The Canon (podcast)

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The Canon
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Hosted byDevin Faraci (2014–2016)
Amy Nicholson
Length40 - 90 minutes
No. of episodes136 (as of January 12, 2018)
Original releaseNovember 3, 2014 – present
WebsiteThe Canon

The Canon is a weekly audio podcast on Earwolf which began airing on November 3, 2014. Each week Devin Faraci and Amy Nicholson, of MTV News, discussed films they believed to be worthy of The Canon. The Canon is a list of films that the audience votes to decide whether it is one of "the greatest films of all time", similar to the Western Canon. Some episodes compare two films head-to-head.[1]

Due to allegations brought against Faraci of sexual assault, Nicholson and Earwolf mutually agreed to put the podcast on an indefinite hiatus.[2] Nicholson appeared on an episode of fellow Earwolf podcast Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor of All Time Period and confirmed that she would be bringing back The Canon in "early spring" 2017.[3] In an announcement on April 10, 2017, Amy said Devin "won't be coming back for this version" but that "when and if he is ready to come back, the door is open."[4] The Canon returned on April 17, 2017, featuring Nicholson and a different co-host for every episode.

Format[edit | edit source]

At the beginning of the podcast, Devin Faraci and Amy Nicholson tell whether last week's film was voted to be added to The Canon. They then introduce the film of the week, typically with some background information and a brief bit on the film. For the rest of the podcast, Devin and Amy discuss whether the film should be in The Canon; typically, the hosts pick opposite positions on its being added. After the podcast, listeners can go and vote on the film's being included in The Canon, on The Canon forum.[5]

Episodes[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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