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Surprisingly Awesome
File:Surprisingly Awesome (podcast) album art.png
Hosted byAdam Davidson and Adam McKay
GenreHumor, Human Interest
Original releaseNovember 3, 2015 – January 19, 2017
ProviderGimlet Media

Surprisingly Awesome was an American podcast formerly hosted by Adam Davidson and Adam McKay and subsequently hosted by Rachel Ward and frequently guest hosted by John Hodgman. In each episode, one of the hosts would take a seemingly boring topic, and try to make the other believe that it is interesting. These topics have varied from mold to interest rates. The podcast is hosted by Gimlet Media.

On April 12, 2017 Gimlet CEO Alex Blumberg announced the show was cancelled.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Episode # Title Description Original Release Date
1 Mold Adam Davidson tries to convince his co-host that mold is awesome. November 3, 2015
2 Free Throws Adam McKay tries to make free throws interesting November 5, 2015
3 Concrete The two try to drum up interest in concrete
Guest: La La Anthony
November 17, 2015
4 Tubthumping They dig deeper into the 1990s hit "Tubthumping" December 1, 2015
5 Interest Rates The hosts try to convince Adam McKay's daughter that interest rates are awesome December 15, 2015
6 Broccoli Adam and Rachel investigate the epic struggle of parents versus kids. Yummy versus gross. Humans versus broccoli! January 12, 2016
7 Adhesive Adam and Rachel investigate perfect stickiness, look to gecko feet January 26, 2016
8 Frequent Flyer Miles Guest host John Hodgman discusses frequent flyer miles. March 8, 2016
9 Pigeons March 22, 2016
10 Circle of Fifths April 5, 2016
11 Boredom April 19, 2016
12 Mattresses Davidson and McKay investigate if the cost and quality of mattresses make a difference in sleep comfort. May 3, 2016
13 Insults Adam McKay and Rachel M Ward discuss insults such as Yo Mamma
Guest: E. Patrick Johnson
May 17, 2016
14 I Told You Sos Adam Davidson and Adam McKay discuss psychology and implications of saying I Told You So
Guest: Janeane Garofalo
May 23, 2016
15 Extinct Hockey John Hodgman learns that extinct hockey is not the only awesome form of sport. With Rachel Ward. June 14, 2016
16 Follow ups Alex Blumberg, Adam Davidson and Rachel Ward follow up some of the stories covered earlier such as concrete, free throws, mattresses. June 29, 2016
17 Flossing Rachel Ward and Maeve Higgins discuss flossing with a dentist. July 27, 2016
18 Yoga Adam Davidson and Rachel Ward examine merits of Yoga.
Guest: Wendy Doniger, Michelle Goldberg
August 10, 2016
19 Cardboard August 24, 2016
20 Crying September 7, 2016
21 Postal Addresses September 21, 2016
22 Wedding Planning October 5, 2016
23 Update Rachel Ward announces that she is moving on from Surprisingly Awesome to another Gimlet Media project. The search for a new host is on. This episode is also a preview for Twice Removed. January 19, 2017
24 A Message from Gimlet CEO Alex Blumberg Alex Blumberg announces that Surprisingly Awesome has been cancelled and gives a preview of a new show called Every Little Thing. April 12, 2017

Reception[edit | edit source]

The Guardian reviewed it positively saying, "Three episodes in, Surprisingly Awesome has managed to live up to its name and its mission."[1]

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