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The Digital Marketer
Hosted byAliza Sherman
GenreTech, marketing, small business
Original releaseApril 2008 – present

The Digital Marketer is a weekly educational podcast for small businesses, with tips on web tools, social networking and other tech tools. Hosted by Aliza Sherman, and distributed by Quick and Dirty Tips, new episodes of The Digital Marketer are released on Wednesdays on the official website.[1]

Topics[edit | edit source]

"The Digital Marketer" has recurring topics that are emphasized as some of the most important methods for marketing a small business:

  • Blogging: Creating content, getting the content recognised, Microblogging, syndicating content and how to leverage it.
  • Twitter: How to use Twitter for a business, what not to do on Twitter and how to make it pay.
  • Facebook: Pages, ads and social networking.
  • Digital Management Techniques: Virtual and Digital methods for organising time, contacts, calls and content, including Widgets

Host[edit | edit source]

Aliza Sherman is self-described as having "traversed the Information Superhighway even before Al Gore's wheels hit the road"[2] and the author of eight books, creator of multiple companies and all round web pioneer. The Wall Street Journal reported about her: "It's a man's world out there in cyberspace - but not if Aliza Sherman has anything to say about it. Her mission: empower women and girls through technology." [3] She employs many of the techniques she discusses on the podcast; twittering herself [4] and is now an avid blogger on many sites.

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