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Manufacturer: Made by::TWSBI
Type: Fountain Pen
Refill : Bottled Ink
Made in : Made in::Taiwan

The TWSBI Eco is TWSBI's cheapest pen to date. 'Eco' for Economical. The Eco is piston filler made from molded plastic, and features a clear demonstrator body. The section and body are molded together as one piece, resulting in a stronger pen than the TWSBI Diamond 580. This also means that the easily swapped nibs from the 580 are not available with the Eco. There is a plastic feed, and the steel nibs are available in XF, F, M, B, and a 1.1 stub. The body of the pen is cylindrical, with a small step to the section. The section is round, but at the end of the section it is slightly tapered to fit a tripod grip. Both the cap and piston knob are faceted.

The Eco does post, there is an o-ring between the piston knob and barrel and the cap securely posts on the o-ring. The cap is the only piece with trim, the clip and cap band are both polished steel, with the cap band having TWSBI engraved on the front under the clip, and ECO, Taiwan on the back side.

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