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Radio Askew is a podcast on topics related to the works of Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier and their View Askew production company.

Hosted by Will Wilkins, the first show (5/5/05) was only 20 minutes long. The show has grown progressively longer, with recent episodes lasting over an hour. Starting with episode 5 (9/25/05), Scott Kramer joined Will Wilkins as co-host until Show #38 (7/16/2006). All episodes are available from the iTunes Music Store.

In February 2006, the show featured an audio scene from Clerks II, for which it was mentioned at View Askew's official news website.[1]

Staples of Radio Askew[edit | edit source]

  • The show often features older clips of Kevin Smith and other View Askew alum in interviews and the like.
  • Music featured in any of the VA films.
  • Box Office Time Machine, where Will and Scott list and discuss the top 10 movies in the box office from the day of the show from both 10 and 20 years ago.
  • Interviews with the last person in line at VA signing events.
  • Virtual Kevin - Simply must be heard to be believed.

The live shows often get lost, and Scott and Will have to record another show

Recently, the shows have been streamed live while they are recorded. This allows Will and Scott to take phone calls live on the air and communicate with the fanbase live via (link).

When the boys aren't doing a live show, the 24-hour .pls feed plays old interviews with Kevin from other radio shows, past episodes of Radio Askew, and View Askew-related music.

Notable guests[edit | edit source]

7 Days of Shows[edit | edit source]

Due to scheduling conflicts and the recording equipment being sent to Vulgarthon '06 to record a post-show round table discussion (which never got recorded), there was a notable gap between shows 36 (May 21, 2006) and 37 (July 15, 2006). However, upon the show's return, Will announced the 7 Days of Shows.

Starting July 15, 2006 and ending the day of Clerk II's release on the 21st, there will be a Radio Askew podcast every day.

Importance of the 7 Days of Shows

  • The first Radio Askew show in 2 months.
  • The return of Scott Kramer after a three show absence.
  • The coining of the term "Webernets" and the subsequent revelation that it did, in fact, already exist.
  • Show number 37 (which holds special significance in the View Askewniverse since Clerks)
  • The show from the day of Clerks II's release, July 21, 2006.
  • The announcement of Scott Kramer's retirement from consistent co-host duties.
  • Two Howard the Duck references, in a row.

Other Names for the 7 Days of Shows

  • Uncle Will's 7 Day's of Penance (for missing two month's worth of shows).
  • The Radio Askew 7 Day Marathon.

References[edit | edit source]

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