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Pair Of Dice Paradise
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Hosted byChaz Marler
GenreBoard Games
Created byChaz Marler
Original releaseSeptember 5,  2013 (2013 -09-05) – present
Chaz Marler

Pair Of Dice Paradise is the name of the video podcast and web series that focuses on board game products and culture. The series was created by Chaz Marler, and most episodes feature a variety of different characters played by Chaz and his daughter, VeeBug.[1]

Episodes cover a variety of topics, including product reviews, tips for building a board gaming group, and the challenges of gaming while struggling with social anxiety.

Characters[edit | edit source]

During the course of the series, Chaz has appeared as several different characters, each with their own distinct personality and costume. The first costumed persona to appear onscreen was Professor Riley Naught, M.E., in episode 6, Napoleon Dynamite: It's Pretty Much My Favorite Animal Game.[2] Chaz added the professor to the episode at the last minute after a scheduling conflict prevented his previously scheduled guest from appearing in the episode.[3]

Recurring Segments[edit | edit source]

Board Game Bubble[4] This series explores the possibility that the board game industry was growing at an unsustainable rate in late 2014, and heading towards an inevitable market implosion, similar to the crash of the comic book industry in the mid 1990s.[5][6]

Building A Board Gaming Group[7] This series provides suggestions on starting and growing a local board gaming club. Topics covered in the series include finding fellow gamers, venues, and appropriate group activities.

Get Your Wings[8] Reviews, previews and commentary on upcoming, current and past board games. The product featured in each of these episodes is challenged to "get its wings". A product that receives a positive review gets its wings, otherwise it does not.

Meeples For Sheepish Peoples[9] This series discusses how board games and gaming in general affects the lives of people who aren't socially outgoing. Chaz himself is a self-proclaimed introvert who struggles with social anxiety, and this series documents many of the challenges social board gaming has presented.[10][11]

The Component Proponent[12] A series that highlights items and tips designed to make the board gaming experience more immersive. These items are often custom made, third-party components for board games, and sometimes products about board games, such as Scott King's 2015 board-game themed calendar.[13]

Thrift Sift[14] This series explores games that are obtained at thrift stores because they catch Chaz's attention. The games featured in this segment are often reviewed in a satirical fashion.

Head In The Clouds[edit | edit source]

In March 2014, Pair Of Dice Paradise started a regular segment on The Dice Tower's weekly Board Game Breakfast video podcast. The segment is titled Head In The Clouds, which is a reference to the signature "sky and clouds" backdrop that appears in the majority of videos produced by Pair Of Dice Paradise. The first Head In The Clouds segment appeared in Board Game Breakfast episode #17, which premiered on YouTube on March 17, 2014.[15]

Gamer Mockumentary[edit | edit source]

As part of the 2014 Jack Vasel Memorial Fund charity auction, Pair Of Dice Paradise offered to create a mock documentary (or "mockumentary") about the fictional board gaming exploits of the top bidder. The auction item raised $500 for the charity. During the course of the auction, several more board game podcasters agreed to appear in the mockumentary, including Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower, and Rodney Smith of Watch It Played. Production began on the mockumentary in November, 2014.[16]

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