus we bring in connections to the mysterious Process Church of the Final Judgement. 1:10:19 9/30/15
195 Listenerpasta III - He's So Cold We're kicking off Halloween month with our third annual Listenerpasta episode! Tune in to hear us read Creepypasta written just for us. Includes demigods, Civil War ghosts, flaming genitals, and more! 54:35 10/7/15
196 Listener Stories II: You Do It As per our Halloween tradition it's time for you the listener to call in and tell us your spooky stories! We got a great crop this year, including stories about cannibals, snake-handed Englishmen, singing closets, staring dogs, Skinwalker sisters, and more! 1:39:09 10/15/15
197 The Magick Series - The Right Hand Path In this first in our series on magick, we cover the Right Hand Path, aka nerd magic, including the Kaballah, Hermes Trismegistus, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and everything you need to perform your very own Right Hand ritual! 1:44:04 10/22/15
198 Halloween It's a Halloween special on Last Podcast as we cover the origins of the holiday as an Irish deathfire festival known as All Hallow's Eve up till the 20th century, where it turned into a Detroit deathfire festival known as Devil's Night, with some children's riots and poisoned candy thrown in for good measure. 50:22 10/30/15
199 The Magick Series - The Left Hand Path The magick series continues with the Left Hand Path! Join us on this sex and semen filled journey as we explore Aleister Crowley's Thelema and his various adventures along the way, Anton LaVey's Church of Satan and how Michael Aquino tried to ruin everyone's good time, and how it all began in the west with one half-prude. 1:16:01 11/4/15
200 H.H. Holmes Part I - The Horrid Meat It's H.H. Holmes, America's first urban serial killer on the 200th episode of the Last Podcast On The Left! Join us as we cover the transitionary hellhole that was America in the late 1800s and how H.H. Holmes, one of the most well-rounded psychopaths in modern history, was perfectly suited to rack up a body count of more than no less than 9 and no more than 200. 1:10:04 11/10/15
201 H.H. Holmes Part II - Nothing But Trouble Our series on H.H. Holmes continues with the actual construction of his murder castle, exactly how he used it to kill and dispose of his victims, and the terrible, vicious things that happened within. 1:05:33 11/19/15
202 H.H. Holmes Part III - Professional Uncle It's time for the conclusion of our series on H.H. Holmes as America's first urban serial killer goes full Bluebeard by way of safe suffocation on his way out of Chicago and comes close to murdering an entire family in a life insurance scam, the scheme for which the man eventually goes down for. 1:11:55 11/26/15
203 Leonard Lake and Charles Ng Part I - Operation Brownie Pockets It's two of America's lesser known serial killers this week as we cover Leonard Lake and Charles Ng, partners in crime who tortured and murdered up to 25 men, women, and children over just one year in the early eighties. There's also a unicorn. 1:04:22 12/3/15
204 Leonard Lake and Charles Ng Part II - What I Bring To Friendship The series on two of America's most despicable killers continues with Leonard Lake finding the perfect location to pull off the evil and twisted Operation Miranda and Charles Ng fully joining up with his murder partner in California. 58:30 12/11/15
205 The Detective Popcorn Christmas Special A brutal homicide. A desperate cop. And a BUTTERY SONG. It's the Detective Popcorn CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! Join Detective Popcorn and a sleigh-full of surprise guests as they unravel the mysteries of friendship, family, and MURDER.

Not familiar with Detective Popcorn? Listen to parts one and two of our BTK Killer series for a buttery introduction. And if you’d like to support the show (and receive some bonus goodies) please visit our Patreon page!

