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This article lists and provides statistics for the frequency of advertisements on The Unmade Podcast. There have been a total of 11 advertisements by 8 companies, all of which have been narrated by both Tim and Brady. Two Unmade Podcast episodes have had no sponsors, three have had one sponsor, and three have had two sponsors. The sponsors with the most sponsorships are Anchor, Audible, and Brilliant, with two sponsorships each, and the first sponsor of The Unmade Podcast was Fracture. Data about Audible book recommendations for each Audible sponsorship is located at List of The Unmade Podcast Audible book recommendations.

List of sponsors[edit | edit source]

Sponsor # of sponsorships First episode sponsored
Anchor 2 6
Audible 2 4
Brilliant 2 6
Casper 1 8
Fracture 1 3
Shaker and Spoon 1 5
Storyblocks 1 5

Chart of sponsors by episode[edit | edit source]

# Fracture Audible Shaker and Spoon Storyblocks Anchor Brilliant Casper RXBAR
3 Yes
4 Yes
5 Yes Yes
6 Yes Yes
7 Yes Yes
Special: Tommyball‎‎ Yes
8 Yes Yes