Sleep with Me Podcast

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Sleep With Me Podcast
Starring"Dearest Scooter"
GenreHealth, Comedy
Created byDrew Ackerman
UpdatesSunday, Tuesday, Thursday
Lengthc. 60 minutes
Theme music composed byChristopher Postill
No. of episodes586
Original releaseOctober 18, 2013 – present
ProviderFeral Audio
Related showsSleep to Strange, Game of Drones

Sleep With Me Podcast is a thrice-weekly podcast that began airing October 18, 2013. It is hosted by "Dearest Scooter" as performed by Drew Ackerman.[1] Since February 2017, Sleep With Me Podcast has been part of the Feral Audio podcast network.[2] The podcast's tagline is "The podcast that puts you to sleep."[3]

Premise and influences[edit | edit source]

Sleep With Me Podcast is meant to distract listeners, keeping their minds occupied when they experience insomnia, while gently lulling them to sleep.[4]

Ackerman is open about his own struggles with insomnia; he has said that his rambling storytelling style began in childhood, when he told his brothers boring bedtime stories when they couldn't sleep.[5] He names The Dr. Demento Show, Kurt Vonnegut, and the Beastie Boys as some of his influences.[6] Ackerman describes his storytelling style as "the good type of weird but not creepy."[7] He does not claim to have expertise in psychology or sleep science, and he relies on feedback from listeners to shape the podcast.[8]

Format and structure[edit | edit source]

Each episode begins with Ackerman, in character as "Dearest Scooter", introducing the podcast. He then mentions the episode's sponsors; singer-songwriter Jonathan Mann, AKA the "Mystery Bard", often sings a "lullaby" jingle about one of the sponsoring companies. Scooter continues with a rambling introduction for a few minutes before moving on to the episode's main story. Each episode ends with Scooter saying "Thank you and goodnight" to listeners who have recently donated to the show or contacted him on social media.

Ackerman also maintains a separate podcast playlist of older episodes, called Sleep to Strange, that have had the introductions removed so listeners can listen to just the main story.[1]

Reactions and response[edit | edit source]

Sleep With Me Podcast has largely gained listeners through word of mouth and Ackerman's Twitter account.[5]

In January 2017, the podcast had reached 2.3 million monthly downloads.[5]

Drew Ackerman and Sleep With Me Podcast were featured on the October 20, 2016 episode of The Dr. Oz Show, entitled "Sleep Brain Connection."[9]

In 2016, Sleep With Me Podcast won the People's Choice Podcast Award for Best Health Podcast.[10]

Both Sleep With Me Podcast and its spinoff Game of Drones appeared on Mental Floss's list of "10 Podcasts to Help You Sleep."[11]

Sleep With Me Podcast has been ranked as one of the top 50 most popular podcasts.[8][12]

Esquire Magazine named Sleep With Me Podcast one of The 25 Essential Podcasts of 2016.[13]

Recurring stories, characters and themes[edit | edit source]

  • After the Glass Slipper - "The story of Cinderella, her Fairy Godmother and her Stepmother after she became a princess."[14]
  • Bernie the Butterfly - "Bernie the Butterfly stops by the studio to set the record straight. He has a ton of stuff he needs to get off his chest. Who knew that there was so much repressed rage against humans."[15]
  • Big Farm P.I. - "This won't be your garden variety investigation, it will have more meanders."[16]
  • Claude Neon Reports - "Correspondent Claude Neon reports on the whereabouts of the new 'Santa', Roberta Claus."[17]
  • Game of Drones - Recaps Game of Thrones; also available as a separate podcast feed.[18]
  • Get Besos - Tells the fictional story of Richard Warren Sears and James Cash Penney, who return from limbo to take revenge on internet retailer "Jiff Besos."
  • Lady Witchbeard - Recounts the story of Scooter's friend, the pirate witch Lady Witchbeard.[19]
  • Metastasnooze - Recaps Metástasis, the Spanish-language version of Breaking Bad.
  • Nuns in Space - "An episodic series so you can start anywhere and be taken away to dreamland."[20]
  • Ray Perkins - "A sweet upbeat old man" who talks about his visits to Disney parks and other Florida attractions.[21]
  • Real Time Recipes - "Fall asleep and learn to cook at the same time."[22]
  • Sleep with TNG - Recaps Star Trek:The Next Generation.[23]
  • Superdull - A superhero story.[24]
  • Trending Tuesdays - Scooter develops a story based on Twitter's trending topics.[25]

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