19:35 12/21/15
206 Leonard Lake and Charles Ng Part III - Jocular Type Talk On part three of four of our series on Leonard Lake and Charles Ng, we get into what actually went on in the bunker that Leonard Lake had spent most of his life trying to build. That includes the videotapes, the layout, and the horrifying murder of an entire family. Warning: it gets rough. 57:31 12/31/15
207 Leonard Lake and Charles Ng Part IV - Roughly Ten Cats It's the conclusion to the saga of Leonard Lake and Charles Ng on this week's Last Podcast as we cover the pair's inevitable arrest, the gruesome discoveries made after their capture, and the bizarre trial of Charles Ng. 1:01:24 1/6/16
208 David Bowie and the Occult It's a tribute to the greatest magician of the 20th century on this week's Last Podcast as we cover Bowie's occult obsessions during the 1970s and how those pepper-milk cocaine fueled days tie in with Bowie's very last album, Blackstar. 1:19:30 1/18/16
209 Ghost Cats of the South Join us this week as we explore the world of ghost cats, specifically those located in the South. 51:11 1/20/16
210 Dean Corll Part One - The Pouting Room It's teenage boy mass-murderer Dean Corll up next on the Heavy Hitter series as we cover his childhood in the Klan-ridden hellhole that is Vidor, TX and his career at the Corll Candy Company of Houston where he earned his reputation as the Candyman. 59:50 2/5/16
211 Dean Corll Part II - The Ready Sled The Dean Corll series continues with the introduction of his infamous torture board and the boat shed where he disposed of the bodies of dozens of boys, as well as his first accomplice in 29 murders, teenager David Brooks. 1:00:30 2/10/16
212 Dean Corll Part III - 18 Inch Double The main leg of the Dean Corll murder and torture spree begins with the addition of his second accomplice, Wayne Henley, which eventually ended in the deaths of a further 18 boys, bringing the total to 29 in less than three years. 58:39 2/25/16
213 Dean Corll Part IV - A Country Boondoggle In the conclusion to our Dean Corll series, the man himself meets a bloody end at the hands of one of his accomplices and police discover one of the most gruesome crime scenes in American history and completely screw it up. 1:06:46 2/26/16
214 Chemtrails It's rural America's favorite conspiracy theory on today's Last Podcast as we cover every facet of chemtrails from weather control to mind control and of course, the prevention of the next stage of human evolution. 1:02:21 3/2/16
215 Paranormal Photography It's the world of paranormal photography and technology on this week's Last Podcast! Today we'll be covering "scientist"/wolf-medicine shaman David Rountree, a slew of possibly authentic photographs of ghosts, and the drunken unemployed bellhop/actual paranormal phenomenon Ted Serios. 58:48 3/10/16
216 Roswell It's the grandaddy of them all on this week's Last Podcast with the story of the Roswell Incident, in which, allegedly, a manned spacecraft of unknown origin crashed in the New Mexico desert in 1947, changing the world forever. 1:19:26 3/17/16
217 Roswell Part II - It's a Balloon It's time for the (alleged) debunking on the wrap up to our Roswell series, as well as alternate theories blaming everyone from the Russians to the Nazis to God to the Devil. 1:03:29 3/23/16
218 The Aum Shinrikyo Death Cult Part I - Mountain Wizards It's a return to cults with one of the most bizarre we've ever covered, the Aum Shinrikyo death cult of Japan! In this first part we cover how the group started as a fairly innocent scam focused on increasing the psychic powers of nerds and how leader Shoko Asahara was able to turn that into a full blown cult bent on Harumageddon. 1:13:40 4/1/16
219 Aum Shinrikyo Part II - The Bitter Cookie The Aum series continues with the blossoming of the cult as they move into full-on warfare mode with the development of their very first biolab and their first two thankfully unsuccessful terror attacks. 1:01:59 4/7/16
220 Aum Shinrikyo Part III - The Soldiers of White Love The Aum series continues with the cult expanding into Russia, running afoul of many stray dogs in the process, and coming goddamn close to obtaining an actual working nuclear bomb while they were there. 1:23:03 4/13/16
