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The FredCast is a weekly Podcast devoted to the latest cycling news, gear, gadgets, gizmos, components, podsafe cycling music and more.[1] The FredCast began in December 2005, and has quickly grown into one of the most popular cycling-related podcasts on the Internet.[2]

The show is called The FredCast because it is aimed at so-called "Freds", or high-end cyclists who tend to spend a good deal of time and money on their equipment and training. According to the host, he takes the term as one of endearment.

In 2006, 2007 and 2010, The FredCast was nominated for a Podcast Award and was also a finalist for a Podcast Peers Awards.[3] The FredCast was the recipient of the Utah Social Media Club's People's Choice Award at the 2009 Utah Social Media Awards.[4]

The podcast is hosted by David Bernstein.[1] David is an avid road cyclist, but he is also a former bicycle industry executive with experience in marketing, advertising, sales and manufacturing. David also volunteers his time with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, helping to organize the local MS150 Bike Ride.

In 2007 Bernstein was able to retain the rights to the name The FredCast after it was being used for Fred Thompson's presidential campaign.[1]

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