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Ronna and Beverly
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Ronna Marlene Glickman and Beverly Ginsberg (née Kahn) are the 50-something characters created and embodied by actor/comedians Jessica Chaffin and Jamie Denbo. They host a podcast on the Earwolf network wherein they interview/interrogate a celebrity guest, interact with one another, and dispense advice to listeners. Chaffin and Denbo developed their characters in 2006 when they were asked to host an all-Jewish 'Kosher Christmas Show' at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.[1]

Podcast[edit | edit source]

Ronna and Beverly have a new podcast every other week on their eponymous show, Ronna and Beverly, at Earwolf. The podcast premiered on May 25, 2011.[2] Former guests include people working in comedy, as well as actors, authors, and filmmakers.

Television[edit | edit source]

In 2009, a television pilot[3] based on the two women was produced by Showtime[4] with Jenji Kohan co-writing and co-producing and with Paul Feig directing. The pilot was not picked up.

In 2012, British network Sky Atlantic aired one season of a chat show[5] starring Ronna and Beverly. The 6-episode run was also directed by Paul Feig.[6] Guests included such as Jon Hamm, Michael Bolton, Will Arnett, Warwick Davis, David Walliams, and Alan Cumming, among others.[7]

Live performances[edit | edit source]

Ronna and Beverly perform monthly in Los Angeles at the UCB-LA Theatre. They also brought their show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2010.[8] The characters make especial fuss over their international lifestle, and London is a frequent topic of note on their podcast and in print.[9] In 2010, Denbo and Chaffin performed in as Ronna and Beverly for a brief run at London's Soho Theatre.[10]

Fans[edit | edit source]

According to Ronna and Bev, the original listeners are their friends, The Barbaras (Barbara Eschelbach, Barbara Levin, and Barbara Sidman).

I'm A Ronna / I'm A Beverly[edit | edit source]

Through their time interviewing people and interacting with fans, it became clear that people are often more inclined to relate with one of the hosts to the exclusion of the other. Those who are drawn to Ronna relate to her exquisite taste level and interest in world events and the arts. Those who are drawn to Beverly relate to her free spirit and believe that the human condition must not apologize for itself.

There is a fan movement on the rise to use #imaronna[11] and #imabeverly.[12]

Podcast episodes[edit | edit source]