221 Aum Shinrikyo Part IV - A Billionaire's Testicles On this, the final part of our four part series, we cover the ramp up to the attack, the day of terror experienced by the people of Tokyo, and the aftermath, which was almost an even deadlier disaster. 1:07:24 4/23/16
222 Manifestos Today on Last Podcast, we're talking manifestos, from the pathetic mewlings of the world's worst person, Elliot Rodger aka the Virgin Killer, to the somewhat-reasonable-if-he-didn't-kill-four-people ramblings of former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner, plus some bonus Martian blowjobs thrown in for good measure. 1:31:43 4/28/16
223 Witch Hunts In honor of our upcoming show in Los Angeles, we're covering some of the most brutal and bizarre witch trials in European history, from the strange English hillbilly saga of the Lancashire witches to the France's oh-so-fancy poison for profit witch scandal, The Affair of Poisons! 1:10:40 5/6/16
224 Creepypasta 11 - Lemon Clams It's time for another Creepypasta episode! Tune in for stories about deadly rabbits, human meatloaf, homeless men, and a potatoes that are human, or humans that are potatoes, or something. 53:17 5/19/16
225 The Hillside Stranglers Part I - The Buzzard It's Heavy Hitter time with Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono, the Hillside Stranglers. On this first part we cover the early urine-soaked life of Kenny Bianchi, the horrific and grease-bag existence of Angelo Buono, and the pimping incident that led to their first murder. 1:10:44 5/26/16
226 The Hillside Stranglers Part II - Airplane School The story of the Hillside Stranglers story comes to an end with Ken Bianchi in the spotlight, from his bungled final murders to the strange tale of hypnosis and fakery that followed. 1:03:44 6/2/16
227 The Hillside Stranglers Part III - You Can Call Me Steve The story of the Hillside Stranglers story comes to an end with Ken Bianchi in the spotlight, from his bungled final murders to the strange tale of hypnosis and fakery that followed. 59:09 6/10/16
228 Sexy Ghosts It's the world of sex ghosts this week on Last Podcast as we tell tales such as "Pattie's Backyard", "The Heavy Breather of Heathrow", "Archibald's Orgy In Hell", and, last but not least, "The Urinating Goblin". 1:02:33 6/16/16
229 Henry Yells At Dave Willis About Aliens It's a bonus this week as Henry sits down with Adult Swim's Dave Willis (creator of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Squidbillies, and of course, Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell) as Henry yells about his personal beliefs about aliens, nefarious Men in Black, and saucer game. 38:39 6/29/16
230 Chaos Magic Part One - The Basics It's the first part of our long-awaited series on Chaos Magic this week as we cover, as simply as we possibly can, the origins, the core tenets, and just what Chaos Magic can do for you if you decide to give it a shot. 51:18 7/1/16
231 Chaos Magic Part II - The Discipline Our magic series concludes with Chaos Magic Part II, in which we, as much as we possibly can, simplify fractals, the different types of sigils, and what system of magic might work for you. 52:11 7/6/16
232 Bigfoot Hunters It's the strange and wonderful world of Bigfoot hunters this week as we cover hunting techniques (it's all about the RIDGES), the legitimate-as-you-can-get Bigfoot Field Research Organization aka BFRO, and the definitely illegitimate Great American Field Research Organization aka GABFRO. 1:07:58 7/13/16
233 The Secret Space Program We're blowing the lid off the world's best kept secret today on Last Podcast as we cover Operation Solar Warden, The Sphere Being Aliance, the mysterious being known Valiant Thor, and, of course, the Nazis. 1:10:43 7/22/16
234 Albert Fish Part I - You Asked For This In part one of our three part series on the living embodiment of nightmares, Albert Fish, we cover the psychopathology of one of the most depraved, disgusting monsters who has ever lived, his horrific childhood, and the mystery that is "Buck Buck How Many Hands Up". 1:25:40 8/3/16
