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Planetary Radio
Genre Astronomy, Space Exploration
Running time 30 minutes
Country of origin United States
Home station KUCI
Announcer Mat Kaplan
Created by Mat Kaplan
Produced by Mat Kaplan
Original release 2002 (at KUCI) – present

Planetary Radio is a weekly internationally syndicated radio broadcast astronomy and astrophysics related science show available over the air, by satellite radio, and by podcast.

Historical guests (alphabetical)[edit | edit source]

Many guests have spoken over the years on many episodes. They include the following in the tables hereafter:

Table A-B[edit | edit source]

Planetary Radio
Alphabetical Surname Listing A-B
Guest Occupation Episode (chronological) Capacity/
Topic Interviewer Original
Andrea Acomazzo Operations manager Rosetta Mission
  • 20100719
Mark Adler Mission Manager - Mars Spirit Mission
  • 20050119
Tariq Adwan Palestinian (Bethlehem) biology student; Co-Investigator - GOBBS
  • 20030120
Experiment destroyed after episode by Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. GOBBS = growth of bacterial biofilms on surface during spaceflight.
Michael A'Hearn Astronomer Principal Investigator Deep Impact 2 Episodes:
  • 20070709
  • 20050110
Bill Ailor Director - Center for Orbital & Reentry Debris Studies, Aerospace Corporation
Buzz Aldrin Astronaut Apollo 11 5 Episodes:
  • 20070924
  • 20061030
  • 20060109
  • 20051114
  • 20041115
Amir Alexander Writer/Editor
Claudia Alexander Project Manager - Galileo Mission
Carlton Allen Principal Investigator - MARVEL Program
Scott D. Altman Astronaut
Bob Anderson
Clayton Anderson Astronaut
David Anderson Project Director -
SETI@Home Project
John Anderson Senior Research Scientist, JPL
Nigel Angold Operations Manager - Ulysses Mission
Heather Archuletta Experimental test subject, NASA
Richard R. Arnold Astronaut Crew member - NEEMO 13
Sami Asmar Manager - Radio Science Group, JPL
Tim Bailey Space activist
Kevin Baines JPL
Bruce Banerdt Project Scientist - MER Project
Donald Banfield Planetary Scientist Cornell University
Jay Barbree Space correspondent, NBC network
Jacob Bean Astronomer Sagan Fellow, NASA
Reta Beebe Astronomer
James F. Bell, III Professor, Cornell University
Gregory Benford Astrophysicist/science fiction author
Jim Benford
Bob Benjamin Research scientist
Steven A. Benner Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution
Andrew Benson Cosmologist Caltech
Bruce Betts Director of Projects, The Planetary Society
Debbie Biggs Educational Specialist, NASA
Alan Binder Principal Investigator - Lunar Prospector Mission
Peter Birtwhistle Amateur astronomer
Bill Blair Astrophysicist
Scott Bolton Principal Investigator - JUNO Mission
André Bormanis Writer Star Trek writer/consultant
William Borucki Principal Investigator - Kepler Mission
Bill Boynton Lead Scientist - Phoenix TEGA
Ray Bradbury Science fiction author
David Brin Science fiction author
Michael E. Brown Astronomer Discoverer of Eris (dwarf planet), Caltech 6 Episodes:
  • 20110613
  • 20110606
  • 20101213
  • 20060828
  • 20050815
  • 20040322
Donald E. Brownlee Principal Investigator - Stardust Mission
Roger Buick Professor, University of Washington
James Burke Project Manager - Ranger Program
James D. Burke Technical Editor - The Planetary Report, The Planetary Society
Don Burnett Principal Investigator/Lead scientist - Genesis Mission

Table C-D[edit | edit source]

Planetary Radio
Alphabetical Surname Listing C-D
Guest Occupation Episode (chronological) Capacity/
Topic Interviewer Original
Mike Callahan Goddard Spaceflight Center, NASA
John Callas Program Manager - MER
James Cameron Director/Producer/Writer
John Casani Project Manager - Prometheus Project
Robert Cassanova Director - Institute for Advanced Concepts, NASA
Andrew Chaikin Author
David Charbonneau Astronomer Harvard
Neil Cheatwood Principal Investigator
Phil Christensen Planetary Scientist Arizona State University
Ben Clark Chief Scientist - Space Exploration, Lockheed Martin
Arthur C. Clarke Science fiction author 4 Episodes:
  • 20091130
  • 20080324
  • 20030707
  • 20030324
Geoffrey Collins Planetary Scientist
Joy Crisp Project Scientist - MER
Carolyn Crow Faculty Research Assistant, University of Maryland
Glen Cushing Planetary Scientist
Shana Dale Deputy Administrator, NASA
Thomas Dame Radio Astronomer
Paul Davies Cosmologist
Matt Dawson
Imke de Pater Astronomer
John Delaney Oceanographer
Greg Delorey Developer Mars Microphone
Tilmann Denk Free University of Berlin
Peter Diamandis Chairman - X Prize Foundation
Don Dixon (artist) Space Artist
Laurance Doyle Principal Investigator
Frank Drake SETI Institute
Courtney Dressing Student astronaut
Ann Druyan
Dan Durda Astronomer, Astronomical artist NEO
Tom Duxbury JPL
Freeman Dyson

