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Laser Time Podcast
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Hosted byChris Antista
Matthew Jay
Vidjagame Apocalypse
Mikel Reparaz
Talking Simpsons/Talking Critic
Bob Mackey
Henry Gilbert
Thirty Twenty Ten
Diana Goodman
Brett Elston
Tyler Wilde
Anne Lewis
Michael Grimm

Dave Rudden
LengthApprox. 90 min.
ProductionLaser Time
Original releaseSeptember 26, 2011 – present

Laser Time is a weekly comedy podcast and website host to multiple other podcasts. The show features the former hosts of TalkRadar, a popular podcast formerly featured on the GamesRadar online video game journalistic website.

Laser Time[edit | edit source]

The podcast is hosted by former GamesRadar editor Chris Antista with regular guests including PC Gamer editor Tyler Wilde, former Capcom online community manager Brett Elston, former GamesRadar employee Henry Gilbert and other current and former video game critics and journalists. Many of said critics and journalists have also been featured on TalkRadar. The podcast is a non-scripted comedy-based discussion about video games, film, TV, comics, music, pop culture and nostalgia, featuring sound clip examples with each episode typically based around a central theme ranging from certain genres or specifics examples of programming or from the medium.[1][2] In addition to the regular hosts, other guests include those from other publications, such as those from other Future Publishing names, including PlayStation: The Official Magazine (now out of print) and independent video game developers.[3][4] Other guests have included Dan Amrich, Brent Weinbach, Seth Killian and crossovers with Bob Mackey and the Retronauts podcast.[5] The main website features news stories, new media release articles and comedy pieces along with an online community forum and a Twitch gaming stream channel.[1]

Spin offs[edit | edit source]

While the site and the original podcast share the main title, the website is host multiple companion podcasts hosted by other regular guests of the titular podcast, referring to the selection as part of the "Laser Time Network".

Cape Crisis[edit | edit source]

The first of these is known as Cape Crisis, hosted by Henry Gilbert on a weekly basis. This show predominantly, if not exclusively features news and discussion about comic books and other forms of sequential art. The show was cancelled following a career change for Gilbert but occasionally returns for one-off episodes where Gilbert talks about recent events or releases in the comic book world.[6][7]

VGMpire[edit | edit source]

Laser Time was also in connection with VGMpire hosted by Brett Elston that features and discusses video game music. Originally the show was separate from the website, only featured on iTunes but has since become regularly featured with the other podcasts.[8]

Cheap Popcast[edit | edit source]

Following from Laser Time episode "Wrestlin' Buddies", an episode about professional wrestling, Dave Rudden began another separate podcast known as Cheap Popcast in November, 2012 that discusses the topic in greater detail, particularity current news in World Wrestling Entertainment.[9] The original Laser Time episode was later re-posted and became the "official" second episode of Cheap Popcast. Unlike the other podcasts, the show is released on a monthly basis near the same time as an upcoming pay-per-view wrestling event that same month.[10] The show gets its name from a term coined by the professional wrestling community: "Cheap Pop" which refers to a performer generating positive crowd reaction by complimenting the locals of a venue. All podcasts are featured on iTunes[2][11] and zune[10] for free.

Vidjagame Apocalypse[edit | edit source]

Beginning in February 2013, former Official Xbox Magazine editor Mikel Reparaz, formerly of GamesRadar and TalkRadar, hosts "Vidjagame Apocalypse", a throwback to TalkRadar that features news and discussions exclusively about video games, with some episodes featuring journalists from other game sites including GamesRadar.[12]

Talking Simpsons[edit | edit source]

In June 2015, a new podcast, Talking Simpsons, hosted by Retronauts host Bob Mackey became available to the podcast's patrons on Patreon. The podcast focuses on discussing each episode from the long-running animated series The Simpsons in chronological order. The first season of the podcast is exclusive to Patreon donators, while following seasons are available to the general public.[13] The show is currently covering the show's sixth season and has also consisted of interviews with Simpsons alumni such as Bill Oakley. The show would later be spun-off into its own network with its own Patreon.[14]

Talking Critic[edit | edit source]

A new podcast on the Talking Simpsons network featuring Mackey and Gilbert alongside Mikel Raparaz and Diana Goodman where they discuss Al Jean and Mike Reiss's other collaboration, The Critic. The show is exclusive to Talking Simpsons Patreon subscribers.

Bonus Time[edit | edit source]

Exclusive to the podcast's Patreon supporters, Bonus Time is a weekly companion to the main Laser Time podcast, hosted by Chris Antista, Dave Rudden and Matthew Jay.

Thirty Twenty Ten[edit | edit source]

The latest podcast created as a result of Patreon supporters. Brett Elston and Diana Goodman host a nostalgia-themed podcast taking a look at events that took place 30, 20 and 10 years prior to the week of the podcast.

Reception[edit | edit source]

In a review by CraveOnline for the original Laser Time podcast, reviewer Christian Krauspe called it "absolutely hilarious" in addition to the "undeniable chemistry" of the hosts and guests.[1]

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