235 Albert Fish Part II - That's How They Do It In Hollywood The nightmare continues with Albert Fish part II as we delve into Albert's horrific family life, the beginnings of his religious mania, and how that would result in two of the most horrendous murders we've ever covered. It's Gold Star time. 1:04:17 8/10/16
236 Albert Fish Part III - The Werewolf of Wysteria It's the biggest murder case of the early nineties on today's Last Podcast as we cover the inheritance killings perpetrated by Lyle and Erik Menendez. It's a lot weirder than you remember it being. 1:16:07 8/17/16
237 The Menendez Brothers Part I - A Castro Or A Bega It's the biggest murder case of the early nineties on today's Last Podcast as we cover the inheritance killings perpetrated by Lyle and Erik Menendez. It's a lot weirder than you remember it being. 1:03:14 8/24/16
238 The Menendez Brothers Part II - White Trash With Money The story of the Menendez brothers comes to an end with their inevitable capture and the ensuing trial that captured the attention of the nation. 1:22:09 8/31/16
239 Billy Meier - Alien Collaborator It's a return to aliens this week as we cover the one-armed Swiss supposed alien contactee Billy Meier, who claims that he is the sole connection between the humans and a mysterious race known as the Plejarens in addition to his many, many detractors. 1:12:34 9/7/16
240 The Black Monk of Pontefract It's one of world's least known yet most interesting and ultimately most adorable poltergeist cases on this week's show with the Black Monk of Pontefract, in which not only a family but an entire town get in on the act. 1:04:34 9/14/16
241 Serial Killers And The Women Who Love Them It's an episode of hybristophiliacs today on Last Podcast as we cover the jailhouse lovers of Richard Ramirez, Ted Bundy, and David Berkowitz, plus the saddest serial killer love story of all: Star and Charles Manson. 1:18:36 9/24/16
242  Time Travelers It's Project Pegasus and more on today's Last Podcast as we cover Andrew Basiago who traveled with the President to Mars when they were teenagers in a secret government time travel experiment and Internet legend John Titor who captured the attention of the nation back in the year 2000 with tales of future civil and war worlds. 1:13:31 10/12/16
243 Listener Stories III - War Edition It's time for our annual listener stories episode and do we have a helluva one for you this year. From the trenches of World War I to the back alleys of Iraq and beyond to the testing fields of Area 51 (plus some trolls and such), it's an inadvertent war edition of creepy stories from you, the listener! 1:28:09 10/20/16
244 Listenerpasta IV: Jeff We're back this year with more Creepypastas written by you, the listener! Tune in for fly infested dead bodies, a dirty poem, an astral projection gone wrong, and Jeffff. 1:07:04 10/26/16
245 Richard Chase Part I - The Cat Tree It's Heavy Hitter time with one of the lesser known but most brutal killers out there, Richard Chase AKA the Vampire of Sacramento! It's the most blood-soaked series yet as we cover his early life as a MacDonald Triad poster boy, his LSD-fueled trips to the rabbit farm, and his first murder. 1:03:53 10/27/16
246 Richard Chase Part II - Mrs Dracul It's our bloodiest episode yet on Last Podcast as we round out our coverage of the Vampire of Sacramento with an absolutely horrific five-victim murder spree that ranks among the most disgusting and disturbing ever recorded in the annals of American crime. 1:12:28 11/02/16
247 The Lobster Boy Murders Join us today as we explore the world of the American carnival through the lens of the murder by and the murder of the 20th century's most famous sideshow act: Grady Stiles Jr, the Lobster Boy! 1:08:50 11/11/16
248 Children of God Part I - Mother's Peanut Butter It's the Children of God cult on this week's Last Podcast! In part one, we follow sex-crazed self-proclaimed prophet David Berg from his early days as a failed Pentecostal preacher to his brilliant manipulation of the hippie movement. Think of him like a more successful Charles Manson. 1:12:13 11/21/16