Table E-G[edit | edit source]

Planetary Radio
Alphabetical Surname Listing E-G
Guest Occupation Episode (chronological) Capacity/
Topic Interviewer Original
Ken Edgett Malin Space Science Systems
Charles Elachi Director - JPL
Annmarie Eldering Deputy Manager - Earth Atmospheric Science Section, JPL
Richard Ellis Astronomer Professor - Astronomy, Caltech
Doug Ellison Founder -
Jim Erickson Project Manager - MER
Francis Everitt Principal Investigator - Gravity Probe B
Wolfgang Fink Physicist/Robotocist Caltech
Debra Fischer Astronomer
Bernard Foing Chief Scientist - ESA
Project Scientist - SMART-1
Jonathan Frakes Director - Thunderbirds
Louis Friedman Executive Director - The Planetary Society
Satoshi Furukawa Crew member - NEEMO 13
Daniel Gaines Engineer JPL
Owen K. Garriott Astronaut
Lori Garver (Former) Associate Administrator for Policy and Plans, NASA
James Garvin Chief Scientist, NASA
Scott Gaudi Astronomer
Pamela L. Gay Astronomer Co-host - Astronomy Cast
Neil Gehrels Principal Investigator - Swift
Mark Gittelman Vice President & General Manager - Oceaneering Space Systems
Walter Goetz Magnet team member - MER, University of Copenhagen
Dan Goldin
Barry Goldstein Project Manager - Phoenix
Matt Golombek Co-Chair - MER Landing Site
Jim Graf Project Manager - MRO
Douglas Graham XCOR Aerospace
Stephen Grasby Geologic Survey of Canada
Jeff Greason CEO - XCOR Aerospace
Jack Gregg Head - California Space Education & Workforce Institute
Michael Griffin NASA Administrator
Javier Guedes Astrophysicist
Lika Guhathakurta Program Scientist - Solar Probe Plus
Don Gurnett Team Lead - Radio and Plasma Wave Science, Cassini Mission
Pablo Gutierrez-Marques Framing Camera Flight Manager - DAWN Mission

Table H-K[edit | edit source]

Planetary Radio
Alphabetical Surname Listing H-K
Guest Occupation Episode (chronological) Capacity/
Topic Interviewer Original
Albert Haldemann Deputy Project Scientist - MER
Howard Hall Under the Sea 3D
Michelle Hall Under the Sea 3D
Heidi Hammel Planetary Scientist Board Member - The Planetary Society
Rick Hanton Chair - SEDS (USA)
Joe Harrington Team Member - Spitzer Space Telescope
Alan W. Harris NEO
William Kenneth Hartmann Planetary Scientist
Stephen Hawking Physicist
Amanda Hendrix Planetary Scientist LRO Participating Scientist lunar water
Ken Herkenhoff Lead Scientist - Microscopic Imager, MER
Homer Hickam Engineer (Former) Engineer, NASA
Paul Hill
Victoria Hipkin Lead Scientist - Phoenix MET
Jeff Hoffman Astronaut
Mark Hofstadter JPL
Robert Holmes Shoemaker NEO grant recipient
Jack Holt University of Texas, Austin
Paul Horowitz Astrophysicist Harvard
Robert Lee Hotz Science writer Los Angeles Times; Pulitzer Prize winner
Justin Houchin Student May be first teenager in space.
Andrew Howard
Steve Howell Astrophysicist
Steve Hughes Engineer Lead Engineer - IRVE
Wes Huntress (Former) Associate Administrator, NASA; President - The Planetary Society
Wendy Jaeger Planetary scientist
Thomas Janka Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics
Lindley Johnson NASA
Torrence Johnson
Thomas David Jones Astronaut
Mat Kaplan Producer Host - Planetary Radio
Junichiro Kawaguchi Project Manager - Hayabusa Mission
Charles Kennel Chair - Space Studies Board
Bettyann Kevles Author
Vickie Kloeris Food scientist, NASA
Andrew Knoll Biologist Harvard University; Science Team Member - MER
Charley Kohlhase Engineer/Artist Designer - Cassini-Huygens Mission
Detlef Koschny European Space Operations Centre
Michael Krepon Head - Space Security Project
Liz Kruesi Astrophysicist Graduate student

