The Gentleman's Review

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The Gentleman’s Review is a podcast created and produced by former comedian Martin Wolfenden and his friends Andrew Wilson and Thomas Stringfellow. The title was inspired by magazines from the 1920s.

Content[edit | edit source]

The content is a mixed bag of news review, shaggy dog stories and digression. There are also musical interludes in which comic songs written by Wolfenden are played and sometimes comedy sketches are performed during the podcast. These interludes are designed to allow the men to refill their glasses with champagne.

Regular themes[edit | edit source]

During the podcast the men drink Bollinger champagne which they have stated on many occasions is their preferred brand.

In every podcast Martin Wolfenden compliments gay playwright Jonathan Harvey and it has become traditional for Wilson to call Wolfenden a "pitiable kiss arse" whenever he does this.

Extremely offensive language is used during the broadcast and blasphemous views are often expressed.

Wolfenden will move a subject on before the other men have fully explored it which makes them cross and they complain.

People[edit | edit source]

Thomas Stringfellow is a former geologist and now writer who was also born in Halifax in West Yorkshire and attended The University of Durham.

Andrew Wilson is a non practising lawyer and comedy writer who was born in Surrey and now lives in West Yorkshire. He attended The University of Durham with Tom Stringfellow where they were both in St Aidan's College.

Inception[edit | edit source]

The original idea for the podcast was Martin Wolfenden’s however he has stated on many occasions during the podcasts that without Stringfellow and Wilson it would not work.

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