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Relay FM
GenreTechnology, Apple, Podcast, Google
Founded2014 (2014)
FounderMyke Hurley and Stephen M. Hackett
OwnerMyke Hurley and Stephen M. Hackett
Number of employees

Relay FM is a podcast network covering a diverse range of subjects including pens, video games, mobile app development, entrepreneurship, and productivity. It was founded 18 August 2014[1] by Myke Hurley and Stephen M. Hackett.[2] The network has many hosts, including Christina Warren, senior tech editor at Gizmodo; CGP Grey, YouTuber and co-host of the podcast Hello Internet; Simone de Rochefort, video editor at Polygon; Casey Liss, Marco Arment, and John Siracusa from the Accidental Tech Podcast; and Brianna Wu, cofounder of Giant Spacekat.

Over the course of 2015, many podcasts moved under the Relay FM network and added to the diversity of the hosts and topics. Christina Warren, Brianna Wu, and Simone de Rochefort from Rocket; Aleen Simms from Less Than or Equal; Tom Gerhardt and Dan Provost from Studio Neat; Yasmine Evjen, Andy Ihnatko, and Russell Ivanovic from Material; and David Sparks and Katie Floyd from Mac Power Users all joined the network or started new shows since Relay FM's inception.

When the podcast network launched, it had five shows: Analog(ue), Connected, Inquisitive, The Pen Addict, and Virtual.[2] Today, there are 27 live shows on the network, in addition to the extra B-Sides podcast consisting of before and after show snippets, two paid members only shows, and seven retired shows (five of which have been replaced by similar programs, while one of those replacements has itself ended).[2][3]

On 9 October 2015, Relay FM launched its mobile application,[4][5] allowing users to discover new shows, listen to the latest shows, and be notified when their favorite show is broadcasting live. Users of the app can also subscribe to shows in their podcast app of choice from the Relay FM app. It is currently available on iOS only.

Podcasts[edit | edit source]

Current[edit | edit source]

Podcast Hosts Launch date Description
18 August 2014 Hosts discuss how electronics affect their lives.
18 August 2014 Hosts discuss Apple and the impact of technology.
The Pen Addict
18 August 2014 Discussion of pens, pencils, paper, and ink.
  • Dan Moren
  • Mikah Sargent
17 September 2014 A technology discussion show. Each episode is thirty minutes with four hosts each bringing their own topic to the table.
Upgrade 17 September 2014 Discussion of companies' influence on technology and how creative work is done with technology.
Bonanza: The Wedding Year (formerly Bonanza)
4 November 2014 A comedy podcast.
19 January 2015 Discussion of technology, film, comic books, games, and books.
Mac Power Users
  • David Sparks
  • Katie Floyd
27 April 2015 Discussions of workflows and productivity with Apple devices.
Reconcilable Differences
3 June 2015 Experienced podcasters discuss their similarities and differences.
Cortex 3 June 2015 Hosts discuss the methods they use to be creatively productive.
2 July 2015 Discussion of Google and Android news.
15 August 2015 Discussion of space exploration and news.
Top Four
30 August 2015 Hosts list their four favorite items from a category.
Thoroughly Considered
21 September 2015 Discussion of entrepreneurship and product design.
Under the Radar
4 November 2015 Discussion of independent app development.
8 January 2016 Discussion of making and playing games.
  • Federico Viticci
  • Fraser Spiers
8 January 2016 Hosts discuss workflow and apps on iOS.
B-Sides Relay FM Hosts 25 August 2014 Behind-the-scenes content and audio from before or after episodes.
18 April 2016 Comedic discussion of technology and culture.
  • Jeff Veen
24 May 2016 Discussion of design and building of digital products.
8 July 2016 Discussion of strange and humorous Wikipedia articles. Originally on the 70 Decibels network; moved to the 5by5 network and was cancelled; has returned.
Free Agents
26 July 2016 Discussion of how to run an independent business.
Mixed Feelings
  • Quinn Rose
  • Gillian Parker
3 November 2016 Discussion of current events, news, politics and pop culture.
Download 27 April 2017 Discussion of current events and technology, with guests each episode.
  • K Tempest Bradford
  • Aleen Simms
15 May 2017 Discussion of creativity. Hosts interview guests.
  • Alex Cox
  • Savannah Million
15 May 2017 Discussion of robots, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.
  • Stephen Hackett
  • Serenity Caldwell
5 July 2017 Hosts answer tech questions from listeners.
Paid "Members Only" Shows
  • Stephen M. Hackett
3 November 2016 Co-founder Stephen Hackett interviews hosts from other shows.
Members Only Various 15 August 2016 Members Only hosts yearly bonus episodes of each show on Relay FM, as well as occasional "trial runs" for possible future shows.

Retired[edit | edit source]

Podcast Hosts Launch date Description Number of episodes Retired date
CMD Space 1 August 2012 An interview show. Migrated from the 5by5 network; the precursor to Inquisitive. 103 10 July 2014
The Prompt
19 June 2013 Discussion of the technology and culture of Apple. Migrated from the 5by5 network; the precursor to Connected. 57 17 July 2014
16 July 2013 A technology podcast turned comedy. Episodes 1-50 are unavailable, as "There was no point in preserving the earlier ones. Yikes." Migrated from the 5by5 network; the precursor to Bonanza. 95 originally, 55 available 8 July 2014
Less Than or Equal
  • Aleen Simms
16 June 2014 Celebration of accomplishments of people from oppressed groups. 100 19 October 2016
Inquisitive 18 August 2014 An interview show. 59 20 December 2015
18 August 2014 Video game discussion. 61 8 January 2016
  • Brianna Wu
  • Georgia Dow
  • Maddy Myers (originally)
  • Mikah Sargent
  • Steve Lubitz
13 April 2015 Analysis of video game news from the perspectives of developer, player, and journalist. Migrated from the 5by5 network. 102 18 April 2016
Almanac 10 November 2016 Discussion of current events, the arts, technology, and society. 1 10 November 2016

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