Rooster Teeth Shorts/Season 5

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Matt Hullum in "Amazon Drone vs. Rooster Teeth Catapult"

The fifth season of Rooster Teeth Shorts debuted on April 1, 2013 and consisted of nineteen short videos including the trilogy, iBlade. It premiered more than one year after the final short of the fourth season, "Murder for Hire".

Shorts[edit | edit source]

Number Short Date Summary
1 "The Reunion" April 1, 2013 Gus can no longer take the pressure of work and decides to quit Rooster Teeth.
2 "Joel & Matt go to the Opera!" May 2, 2013 Joel and Matt are forced into a double date to the Opera but have their own little adventure instead.
3 "Slow Mo Love" May 23, 2013 Gavin finds some love in some unexpected encounters.
4 "The Best of Rooster Teeth Shorts Trailer" July 17, 2013 A glimpse of some of the previous RT Shorts as a trailer for the Best of Rooster Teeth Shorts DVD.
5 "What Do You Know About Science?" August 6, 2013 Burnie tests Gavin's knowledge of science.
6 "Max Capacity" August 20, 2013 Chris gets a new car and a new desk along with a few new deskmates.
7 "Burnie vs. Harry Potter" September 14, 2013 Burnie is ambushed by Jordan about his so called Harry Potter expertise.
8 "Girls Girls Girls" October 21, 2013 Miles struggles to find the right words to say to women.
9 "Pokemon vs. Gus & Burnie" October 24, 2013 Michael quizzes Burnie and Gus on their Pokemon knowledge.
10 "Rooster Teeth Hunger Games" November 28, 2013 In a Hunger Games parody, Rooster Teeth advertises for their Black Friday Sale in their store.
11 "Amazon Delivery Drone vs. Rooster Teeth Catapult" December 12, 2013 In order to compete against Amazon's drones, Rooster Teeth comes up with their own form of delivery system.
12 "Splashdown" January 13, 2014 Chris celebrates Matt's good news in an over the top fashion.
13 "Macrowave Time Machine" April 22, 2014 Chris inadvertently creates a time machine and wrecks history.
14 "The iBlade Trilogy: Part 1" August 22, 2014 It's merry times in the medieval offices of iBlade, Incorporated—demand for their immortal-slaying swords has never been higher! But as a big promotion looms, tenacious engineer Russ stumbles into a plot that may very well destroy the entire company.
15 "The iBlade Trilogy: Part 2" August 29, 2014 With the company's future in jeopardy, Russ delves into the seedy underbelly of iBlade, Inc for answers... and comes face-to-face with their corporate saboteur.
16 "The iBlade Trilogy: Part 3" September 5, 2014 Russ faces a greater threat than he imagined in the action-packed finale to the iBlade Trilogy!
17 "The iPhone Cult" September 12, 2014 Michael must cope with life as an outcast from The iPhone Cult; the life of a Green Person.
18 "Beard Meeting" September 19, 2014 Burnie and Blaine search the office for a meeting place until they finally find one: The Beard Room.
19 "Twelve Days of Rooster Teeth" November 12, 2014 Join Rooster Teeth this holiday season for caroling, eggnog and mayhem.