Let's Play Call of Duty Ghosts: Onslaught DLC Free-For-All

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"OH, SHIT!! I'm Michael Myers!!" ~ Ray

"Gavin is gonna leave this Let's Play extremely distrustful of pines." ~ Ryan

"Speaking of your mind games, i got some of them on my foot." ~ Geoff

"Aw, Ray got the kill!!!!" ~ Jack

"Shotgun beats knife." ~ Geoff

Let's Play Call of Duty Ghosts: Onslaught DLC Free-For-All is the third of four videos in which the Achievement Hunters play Call of Duty Ghosts, and the first to be normal Call of Duty multiplayer instead of Ghosts-exclusive Extinction. In it the Hunters play five games, all free-for-alls, on the four maps from the Onslaught DLC.

Players[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

The video starts with Geoff saying it occurred to him while playing Extinction that the Hunters had never played Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer. He then says this is their first "just multiplayer, Ray fucked us all in the mouth, goes 30 and 2" Call of Duty free-for-all. Geoff then asks Ray what would be a good map, and Ray selects the DLC map 'Fog' (a.k.a. the Michael Myers map). Geoff then states an intent for someone to get the Michael Myers killstreak reward via field orders. Ryan starts setting up the game, going with the standard 10 minute, 30 kill rules, and as the map loads Geoff and Michael mention seeing one of the 'Halloween' movie series on opening day in New Jersey (it was one of the earlier movies of the series, causing Jack to remark that one of the two would've been like 4 years old at the time). Michael assumes the movie in question was either 'Halloween H20' or the one after that.