249 Children of God Part II - Dad Was A Sexy Guy It gets real gross here on part two of Children of God as we cover the beginning of the Family's disgusting sexual habits and the Mo Letters, including phrases to say to Jesus when he's having sex with you and what really lies in the hollow moon. 1:16:26 12/2/16
250 Children of God Part III - Flesh Daddy On part three of Children of God, we cover the religious prostitution that was Flirty Fishing and the most disturbing cult artifact that came out of the 20th Century: The Story of Davidito. 1:07:35 12/9/16
*** A Conversation with My Favorite Murder (special episode) We've got a bonus episode this week with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, co-hosts of My Favorite Murder! Join us as we talk about the differences and similarities between our two shows, why true crime seems to have taken off recently, and the strange things that people get offended by. 53:33 12/14/16
251 Children of God Part IV - Ricky It's the end of the Children of God saga as we cover the story of not Davidito, but Ricky Rodriquez, as the former messiah leaves the Children of God and heads down a road of vengeance and murder. 1:17:12 12/16/14
252 The Gulf Breeze Sightings Part I - Ammonia and Cinnamon It's the most everyman UFO story out there on this week's episode as we cover the Gulf Breeze Sightings! Join us as tell a suburban tale of beams, terrible smells, and guns all involving the family of a family man named Ed Walters who may or may not have lost his mind. 1:00:23 12/30/16
253 The Gulf Breeze Sightings Part II - Gary, Don, and Bob It's time for the boys from MUFON on today's Last Podcast as we wrap up our two parter on the Gulf Breeze Sighting! Listen in to hear of Ed's final abductions, his repressed sperm-milking abductions, and the city council election that finally brought the whole thing crashing down. 1:15:58 1/4/17
254 Jack the Ripper Part I - Cockney Yoga It's the beginning of our Jack the Ripper saga this week as we paint a portrait of the hellish district of Whitechapel in 1888 and cover the first two of the eleven Whitechapel Murders as well as the first of what is known as the Canonical Five. 54:09 1/13/17
255 Jack The Ripper Part II - Anything But Your Prayers In part two of Jack the Ripper we cover the murder of the rough and rowdy Annie Chapman, just where the idea of Gentleman Jack came from, and the Double Event in which Jack the Ripper took two victims in one night. 1:02:04 1/19/17
256 Jack The Ripper Part III - Oh Murder! We continue our series with the letters of Jack the Ripper, the message on the wall, and the gruesome murder of the Ripper's last victim, Mary Jane Kelly. 54:38 1/26/17
257 Jack The Ripper Part IV - The Suspects Part I There's so many suspects we gotta split it in two! On this first (fourth) episode, we cover the more unconventional suspects such as the Royal Family, the men of the McNaghton Memo, black magic users, Dr. Thomas Cream, and Alice In Wonderland author Lewis Carrol. 1:01:01 2/3/17
258 Jack The Ripper V - The Suspects Part II None Provided on Soundcloud 1:23:24 2/10/17
259 The Puerto Rican Chupacabra It's one of the strangest cryptids around this week with the Puerto Rican Chupacabra. Is it an alien? Is it a monkey driven mad from experimentation? IS IT BIGFOOT? Tune in to find out, maybe. 1:24:38 2/16/17
260 Live In Chicago We're live from Chicago! Join us as we discuss Charles Manson's illnesses, the poetry of Son of Sam, Batsquatch, and the significance of the Denver Bronco's 1997 Super Bowl win. 1:14:38 2/23/17
261 L. Ron Hubbard Part I - Grub Hubbard It's finally time to talk about Scientology as we look at it through the lens of its founder, L. Ron Hubbard. This first episode explores his many, many lies throughout the years about his upbringing, the beginnings of his writing career, and his relationship with famed rocket scientist and black magician Jack Parsons. 1:36:48 3/9/17
262 L. Ron Hubbard Part II - Dianetics We're getting into the foundations of Scientology this week as well as Laffy's disastrous love affairs and the insane caper involving Hubbard kidnapping his own daughter.  1:32:16 3/15/17
