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Hosted byMegan Tan
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes49
Original releaseJan 16, 2015 – Aug 16, 2017

Millennial is an independently produced podcast created by Megan Tan that focuses on the transition between university and work, "how to maneuver your twenties".[1] It explores the subject of finding meaningful and fulfilling work with the pressures of money, status and self worth. The podcast is autobiographical and includes interviews with people in Tan's life including family members, coworkers and friends. The series began in 2015 as Tan has left college and was unemployed living in her childhood home.[2] In 2016 Millennial joined Radiotopia becoming the 14th show in the network. In August, 2017, the show aired its final episode.[3] Tan decided to end the podcast because she felt it was turning into something different from what she envisioned at the start.[3]

Reception[edit | edit source]

The podcast has received positive reviews in several media outlets such as The Atlantic,[4] BuzzFeed,[5] The Guardian[1] and The Huffington Post.[6] In May 2015 Priya Elan wrote in The Guardian "Millennial is a consistently engaging podcast. Tan’s audio autobiography feels like an authentic study of the twentysomething condition in 2015; caught between an economic landslide and an uncemented sense of self"[1]

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