The first match then begins. Jack and Gavin are using Vector CRBs, while Ryan and Michael use their main classes (Ryan has an AK-12, Michael an SA-805(Geoff's also using an SA-805, with Gold camo)) and Ray uses the DLC Maverick assault rifle (this is the only match of the five where Gavin doesn't use his Remington with shotgun attachment and Panzerfaust secondary class). Gavin gets the first kill of the match, catching Michael off-guard from a bit of distance to his left. Ryan then kills Jack from about the same angle while Geoff finds a skull in an anvil on the map. Ray then kills two players in quick succession and grabs a field order telling him to get three non-killstreak kills. He quickly gets one, catching Ryan by surprise, while Jack is killed by a prone Michael, having passed him without paying attention to his right flank. Ray then gets his second kill for his field orders, killing Gavin as Jack finds a broken bridge (in the shape of a hand and with a car on the other side) and Ryan stabs Michael offscreen. Ryan then dies himself offscreen, as Ray completes his field orders by killing him. Geoff returns to where the skull in an anvil is, remarking on how the area looks like a shop from "Evil Dead II" and is promptly scared by a spider as Ryan kills Gavin. Gavin then dies again, of unknown self-induced causes this time (probably the first victim of the hole), as Ryan kills Michael (he has a field order at this point, to get two kills while crouched) and Geoff asks if Ray's seen the spider. All of a sudden Ray says "OH SHIT!! I'm Michael Myers!!" having gotten the map-specific killstreak reward and goes on a kill spree. First to fall is Geoff, then Jack falls to the special reward despite getting a few hits on him, then Michael gets the heck scared out of him when Ray shows up out of nowhere (Ryan almost immediately kills Geoff for the next kill offscreen), then Jack again, this time after not swinging for a few seconds to mess with him, then a distracted Ryan falls (killed from his right just after grabbing a care package having completed his field orders - later revealed to have contained an I.M.S.), then, after Ryan kills Geoff offscreen, Gavin kills Ryan and is immediately killed from behind by Ray who had followed him for a few seconds. The screen then cuts to Geoff who kills Gavin from the Brit's right (Geoff's only kill of the match, as he was too busy exploring the map), then to Jack who kills Michael from above and to his left (Michael thought it was Geoff before Jack corrected him). Ray then gets behind Jack, but Ryan kills the bearded Hunter first and Ray gets him on a wrap-around maneuver as Gavin asks how to get the ghillie suit. The screen then cuts to Ryan, killing Jack from behind and then Gavin (who was in a window). The next screen cut is to Michael, who doesn't find anyone until the end of the cut to his screen (which turns out to be Ray); Ray then tells Gavin to turn around (having gotten behind him) and immediately scores the kill, which turns out to be his last as Michael Myers for he is subsequently killed by Jack (who immediately backs into a hole afterwards). Ryan then scores two kills himself, downing Geoff via his AK-12 and then Ray with a 'panic-knife' melee attack before Michael kills him. Jack then kills Michael but is immediately killed from behind by Ray; Ray subsequently runs into the business end of Gavin's weapon, killed by bullets to the head. Michael kills Geoff while Ray gets Jack offscreen. Jack then kills Geoff from behind and grabs his golden SA-805 for his field order (get 2 kills with a picked-up weapon), however Ryan is right there as well and immediately kills Jack; the screen then cuts to Michael who successfully kills Geoff. The next two kills occur offscreen as Jack kills Ray and Ryan 'desperado's' Gavin with a melee, his weapon having run out of ammo. The next kill is Michael downing Gavin and Ryan, after asking if the field order should be completed before dying, is killed by Ray (who had picked up a Vector) offscreen. Michael then kills Jack as Geoff finds the spider again, but neither his gun's bullets nor his knife can harm it, and Ray is killed offscreen by Jack as Geoff tries to get Ray to look at his screen so he can see the spider; by then Ray had scored his 20th kill of the match, having downed Ryan. Ray then kills Jack before Ryan is guided into a hole by a "will-o-wisp"; he kills Geoff on his next respawn after Ray downs Gavin, and then Michael gets both Ray and Jack within two seconds of each other (the latter one was clueless). Gavin then kills the guard dog Michael called in following said double-kill and Ray's Maverick subseqeuntly gets him and then Michael, before following up with Jack from behind and then Gavin. Ryan then remarks that he can't find anybody and not long afterwards completes his field orders (1 kill with melee) by catching Michael looking to his left; he then calls in his care package, hoping for Michael Myers but afraid he probably dropped it off the map and ends up with an I.M.S., "whatever the hell that is". Michael then kills Gavin from behind and Ray subsequently kills Geoff to win game 1; Michael remarks that the game wasn't close if he got third. Scores for game 1 are Ray at 30 and 6, followed by Ryan at 17 and 11, then Michael at 9 and 11, then Jack (7 and 16), Gavin (4 and 18), and finally Geoff (1 and 9).

