Lamy Pacific

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Manufacturer: Lamy
Type: Fountain Pen



Refill : Cartridge
Made in : Germany

Safari[edit | edit source]

Lamy Pacific is the 2017 Limited Edition Al-Star color. Available as a Fountain Pen, Rollerball, or a Ballpoint. The Pacific has a matte finish which is different from the usual glossy aluminum finish the Al-Star comes with. It features chrome trim, and the fountain pen is available with a chrome nib in sizes EF, F, & M.

File:Lamy Pacific Collection.jpg

Ink[edit | edit source]

The Lamy Pacific ink is a turquiose ink that matches the Pacific Al-Star pens. It was available in cartridges (as a 5pk), and in Lamy's 50mL bottle, with blotter paper. This ink was marketed as a special "limited edition" ink, like the Lamy Petrol ink, but was later discovered, and confirmed by Lamy that it was only repackaged Lamy Turquoise with a different cap and box.

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