Episode # Title Guest
1 Julie Klausner Julie Klausner
2 Paul F. Tompkins Paul F. Tompkins
3 Justin Kirk Justin Kirk
4 Paul Feig Paul Feig
5 Nick Kroll Nick Kroll
6 Jen Kirkman Jen Kirkman
7 Andy Richter Andy Richter
8 Jon Daly Jon Daly
9 Ana Ortiz Ana Ortiz
10 Joel Stein Joel Stein
11 Martha Plimpton Martha Plimpton
12 Paget Brewster Paget Brewster
13 Jimmy Pardo Jimmy Pardo
14 Rob Riggle Rob Riggle
15 Harris Wittels Harris Wittels
16 Donna Kagan Donna Kagan
17 Barbara Vinick Barbara Vinick
18 David Sabino David Sabino
19 Vacation Crashing Heather Donahue
20 London Calling Jeff Garlin
21 Hollywood's Night to Shine Joey McIntyre
22 Never Forget Ilana Glazer, Abbi Jacobson
23 Facebook and Toilet Paper Natasha Leggero
23.5 Minisode None
24 Red Leather Yellow Leather Elizabeth Reaser
25 Museum of Death Marc Maron
26 Tanlines Tanlines
27 Superfudge for Girls Connie Britton
28 Stolen Spanx Scott Aukerman
29 Gangrene & Ice Cream Michael Strahan
30 The Kramer of Veep Matt Walsh
31 Babysitting Morgan Murphy
32 Not Personal Steve Agee
33 Alpha-Nerd John Ross Bowie
34 Jack of All Trades Brandon Johnson
35 Growing Pains June Diane Raphael
36 Cartoon Dixie Cup Brian Huskey
37 Blossom In The Nerds Kevin Sussman
38 The Podcast Mash Tony Hale
39 Bar Mitzvah Teddy Bear Shaun Sperling
40 Animated Picture Frame Paul Gilmartin
41 Wonderful Podcast Time! Jake Fogelnest
42 The Live Hanukkah Special Paul F. Tompkins, Paget Brewster & Angela Kinsey
43 Bubba the Love Nut Rich Sommer
44 Sephardic Indiana Jones Gil Ozeri
45 Unlocked Daydreamer Katie Dippold
46 Live at the San Francisco Sketch Fest Jonathan Coulton, James Reichmuth
47 Oscar Wrap-Up! Sam Pancake
48 Hometown Hero Nate Corddry
49 Passover 2013 None
50 A Nutter Butter Kevin Pollak
51 Old Fashioned Kitchen Timer Ted Griffin
52 LIVE w/ Rob Delaney & David Wain Rob Delaney, David Wain
53 Gym Rash Jim Rash
54 Bubble Giggles Kulap Vilaysack
55 Dagger Fingers Sarah Baker
56 Young Griffin Dunne Josh Fadem
57 The See's Proposal Alison Rosen
58 Peanut Butter Cup Steve Agee
59 Live From Montreal Nick Kroll, Andy Kindler
60 LIVE w/ Ben Schwartz & Mark Feuerstein Ben Schwartz, Mark Feuerstein
61 Pocket Sass Judy Reyes
62 I am A Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien
63 Happy Eyebrows Adam Ray
64 Live From London Morwenna Banks, Jonathan Simpson
65 Boyfriend Cloud Kate Walsh
66 Everyone Makes Mistakes Andy Daly
67 Happy Thanksgivingkkah None
68 Uterus Chat Leslie Grossman
69 LIVE w/ Nia Vardalos and Bob Harper Nia Vardalos, Bob Harper
70 LIVE w/ Jacki Weaver and Patrick J. Adams Jacki Weaver, Patrick J. Adams
71 German Shepherd On A Leash Bob Harper
72 Live At Riot L.A. Paul Scheer
73 Live at the San Francisco Sketch Fest 2014 Michael Ian Black, Bob Harper
74 The Oscar Special Jace Lacob, Kate Aurthur & Adam B. Vary
75 Myrin Animal Arden Myrin
76 I Need A Ticket for Rosh Hashanah Stephen Tobolowsky
77 Jason Nash Bought an Xbox Jason Nash
78 Viking Tennis Janet Varney
79 The Advice Show! None
80 Chocolate Muff Dana Goodman, Julia Wolov
81 Bikini, Me David Huntsberger
82 Period Face Humphrey Ker
83 Crammer or Creamer Howard Kremer
84 A Fatted Calf Danielle Schneider, Dannah Phirman
85 Voice of the Internet Richard Lawson
86 Co Ne Dreee Eliot Glazer
87 The Laimest Couple In The World Elizabeth Laime, Andy Rosen
88 Cute as a Baby Seal Sarah Burns
89 Uber Smart Jerry O'Connell
90 Just Jenji Jenji Kohan
91 EGhost Dog Sean Sakimae
91.5 Ghost of Bob Odenkirk Bob Odenkirk
92 Eat Over There Matt Besser
93 Honey Jug Joe Lo Truglio
94 The Advice Episode! None
95 LIVE from UCB-Sunset Jack Black, Paul F. Tompkins