Game two soon starts, also on Fog, and Ray has changed classes, now wielding an L115; he scores the first kill with his MP443 secondary and then Ryan subsequently kills Geoff. Ryan then melees Gavin and is immediately sniped. Ryan then scores a kill, his screen saying 'Payback' which Ryan assumes must've been Ray on the business end of his AK-12's bullets; Ray subsequently snipes Michael on his next respawn. Jack then finds that he can change loadouts mid-match and switches from whatever assault rifle he was using to an FP6 shotgun. Ryan kills Ray (who then kills Michael after the latter killed Ryan on his next respawn), and then Michael kills Geoff (using an ARX-160 this match) followed by Gavin killing Ray offscreen (it was close to Michael's position as he subsequently kills Gavin and grabs the field orders that drop). Ray then notices Ryan's called in a care package but Ryan notes it was just a SAT COM; while trying to set up another snipe try Gavin knifes him from behind. While trying to follow someone Ryan is killed by Gavin's I.M.S. while Geoff (who had likely gotten ahold of someone else's asault rifle while standing on top of Jack's dropped FP6) is killed by Michael. Michael has field orders, but is killed by Gavin with a melee from behind him, while Jack finds the spider and Ryan falls in the hole again. Jack is killed from the window on the second floor of the main house again, but this time it's Ryan who killed him instead of Michael. Jack then finally scores his first kill of the match, dropping Michael with three FP6 shots to the back. After killing Michael Ryan gets a field order (kill someone from behind) but Geoff comes up a nearby ramp and kills him from behind. After getting a shot off at Jack Ray's guard dog chases him but Jack (now back to his Vector) wins out. Ray then calls in a Trinity Rocket which kills both Michael and Jack, neither of whom were expecting it. After sniping an incoming Gavin from close range, Ray calls in a Battle Hind, and when it leaves following two kills, Gavin asks what spree the Hind is, to which Ray states it's either a nine kill streak on Assault or a care package drop "like I did!" as he calls in another one at that moment. Ryan then melees Gavin and immediately falls in the hole for the third time. Gavin then kills Ray from behind but messes up his nationality on the subsequent taunt as Michael gets a lucky shot to kill Ryan. Geoff then asks where anyone is and kills an approaching Gavin, who tells Geoff "YOU LOOK LIKE A TREE!!" due to Geoff's ghillie suit; Ryan's also wearing one and he kills Gavin next. Gavin then kills Ray with his Remington's shotgun attachment and immediately dies due to AK-12 bullets from a nearby Ryan. Jack and Geoff are then seen, through the scope of Ray's L115, to be in a firefight and Ray snipes Geoff, stealing a kill from Jack. Geoff gets the final kill of the match, knifing Gavin from behind after Gavin got two kills to take third. The match ends with Ray and Ryan finishing in the same positions as last time, but Gavin has moved up to third from fifth. Round two kills are Ray finishing 26 and 13, followed by Ryan at 23 and 15, then Gavin (despite 22 kills he finished with a sub-1 KDR having died 26 tiems), Michael (20 and 19, for a KDR barely over 1), Jack (9 and 19), and finally Geoff (8 and 18). Totals after two games are Ray at 56 and 19, Ryan (40 and 26), Michael (29 and 30), Gavin (26 and a Hunter-high 44), Jack (16 and 35), and finally Geoff (9 and 27).

Round three of the Let's Play takes place at BayView, and Ray announces he's just gonna knife his way to victory (now using a class equipped with only a combat knife and two throwing knives). First blood goes to Ray, who melees Gavin from behind him. Geoff, now to his main Vector class, stops Ray's opening spree at four as the other Hunters have various misadventures in the match. Jack soon gets on the trolley on the map but is killed by a throwing knife from Ray. More various misadventures follow and Jack gets on the trolley again, downing an incoming Ray on both sides (the first sees the BayView variation of his Find the Tower Part 2 famous quote, as his being on the trolley tweaks it to "Choo-choo motherfucker!"). Ray then gets a throwing knife kill on Gavin, telling him he's practicing for their next Versus face-off. The next few minutes are mainly more various misadventures until Michael calls in a care package and gets a Maniac Juggernaut, which allows him to go on a spree that ends when Ryan's guard dog takes him out. Among the various misadventures in this sequence are Ray trying to play mind games against Geoff, only to notice Geoff threw a grenade (Geoff stating he had some of Ray's mind games on his foot), and Ryan calling in the map-specific killstreak and only killing himself with it (Geoff pulling a Barbara by saying Ryan got salv-owned). Ryan is the first guy to 29 kills, but a 29 to 27 lead over Ray ends with Ray winning 30 to 29; Gavin (who was both the first and final death, first via stabbing knife and final being by throwing knife) is again third. Rount three kills are Ray finishing 30 and 23, followed by Ryan at 29 and 15, Gavin at 18 and 21, Jack at 15 and 23, Michael at 14 and 17, and finally Geoff at 13 and 21. Totals after 3 are Ray at 86 and 42, followed by Ryan at 69 and 41, Gavin now in third with 44 kills against a Hunter-high 65 deaths, then Michael (43 and 47), Jack (31 and 58), and finally Geoff (22 and 48).