263 L. Ron Hubbard Part III - Scientology Begins It's the birth of the Church of Scientology this week as we get into the Tone Scale, E-Meters and how to use them, GEs, SPs, the HDF of W and all other manner of Scientological nonsense and just how it all sprang from the mind of L. Ron Hubbard. 1:47:01 3/23/17
264 L. Ron Hubbard Part IV - Sea Org On the conclusion of our L. Ron Hubbard series, we cover the shadowy arm of Scientology known as Sea Org as well as the various punishments Hubbard put people through, plus his "film career" and just how David Miscavige took control of the whole organization. 1:42:10 3/23/17
265 Chris Benoit This week we cover the tragedy of Chris Benoit; his career, the murder/suicide that resulted in the death of him and his family, and the numerous insane conspiracy theories that cropped up following. 1:36:49 4/7/17
266 Aileen Wuornos Part I - Yosemite Samantha It's Heavy Hitter time with our series on drifter serial killer Aileen Wuornos. On this first episode we cover the horrific early life, her not so great but still better drifter life, and just what motivation (if any) Aileen Wuornos had to kill seven men in the late eighties and early nineties. 1:33:29 4/14/17
267 Aileen Wuornos Part II - Dr. Legal In the conclusion to our series we cover the seven murders of Aileen Wuornos, the hunt that led to her capture, and the bizarre saga of her race to the lethal injection chamber. 1:48:41 4/19/17
268 The Philadelphia Experiment It's back to conspiracies this week as we cover the invisibility/teleportation project the government worked on in the forties that had horrific results and the mysterious Carlos Allende who blew the lid off the whole thing while also contributing to some of the earliest modern UFO lore. 1:32:45 5/3/17
269 Kurt Cobain Part I - Albini's Weenies Join us for the first of two on the death of Nirvana's Kurt Cobain as we explore both sides of the suicide/murder controversy. 1:08:11 5/8/17
270 Kurt Cobain Part II - The Ghost Train of El Duce In our final chapter on the Kurt Cobain saga we explore the Cobain crime scene, address the possible participation of a scuzzo named El Duce, and give our final verdict on just what we think happened to the greatest rock star of the nineties. 1:00:12 5/9/17
271 Carl Panzram Part I - A Bit of a Grouch It's time for another Heavy Hitter as we cover one of the meanest men of the early 20th century, Carl Panzram. Join us for his early life as Carl rides the rails, burns down churches, and suffers experiences that would turn him into one of the scariest people we've ever covered. 1:05:55 5/19/17
272 Carl Panzram Part II - The Akista None Provided on Soundcloud 1:00:54 5/25/7
273 Carl Panzram Part III - Yacht Club On the conclusion to our series, we cover Panzram's horrendous time in Africa, the back breaking injury that put him out of commission, and the murder that finally sent him to the gallows. 1:10:25 6/2/17
274 Oklahoma City Part I - The Day On the first of a multi-part series on the Oklahoma City bombing, we cover the events of April 19th, 1995, in which a domestic terrorist named Timothy McVeigh parked a 7000 lb truck bomb in front of a federal building in Oklahoma City, OK and detonated it, killing 168 people and injuring over 800. 1:17:08 6/19/17
275 Oklahoma City Part II - Noodle McVeigh On part two of our series we cover the life of Timothy McVeigh from his time as a Burger King employee to his discovery of the Turner Diaries to the possible war crimes he committed during his time in the Army. 1:37:35 6/26/19
276 Oklahoma Part III - Follow the Guillotines On part three of our four part series, we give you a short history of the white supremacy groups Timothy McVeigh may have been involved with, follow McVeigh on his gun show adventures, and introduce a curious little town in Oklahoma called Elohim City featuring a gangly buck toothed German named Andreas Strassmeir. 1:22:17 7/13/17
277 Oklahoma City Part IV - The Big Rub On the conclusion to our series on Oklahoma City, we cover the final ramp-up to the bombing, the mystery of John Doe #2, and the 24 witnesses who saw someone with Timothy McVeigh on the morning of April 19th, 1995. 1:09:06 7/14/17