96 Green Grover Nate Corddry
97 Spatchcock a Chicken Christopher Noxon
98 I Don't Want To Meetaphobia Gabrielle Union, Regina Hall
99 Gluten Free Morning Lindsey Stoddart, Leslie Bibb
100 OSCAR Predictions Adam B. Vary, Kate Aurthur
101 Modern World Throwback Tavi Gevinson
102 Candy Crisis Drew Droege
103 Listener Mail None
104 Uncle Matty Boy Eugene Cordero
105 Brewster's Millions Paget Brewster
106 From Skater Bro to Penguin Goth Robin Lord Taylor
107 Advice For All! None
108 Live At UCB w/ Jeff Garlin, Matt Walsh Jeff Garlin, Matt Walsh
109 My Body Is Magic Louis Peitzman
110 Shaq Stomach Mitch Silpa
111 More Advice for You! None
112 Mr. Terrific Echo Kellum
113 Oprah Gayle Underwear Diablo Cody
114 Quip Fire! Ellie Kemper
115 From Nannying to Stardom Katie Lowes
116 Live at UCB w/ Danny Pudi, Paul F. Tompkins Danny Pudi, Paul F. Tompkins
117 Advice For Your Life None
118 01907 The Magazine Phil Rosenthal
119 Live at UCB w/ Ravi Patel, Jack McGee Ravi Patel, Jack McGee
120 Two Bevs Don’t Make A Right Jessica St. Clair
121 Super Joel Stein Joel Stein
122 My B-Day with Joan Rivers Gearoid Farrelly
123 Walking Paintbrush Zoë Bell
124 Advice for 2016! None
125 Live at the San Francisco Sketch Fest 2016 Guy Branum, Kate Micucci
126 Live at UCB w/ Ben Feldman, Reid Scott Ben Feldman, Reid Scott
127 The 2016 OSCAR Podcast Kate Aurthur, Adam B. Vary, & Jarett Wieselman
128 Kevin Deserves a Sandwich Kevin Kirkpatrick
129 LIVE at UCB Sunset with Kulap Vilaysack and Michael Constantini Kulap Vilaysack, Sam Kieffer
130 Bedroom Eyes Paul W. Downs
131 Advice You Need None
132 Tip My Beanie Beanie Feldstein
133 Samurai at Heart Ally Maki
134 Walk into their Office Troy Walker
135 Something Something about the Case Tami Sagher
136 Cuddly Canadian Teddy Bear Kristian Bruun
137 Live from The Bell House NYC with Ellie Kemper, Wyatt Cenac Ellie Kemper, Wyatt Cenac
138 Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney Is An Inspiration Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney
139 Jessi Klein Says You Gotta Lie Up Jessi Klein
140 Rachel Bloom Has A Very Sexual Brain Rachel Bloom
141 Ben Platt Is A Soul Cycle Fiend Ben Platt
142 Stay Healthy with Our Advice None
143 Foxy Knoxy with Leslie Grossman and Adam O'Byrne Leslie Grossman, Adam O'Byrne
144 English Chocolate Passion with Matt Cook Matt Cook
145 Live at Now Hear This with Jimmy Pardo Jimmy Pardo
145.5 Bonus Episode: Matt McConkey Matt McConkey
146 Jordan Black Is A Popper Jordan Black
147 Live from Boston Jewish Film Festival w/ Eugene Mirman Eugene Mirman
148 Charles Rogers Is A Voice of the Generation Charles Rogers
149 D'Arcy Carden Added The Apostrophe Herself D'Arcy Carden
150 Pam Fryman Does It Effortlessly Pam Fryman
151 Ana Ortiz Knows How To March Ana Ortiz
152 LIVE from the SF Sketchfest w/ James Urbaniak and Arden Myrin James Urbaniak, Arden Myrin
153 The 2017 OSCAR Podcast Adam B. Vary, Jarett Wieselman & Kate Aurthur
154 SNL's Chris Kelly Heads the Sketch Chris Kelly
155 Michael and Sarah Bennett Help You Choose Wisely Dr. Michael I. Bennett, Sarah Bennett
156 Santina Muha Doesn't See Wheels Santina Muha
157 Dave Holmes Gets His Preps Dave Holmes
158 LIVE from Largo w/ Paul F. Tompkins and America Ferrera Paul F. Tompkins, America Ferrera
159 Live from the 9:30 Club w/ Ned Price Ned Price
160 Live from The Bell House w/ Chris Gethard and Rachel Dratch Chris Gethard, Rachel Dratch
161 Live from The Bell House w/ Jill Kargman and Robin Lord Taylor Jill Kargman, Robin Lord Taylor

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