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"What if animals talk to each other when humans aren't around? And what if they pull pranks, steal from each other, and run for political office?"

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Nature Town was a Rooster Teeth animated comedy original miniseries that featured talking animals. Its first season aired for 6 mini-episodes. It has since been retired and is not in production. The first episode aired on November 22, 2011. The last episode aired on August 24, 2012.

Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Pigeon - voiced by Chris Demarais - Appears to be the smartest of all characters, as he can tell whether a nut is bad or good, and thinks in a very philosophical manner. 
  • Cancer the Rabbit - voiced by Michael Jones - a quick, witty rabbit. Only shown in one episode
  • Fido the Squirrel - voiced by Marshall Rimmer - a hyperactive squirrel who appears to be friends with Pigeon. He doesn't appear to be very smart.
  • Tony the Turtle - voiced by Joel Heyman - a friend of pigeon. A really old turtle with a knack for assumptions and complaining
  • Sloth - voiced by Gus Sorola - a sloth that moves when no one's looking, often to their shock and panic. It is also a thief. Appeared only once

Episode Listing[edit | edit source]

Name Description Link
Tortoise and The Rare Disease Tony tells Pigeon he's racing Cancer, but Pigeon has an entirely different interpretation of what he said. [1]
Nuts! Nuts! Nuts! Pigeon and Squirrel come across a suspicious looking acorn [2]
Attack of the Sloth Tony and Pigeon encounter a scary Sloth. [3]
The Bill Cosby Tree Fido notices a tree resembling comedian Bill Cosby and confusion follows [4]
Dog Years Dance Fido attempts to dance with Tony [5]
The Meaning of Life Pigeon attempts to have a deep conversation with Fido [6]