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Lovett or Leave It
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"A week in review recorded in front of a live audience. It’s great."
Hosted byJon Lovett
FormatWeekly comedy panel show about politics
Original releaseMarch 2017 – present
ProviderCrooked Media
Related showsPod Save the People, Pod Save America
WebsiteLovett or Leave It

Lovett or Leave It is a weekly podcast hosted by speechwriter and screenwriter Jon Lovett.[1] It is produced by Lee Eisenberg[2] and distributed by Crooked Media. The theme song is by the band Sure Sure. Lovett has described the show as a way to talk about politics in plain language[3] and has called the discussion "very loose."[4]

Format[edit | edit source]

Lovett or Leave It is a live panel show, hosted by Jon Lovett, and with guests from journalism, comedy and politics. Topics in the news from the previous week are discussed by the panel, with a focus on US politics and the administration of President Donald Trump.

The show sometimes opens with an interview with a guest, often a Democratic politician, who doesn't join the panel discussion. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, former Mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa and actor Rainn Wilson[5] have all been interviewed.

Panel guests have included comedians Sarah Silverman, Brett Gelman, Ira Madison III and Paul Scheer, screenwriter Wil Wheaton and journalists Lauren Duca and Katie Nolan.[1][4]

The show is usually held in Los Angeles, California but has been held in Washington, D.C.[3] and Aspen, Colorado.[6]

Regular segments[edit | edit source]

  • What a week is the opening segment where the panel discuss the previous week's news.
  • OK stop, in which a clip of an interview or speech is played, and panelists can pause the clip to offer commentary about its content.
  • The rant wheel, in which a topic for discussion is chosen randomly from a set pre-selected by Lovett or suggested by the audience.
  • There's just like, so much going on, in which a topic that may not have received much news coverage is discussed.
  • Too stupid to be true, where a member of the audience tries to pick whether quotes offered by the panel are real or fake.
  • The Russia Stuff, a two-minute segment where the panel discusses the newest developments in the Trump-Russia investigation.

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