The Hunters go to Ignition next for round four, and Ray has again switched classes, now using an MTAR-X. Ray again scores first blood at the remake of a Modern Warfare 2 map, and various misadventures begin again, with Jack scoring a kill on Michael via vehicle explosion fueled by grenade from like halfway across the map. Gavin soon gets a field order (kill while prone) and Geoff tells the others to look for Gavin on the ground as Gavin had announced out loud his field order; Michael is first to find him and is killed but Gavin roofs the ensuing care package, which contained an I.M.S. Ray then calls in two Trinity Rockets, killing Michael on the first one's final shot but, not only does Ray fail to hit anyone the second time (Gavin, who would've been hit, died by someone else's weapon mere moments prior) but Gavin was right on his position once he regained control of his character and killed Ray before the Puerto Rican could do anything whatsoever. Ryan soon enters a four-player convergence but only gets one kill, on a reloading Jack. More misadventures later and Ray finds himself a kill away from winning round four. Along the way Ray had gotten the map-specific killstreak reward for completing a field order and killed Gavin with it. Ray wins again, but he had switched classes at this point and was now wielding a Riot Shield, which he killed Ryan with in a game-winning Riot Shield payback. Again the top three is Ray, then Ryan, then Gavin. Scores in round four are Ray at 30 and 16 (now totalling 116 and 58), followed by Ryan at 24 and 17 (he too now totals 58 deaths, but with 23 fewer kills), then Gavin again with a sub-1 KDR, going 16 and a tied-for-the-game-high 22 (now with 60 kills against a Hunter-high 87 deaths), then Jack at 12 and 10 (now totalling 43 and 68), then Michael and Geoff with 10 kills each (Michael got fifth on account of seven fewer deaths, now totalling 53 and 62 to Geoff's 32 and 70).

