Kaweco Perkeo

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Manufacturer: Made by::Kaweco
Type: fountain pen
Refill : cartridge
Made in : Made in::Germany

The Perkeo is an upcoming fountain pen from Made by::Kaweco.

History[edit | edit source]

In the 20th century, Kaweco used to sell a fountain pen under this name. [1] The new Perkeo is the first pen with this name after Michael Gutberlet has revived Kaweco.

File:Perkeo pink.jpg

Development[edit | edit source]

Michael Gutberlet's father Horst Gutberlet developed the new Perkeo’s precursor in 1997. The prototype was then resting in Michael Gurberlet’s desk for many years before now being finalised for release.[1]

Release[edit | edit source]

According to Sebastian Gutberlet the pen will be released in June or July 2017 and will be available in four colour schemes.[1]

File:Perkeo grau.jpg

References and Notes[edit | edit source]

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