Moron Life

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Moron Life
Created byLon Lopez
StarringSeason 3: Rich Amooi, Laura Brown, Kathleen Dobbs, Paul Fernandez, Athena Galvin, Michelle Hackett, Walid Khoury, Dan Lazarus, Philip Lee, Lon Lopez, Olivier Moratin and Clay Robeson
Country of originUSA
Running time30 minutes per episode, internet sketches 1-7 minutes
Original networkComcast Cable Access San Jose, CA and online at

Moron Life is an independently produced, self-funded sketch comedy show shot entirely in San Jose, California, that strives to epitomize the true spirit of local television by serving as a humorous commentary on life and providing a showcase for local comedic and musical talent. The show mixes sketches with comedic segues, satirical remotes, pop culture parodies, musical performances and random vignettes.

Moron Life's self stated goal is to be "intelligent, entertaining and funny, while constantly challenging the sketch show template. We're here to bring you more... More, on life."[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Founded in February 2004 by Lon Lopez, Moron Life has evolved from a Public-access television cable TV sketch comedy show into a web broadcast/video podcast show which features new material on a weekly basis through such outlets as iTunes, Yahoo! Video, YouTube and, the show’s web presence has grown from a site to host Moron Life’s videos into a fully independent comedy news site with columnists from around the country each providing their unique take on "the biz." Starting in 2005, the Moron Life team began doing video coverage of events like Dragon*Con, WonderCon and Comic Con in order to provide some crossover between the entertainment news website and the video entertainment of the show itself.[1]

Philosophy[edit | edit source]

The producers of Moron Life subscribe to the old Steve Martin philosophy that "Comedy is Not Pretty." It is that belief that shapes the Moron Life style. The show is a mixture of sketch comedy, Improvisation, cultural satire, and random zaniness. Irreverent and edgy, and sometimes downright stupid, Moron Life has something to say. Hopefully, it’s always funny. In a current comedy landscape of the common and banal, Moron Life strives to tread new comedic ground on its way to entertain.[2]

Media recognition[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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