278 Creepypasta 12 - U-Turn to Madness It's somewhat-annual-now Creepypasta time! Join us for stories of skin peeling, proxy eroticism, a soppin' wet Bigfoot, and melting. 1:02:10 7/20/17
279 The Enfield Poltergeist Part I - Oh Crumbs! It's England's most famous haunting on this week's Last Podcast! Join us on part one as we follow the trials and tribulations of the Hodgson family during an almost two year encounter that features verbal poltergeist interaction, apparitions, and multiple well-meaning mediums. 1:17:23 7/27/17
280 The Enfield Poltergeist Part II - Poopergeist On the conclusion to the series, we cover the infamous voice that overtook both girls in the Hodgson home, the levitation that shocked a nation, and the unfortunate excreta development that finally drove the family to the edge. 1:25:47 8/4/17
281 Jerry Brudos Part I - Dump Fever It's time for little-known Heavy Hitter Jerry Brudos aka The Shoe Fetish Slayer! Join us as we follow little Jerry through his fungus-covered early life in Oregon all the way up to Jerry's first murder, committed right under the nose of his family. 1:36:47 8/18/17
282 Jerry Brudos Part II - Coke and Conversation Today's episode brings us the conclusion of the Jerry Brudos story as we cover the horrific taxidermy experiments that Brudos should probably be known for more than the shoes, the various trickery he used to lure in victims, and his eventual capture due to solid work from law enforcement officials. 1:16:43 8/20/17
283 Sexy Ghosts II - 20 Cock Lane It's the return of the sexual poltergeist this week as we cover amorous skulls, genital burning gelatinous goo, the erection of a dead king and much more! 1:12:33 8/24/17
284 Fire In The Sky - The Travis Walton Abduction It's time for aliens on this week's Last Podcast as we cover the story of Travis Walton, the logger who was allegedly abducted in 1975 and taken aboard an alien craft before being thrust back to earth amidst a storm of controversy. 1:34:55 9/2/17
285 Norwegian Black Metal Part I - Chainsaw Gutsfuck Join us on the first episode of this series as we explore the world of Norwegian Black Metal, including a short history of the genre, it's roots in Norse mythology, and the first death that would be the harbinger of the murders and church burnings to come. 1:30:51 9/11/17
286 Norwegian Black Metal Part II - Orc Urinal On the second part of our series, we introduce murderer Varg Vikerness, cover the dozens of church burnings attributed to what was referred to as the Norwegian Black Circle, and discuss the type of medieval Satanism that these guys believed in and eventually practiced. 1:01:00 9/15/17
287 Norwegian Black Metal Part III - This Laughable Society None Provided on Soundcloud 1:14:07 9/21/17
288 Robert Pickton Part I - Pig Sense It's time for another Heavy Hitter as we cover Robert "Willie" Pickton, Canada's most prolific serial killer. Join us as we cover his pig-shit covered childhood, his first forays into the world of meat and butchery, and his odd experience in America with cherry pies. 1:24:12 9/30/17
289 Robert Pickton Part II - La Costra Pigsta On the second part of our series, we cover Willie's trips to the rendering plant, just how badly the Vancouver Police Department fucked the investigation up for well over a decade, and the Piggy Palace Good Times Society.  1:24:59 10/6/17
290 Robert Pickton Part III - Mrs. Pickton On the third part to our series we cover the multiple times in which Willie Pickton could have been caught in the late nineties, including an attempted murder, a witnessed murder, and an attempted murder-for-hire, plus Henry gets deeper on the Vancouver clone conspiracy. 1:02:10 10/13/17
291 Robert Pickton Part IV - Out to Lunch On the conclusion to our series, we cover the dirtbag way Willie got caught, the horrific evidence found on his farm, the dumb-shit agony that was his interrogation, and the infuriating way the Canadian justice system handled his trial. 1:22:05 10/20/17
292 Listenerpasta V - Babyface It's time for our annual Listenerpasta episode! Join us this year as we hear stories about shadow people, Alex Jones, near misses with serial killers, and real life experiences with murderers 1:12:50 10/28/17
