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Litbits is a literary discussion radio programme and podcast, hosted by academic Adam Smyth and literary journalist James Kidd. Guests on the programme have included Polly Russell, Paul Myerscough, Alex von Tunzelmann, Samantha Ellis,[1] Jonathan Beckman, Hallie Rubenhold, Steve Rose, Joe Brooker, Dennis Duncan,[2] Dinah Roe,[3] Giles Milton and Liane Strauss.[4] Subjects covered include Rooms[5] and Procrastination.[6]

Litbits airs on the London radio station Resonance 104.4FM and is broadcast nationally and internationally online.[7] Shows have also been broadcast in Australia on ABC radio's 'Top of the Pods'.[8] Its third season runs from September 2015. The Litbits website archives all radio programmes and contains additional shows.

In 2013 The Guardian described Litbits as one of the best three literary podcasts on the internet, alongside Bookworm and The New Yorker Fiction Podcast.[9] Ola Wihlke of Bear Books said that 'Lit Bits is probably the funniest podcast on literature right now, even if it raises serious literary issues.'[10]

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