The final round takes place at Containment, the last of the DLC maps, and Ray has made yet another class change, now wielding a Bulldog shotgun. Ray quickly gets off to a 6 kill streak, four of the first five on Ryan, and gets the map-specific killstreak reward, having completed the 3 non-killstreak kills field order. Ryan scores the first kill by someone other than Ray, downing Geoff with a Vector, but Ray continues to dominate. However, Ray's Trinity Rocket scores two kills for a truck it hit and not Ray, as Jack and Gavin had converged on each other (Gavin never knew Jack was there). Ray then kills Gavin with his shotgun, to which Gavin tells Ray he thought Ray was a tree and Ryan remarks that "Gavin's gonna leave this Let's Play extremely distrustful of pines". Ray continues to dominate, killing Gavin by complete surprise and then Ryan again. Michael kills Jack and then at the last second realizes Jack threw a grenade, but misses the throwback button and yet survives. Ray then kills Gavin again with his shotgun and follows up by killing Geoff, who says "Shotgun beats knife." Ryan somehow gets hold of a Panzerfaust and kills Ray with it from on top of a building. Gavin, after recovering from dropping frames, kills someone from behind and gets a "kill while prone" field order, but Jack kills him as Ryan asks if Ray's wielding an automtic shotgun (having been killed by Ray again). Ray then kills Gavin twice in a three-kill group by both times shooting out Gavin's legs. Ryan asks if Ray's shotgun is silenced too, but Ray says no. Ray wins the fifth and final game of the Let's Play with a Trinity Rocket, going 30 and 8 for a final total of 146 kills against 66 deaths; despite most of his deaths being via Ray and his shotgun, Ryan comes in second again, going 11 and 12 (final total of 104 and 70) and third is Michael at an even 1 KDR, going 8 and 8 (he too finishes with 70 deaths, but is 43 kills behind Ryan); the final three are Jack and Geoff with seven kills each (Jack goes 7 and 10 to Geoff's 7 and 11 to claim fourth, totalling at 50 and 78 for Jack and 39 and 81 for Geoff), and then Gavin at 6 and a game-high 22 for a final total of 66 and a Hunter-high 109.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ray is the only Hunter to not use the same weapon in more than one game (he used a Maverick assault rifle, an L115 sniper rifle, a combat knife, an MTAR-X submachine gun before switching to a Riot Shield, and a Bulldog shotgun in order); Geoff and Jack leaned towards the Vector CRB submachine gun (though Jack also used the Honey Badger assault rifle in multiple matches) while Ryan, Michael, and Gavin all mainly stuck with assault rifles (Ryan an AK-12, Michael an SA-805, and Gavin his preferred class of a Remington R5 with shotgun attachment and Panzerfaust secondary)
  • Round one was the only round in which the final kill was due to a gun, as Geoff got the final kill of round two (the only one to end via time limit) with a knife attack while Ray ended rounds three through five with a throwing knife, a Riot Shield, and a Trinity Rocket respectively.
  • Round two was the only round in which the map-specific killstreak reward didn't make an appearance, as the two known care packages in that round resulted in a SAT COM for Ryan and a Battle Hind for Ray. Round three was the only round in which the map-specific killstreak reward wasn't acquired by Ray, and the only time the person who got the killstreak reward killed himself with it
  • Ray was the only Hunter to get a KDR over 2 (2.21 specifically), dying 66 times against scoring 146 kills (he won all five games but round two ended via time limit with Ray at 26 kills); the only other KDR over 1 was Ryan (1.485, with 104 kills against 70 deaths). Everyone else had sub-1 KDRs (Geoff had a 0.48 KDR, Jack's was 0.64, Michael's was 0.87, and Gavin, despite 66 kills, averaged 21.8 deaths a match for a KDR of 0.6055). Ray was also the only Hunter to have a KDR over 1 every match (his smallest KDR was round three, where he went 30 and 23, but he also had a 3.75 KDR in round five and a 5-even in round 1 (30 and 8 and 30 and 6 respectively)
  • Ray and Ryan both recorded over 100 total kills over the five matches, but nobody else got half or Ray's 146 (top score of the other four was Gavin's 66, but he died a Hunter-high 109 times across the five rounds, the only hunter with triple-digit deaths). Both Ray and Ryan, plus Geoff, were in ghillie suits, which gave Gavin trouble in the Let's Play as on three separate occasions he thought a ghillie suit-wearing Hunter looked like a tree.
  • Ignition was the only map from this Let's Play that returned in Sensitivity Training, as the final match. The match was a free-for-all, with everyone on the sensitivity level of their choice except Ray, who was on 20; aided by a sentry gun placed in front of a door and Ray's sensitivity disadvantage, Ryan would dethrone Ray (who still got second with 24). Ray would also bring out the MTAR-X during Sensitivity Training, during the fourth match (a team deathmatch, Lads vs. Gents, with the Gents on 20 and the Lads on 1), but without the extended mags; Michael would again get a Maniac Juggernaut, but this time with the proper killstreak and not a care package (based on a Jack reaction when Michael called it in). (Ray won that match for his team, using his BayView loadout to get the winning kill on a panicking Jack (who got him once in the wild spinning sequence he was in when Ray killed him), the only time Ray's BayView loadout got the final kill on someone other than Gavin in three occurrances (the actual BayView match and the second Sensitivity Training match, a sensitivity 1 FFA; the Jack kill in the TDM was via the knife primary and both Gavin kills were via throwing knife).
  • Ray's throwing knife comment after killing Gavin, who commented that the throwing knife that killed him was in his forehead is a callback to Versus episode 7, in which Gavin "did a dumb" and challenged Ray to Call of Duty Black Ops II focusing on tomahawks, ballistic knives, and combat knives; Ray, a master at Call of Duty games in general, easily won the match. (Jeremy would later deploy two-thirds of that loadout scheme in Let's Play Call of Duty Black Ops, with the tomahawk returning as a mandated loadout element in the final match; the combat knife strictly stuck to its normal right-stick usage the entire Let's Play and the final match switched the ballistic knife with the crossbow. The primary weapon that last match was Ray's round two sniper rifle, under its old L96A1 designation).
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