293 Bill Cooper Part I - The Granddaddy of Conspiracy Join us for a different kind of series as we explore the life and theories of the father of modern conspiracy, Bill Cooper. We'll be talking about his experiences with UFOs in Vietnam, his magnum opus Behold a Pale Horse, and the tragic way it all ended.  Super Power Cool Dude Kevin MacLeod, 1:20:05 11/3/17
294 Bill Cooper Part II - The Secret Government On the conclusion to our Bill Cooper series we explore how the alien threat that began back in the forties under President Truman eventually led to the formation of a shadow government that rules over us to this day. Maybe. 1:25:59 11/11/17
295 Black Widows Part I - The Polish Prognosticator On part one of our two part series, we cover the enigmatic serial killer known as the Black Widow. Join us as we cover psychic Tillie Klimek who "predicted" her husbands' deaths, Mary Elizabeth Wilson who had a joke to go along with every murder, and Betty Lou Beets, a.k.a. Trailer Park Betty. 1:02:41 11/18/17
296 Black Widows Part II - Hit and Run Helen On the conclusion to our Black Widow series, we cover Queen of Poisoners Marie Besnard, who took down family members and acquaintances with poison desserts, the deadly senior citizen duo of Helen Golay and Olga Rutterschmidt, and Stella Nickell, copycat to the Tylenol Murders. 55:32 11/24/17
297 The Lost Continent of Lemuria This week on Last Podcast we explore the lost continent of Lemuria, from it's origins as an insane three-eyed fever dream of Madame Blavatsky to the moon-fight with Atlantis that eventually sunk it to the bottom of the sea. 1:10:27 12/1/17
298 Pee Wee Gaskins Part I - See Ya Monday It's Heavy Hitter time! On the first of our three part series we cover the early life of Pee Wee Gaskins, aka the Meanest Man In America. Join us as we cover his kerosine-filled infancy, the horrible time he had in prison at the hands of the Powermen, and the carnie life that defined his early years. 1:14:24 12/8/17
299 Pee Wee Gaskins Part II - The Chicken's Tongue On part two of our series, we cover Pee Wee's most-likely fictional but still disgusting murders he called his Coastal Kills in Final Truth plus his actual first murders that are just as horrific, called by Pee Wee his Serious Murders. 1:07:38 12/15/17
299.5 Pee Wee Gaskins Part III - Tell That to Aunt Monkey On Part III of our series we cover some of Pee Wee's most horrific murders (if they're true), the continued disintegration of the Final Truth, and the murder for hire scheme loosely connected to one of the biggest pop stars of the late nineties. 1:02:03 12/31/17
299.75 Pee Wee Gaskins Part IV: The Final Truth On the conclusion to our Pee Wee Gaskins series, we cover his last few murders including the diabolical bomb plot he concocted in prison that finally earned him a ride in the electric chair. 1:06:25 1/6/18
300 Jonestown Part I - Everyone in the World Is My Friend On this, our 300th episode, we begin our full-treatment journey into the life and mind of Jim Jones, the cult leader who, in 1978, was responsible for the deaths of over 900 people. So how did they get to that point? Tune in to our series to find out! 1:46:14 1/12/18
*** Minisode: The Thames Torso Murders Join us on this minisode as we extend our Jack the Ripper episodes past the official five Ripper victims to six mysterious headless torsos found around London between 1873 and 1889, pointing towards the possibility of a second unidentified serial killer apart from the Ripper. 30:05 1/17/18
301 Jonestown Part II - Sidestep and Bullshit On the second part of our Jonestown series we cover the early days of the People's Temple from Jim Jones' hightailing it out of Indianapolis because of nuclear anxiety to their very first compound outside of Ukiah, CA and all of the bizarre things that happened in between. 1:53:54 1/19/18
302 Jonestown Part III - Check Please On the third part of our series on Jim Jones, we cover the blossoming of Peoples Temple including the creation of the sex-obsessed Planning Commission and the harsh punishments that came along with it as well as the introduction of everyone's favorite chimpanzee, Mister Muggs. 2:00:04 1/26/18

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