Table L-M[edit | edit source]

Planetary Radio
Alphabetical Surname Listing L-M
Guest Occupation Episode (chronological) Capacity/
Topic Interviewer Original
Emily Lakdawalla Science & Technology Coordinator, The Planetary Society
Yuval Landau Israeli medical student; Co-Investigator - GOBBS
  • 20030120
Experiment destroyed after episode by Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. GOBBS = growth of bacterial biofilms on surface during spaceflight.
Lonne Lane JPL
Jean-Pierre Lebreton Manager/Project Scientist - Cassini-Huygens Mission
Wayne Lee Chief Engineer - Descent & Landing, MER Entry
Guillermo Lemarchand Director - Southern SETI
Mark Lemmon Lead Scientist - Phoenix SSI
Laurie Leshin Principal Investigator - SCIM
Joel Levine Principal Investigator - ARES
Hal Levison Southwest Research Institute
Chris Lewicki Flight Director - MER
John Lewis Planetary Scientist
Tim Lilburn Scientist - ATCC
Slava Linkin Russian Federation Space Research Institute
Alexis Livanos President - Space Technology, Northrup Grumman
Mario Livio Space Telescope Science Institute
Daniel Lockney Editor - Annual Spinoff Report, NASA
Jon Lomberg Director - Visions of Mars Project
Rosaly Lopes
M.G. Lord Author Astro Turf: The Private Life of Rocket Science
Ralph Lorenz Planetary Scientist
Christophe Lovis Geneva Observatory
Sandy Magnus Astronaut
Rob Manning Development Manager - Entry, Descent & Landing - MER
Geoffrey Marcy Astronomer UC Berkeley
Brian Marsden Retired Director - IAU Minor Planet Center
Robin Mason Film Producer Wife of Todd.
Todd Mason Film Producer Husband of Robin.
Richard Massey Astronomer
Jake Maule AMASE (Arctic Mars Analogue Svalbard Expedition)
Peter Mayer Folksinger
Hal McAlister Director - Mount Wilson Institute
  • 20090907
Patrick McCarthy Director - GMT (Giant Magellan Telescope)
Dan McClese Principal Investigator - Mars Climate Sounder (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter)
Art McDonald Director - Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
Alfred McEwen Principal Investigator - HiRISE
Lucy McFadden Planetary Scientist
James McGaha Amateur Astronomer
Chris McKay Planetary Scientist
Bill McKinnon Planetary Scientist
Curtis Mead Research Assistant - All-Sky Optical SETI
Abel Mendez Associate Professor - University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo
Michael Meyer Astronomer University of Arizona
Neil Milburn Vice President & Co-Founder - Armadillo Aerospace
Berrien Moore Executive Director - Climate Central
Rafael Morozowski Student astronaut
David Morrison Interim Director - Lunar Science Institute
Philip Morrison Physicist SETI pioneer
Michael Mumma Director - Goddard Center for Astrobiology, NASA
Bruce Murray Co-Founder - The Planetary Society
Elon Musk Founder - SpaceX
Toni Myers Producer/Director

Table N-S[edit | edit source]

