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Jinhao is the main brand of Shanghai Qiangu Stationery Co Ltd, a Chinese manufacturing company specializing in writing instruments. The company was established in 1988 in Jiangxi Province, but relocated to Shanghai in 2003. The company has two manufacturing factories and employs about 300 workers.

Fountain Pens[edit | edit source]

159[edit | edit source]

The 159 is a large heavy fountain pen with a design heavily influenced by the iconic Montblanc Meisterstück 149. It is a cartridge converter pen with a metal body with plastic overlay, a screw cap, and typically comes with a medium #6 steel nib.

163 and 165[edit | edit source]

The 163 and 165 models are slim fountain pens available in a metal or resin finish body. The 163 version features a silver-coloured trim and clip while the 165 model features a gold-coloured trim and clip.

Dimensions: 139mm capped, 120mm uncapped, barrel diameter 11mm Weight: 33g

x250[edit | edit source]

The x250 is a heavy, metal bodied fountain pen. It features a #5 size stainless steel nib, plastic feed, and a snap on cap, which posts tightly through friction and accepts standard international cartridges. Weight: 35 grams. Weight of body: 22 grams. Weight of cap: 13 grams. Length: 14 cm. Length uncapped: 12.2 cm. Length posted: 15.7 cm. Cap length: 6.2 cm. The grip section is aluminium and features a concave taper from 0.9 cm to 1.5 cm. The body has a convex taper from 1.5 cm to 0.9 cm. The cap is roughly cylindrical, with a 1.6 cm diameter and a rounded tip.

x450[edit | edit source]

The x450 is a full-sized fountain pen featuring a snap cap and a rubber grip section with 3 indents to encourage a standard triangle grip. It accepts a standard international cartridge or converter filling mechanism, and is usually sold with a medium #6 stainless steel nib.

599[edit | edit source]

The 599 is a full-sized fountain pen with a plastic body, influenced by the Lamy Safari[1].

Length: 140mm, 128mm uncapped, 170mm with cap posted Weight: 17g

601[edit | edit source]

The 601 is a new fountain pen featuring a non-slip grip section and a metal or lacquer body. Dimensions: 132mm capped, 122mm uncapped, barrel diameter 11mm Weight: 29g

x750[edit | edit source]

The x750 is a full-sized fountain pen featuring a snap cap. It uses a cartridge or converter filling mechanism, and a medium #6 steel nib.

811[edit | edit source]

The 811 features Chinese symbols representing integrity and honesty and is available in several metal themes.

Length: 138mm, 121mm uncapped, 145mm with cap posted, barrel diameter 13mm Weight: 51g

886[edit | edit source]

The 886 “bullet” fountain pens are small well-weighted, metal enamel fountain pens[2]. According to The Well-Appointed Desk the 886 weighs 21 gram and is 5″ long capped and 5.5″ posted [2]

992[edit | edit source]

The 992 is a full-sized fountain pen made from injection-molded plastic with a design heavily influenced by the Sailor 1911. It uses a standard international cartridge/converter filling system and comes with a fine steel nib.

References and Notes[edit | edit source]