Planetary Radio
Alphabetical Surname Listing N-S
Guest Occupation Episode (chronological) Capacity/
Topic Interviewer Original
Glen Nagle Education & Outreach Manager - Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex
Rafael Navarro-Gonzalez Researcher
Gerhard Neukum
Bob Nichol Scientific Spokesperson - Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Nichelle Nichols Actress Star Trek
Bill Nye The Science Guy
James Oberg Writer Expert - international space programs
Adriana Ocampo Senior scientist - ESA
Michael Okuda Star Trek
Steve Ostro Radar astronomer
Tobias Owen Planetary Scientist
Larry Page Co-Founder - Google
Robert (Bob) Pappalardo
Tim Parker JPL
Nicholas Patrick NEEMO 13 Crew
Robert Picardo Actor Star Trek
Carle Pieters Planetary Scientist
Phil Plait The Bad Astronomer
Jeffrey Plaut JPL
Tom Prince Physicist
Linda Purl Actress
Margaret Race Ecologist
Jon Ramer Space artist
Lisa Randall Physicist Harvard
Marc Rayman Engineer Project System Engineer - DAWN Mission
Nilton Renno University of Michigan
John Rhys-Davies
Jeff Richichi Director - Structural Design, SpaceX
Andrew Rivkin Planetary Scientist
Mary Roach Author
Massimo Robberto Astronomer
Kim Stanley Robinson Science fiction author
Rod Roddenberry Writer
Alexis Rodriguez Research scientist Planetary Science Institute
Lawrence Rudnick Astronomer
John Rummel
Sally Ride Astronaut First U.S. woman in space
Chris Russell Principal Investigator - DAWN
Burt Rutan SpaceShipOne
Roald Sagdeev Former Director - Soviet Space Research Institute
Gerry Sanders In Situ Resource Utilization Project, NASA
Scott Sanford Co-Investigator - Stardust
Harrison Schmitt Astronaut Moonwalker
Gerhard Schwehm Scientist - Rosetta Project
Rusty Schweickart Astronaut Apollo 9; Chairman - B612 Foundation
Ben Shelef Founder - Spaceward Foundation
Donna Shirley Advisory Council - The Planetary Society
Seth Shostak SETI Institute
Mark Showalter Planetary Astronomer
Mike Simmons Astronomer
  • President - Astronomers Without Borders
  • Co-Chair - 100 Hours of Astronomy
2 Episodes:
  • 20100405
  • 20090309
Amy Smith Scientist ATCC
Peter Smith Principal Investigator - Phoenix Mission
Dava Sobel Author
B. Thomas Soifer Director - Spitzer Science Center
Claudio Sollazzo Operations Manager
Sean Solomon Principal Investigator - MESSENGER
John Spencer President & Founder - Space Tourism Society
Linda Spilker Project Scientist - Cassini
Tom Spilker Engineer JPL
Steve Squyres Principal Investigator - Athena science payloads, MER rovers
Andrew Stanton Creator - WALL-E
Andrew Steele AMASE (Arctic Mars Analogue Svalbard Expedition)
Alan Stern Principal Investigator - New Horizons Mission (Pluto)
David Stevenson Planetary scientist Caltech
Ellen Stofan Radar Team - Cassini
Ed Stone Chief Scientist - Voyager Interstellar Mission
Woody Sullivan Astronomer University of Washington
Jessica Sunshine Spectroscopist Co-Investigator - Deep Impact
Hakan Svedhem Project Scientist - Venus Express
Mark Swain JPL
Mark Sykes Director - Planetary Science Institute

Table T-Z[edit | edit source]

Planetary Radio
Alphabetical Surname Listing T-Z
Guest Occupation Episode (chronological) Capacity/
Topic Interviewer Original
Alex Tai Vice President - Operations, Virgin Galactic
Kenneth Tanaka USGS
Jill Tarter SETI Institute
Stacy Tearne Communications Director - Space Adventures
Robert Bruce Thompson Author Co-author - Illustrated Guide to Astronomical Wonders
Tim Titus Planetary Scientist
Clyde Tombaugh Astronomer Discoverer of Pluto
Roy Tucker
Elizabeth Turtle Planetary Scientist
Slava Turyshev Research Scientist JPL
Neil deGrasse Tyson Astronomer Director - Hayden Planetarium
Stephane Udry Astronomer
Mark Uhran Assistant Associate Administrator (International Space Station), NASA
Jurrie van der Woude
Max Vasile University of Glasgow
Faith Vilas Planetary Science Institute
John Vilja Rocketdyne Program Manager, Pratt & Whitney
Richard Vondrak Project Scientist - Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
Mary Voytek Program Director - Astrobiology, NASA
Bettye Walker Co-Founder - A-Man International Science Discovery & Learning Center
Hal Walker Co-Founder - A-Man International Science Discovery & Learning Center
Steve Wall Deputy Team Leader - Cassini RADAR
David Warmflash Astrobiology Institute, NASA
3 Episodes:
  • 20030505
  • 20030203
  • 20030120
Edward Weiler Associate Administrator, NASA
Dan Wertheimer SETI Chief Scientist, UC Berkeley
Andrew Westphal Science Team Member, Stardust
Cheryl Wheeler Singer/songwriter
Roger Wiens Team Member, Genesis Mission
Mark Wolverton Author
Al Worden Astronaut Command Module Pilot - Apollo 15
Ned Wright Principal Investigator - WISE
Beth Wusk Project Manager - IRVE
J. Judson Wynne Speleologist USGS
Quanzhi Ye Grant recipient - Shoemaker NEO Program
Don Yeomans Manager - NEO Program Office, NASA
John Young Astronaut
Alexander V. Zakharov Russian Space Research Institute
Robert Zubrin Aerospace engineer/author Founder - The Mars Society
Richard Zurek Project Scientist - MRO