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Gutsy Geeks Computer Show
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A Linux Show about Free Software, Open Source Technology
Hosted byMichael Cady, Nick Coons, Richard Sherman
GenreLinux and Open Source
Length60 Minutes
Audio formatOgg Vorbis and MP3
Original releaseOctober, 2001 – present

Gutsy Geeks is a weekly radio show dedicated to explaining the benefits that the "Average Computer User" would experience by switching to Free and Open Source software. The show is designed to help introduce people to GNU/Linux and FOSS. These open technologies help listeners save money while providing a more reliable and secure computing experience. The hosts attempt to keep the show at a constant novice level accessible by anyone, while at the same time providing new information to keep the show interesting for long time listeners. The primary audience for this program are computer novices and/or former Microsoft Windows users being introduced to the Linux and Open Source world for the first time. The hosts of the show are Michael Cady, Nick Coons, and Richard "Mr. Modem" Sherman.

Common Segments[edit | edit source]

What is Linux or Open Source[edit | edit source]

The show usually opens with a reiteration of what Linux or Opens Source software is and how it can benefit the listener.

Mr. Modem[edit | edit source]

Mr. Modem (Richard A. Sherman) is an author and syndicated columnist who reads some of his material on the air, takes listener questions, and responds to email.

News[edit | edit source]

The segment is often a short highlighting Linux and Open Source software in the resent news.

Nerd Knows[edit | edit source]

This segment is more advanced than the rest of the show and highlights what the truly geeky can do with Linux and open source software. Always presented by Nick Coons this segment comes with a rating to inform the listener the level of difficulty prior to descent into the rapid fire how to.

Lug of the Week[edit | edit source]

Often, though not every week, the Gutsy Geeks will interview a Linux Users Group. This highlights that community and what they are doing, but also shows that no mater where you are there is a Linux Users Group near you to help you with your open source computer needs.

Compelling Interviews[edit | edit source]

Interviews with leaders and innovators from the world of Linux and Open source. Sometimes they interview obscure innovates, other times the meet with industry giants.

History[edit | edit source]

The Gutsy Geeks is the first broadcast radio show focusing on Linux and Open Source Computing.[citation needed] The Gutsy Geeks, and in its previous incarnation as PC Chat, has been on the air since August 2001.[1] The show's home base is the AM station KFNX 1100 AM, serving the greater Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area. The show's hosts are Michael Cady, Nick Coons, and Richard Sherman.

Media coverage[edit | edit source]

  • LXer from Linux News describes the Gutsy Geeks as a”...The distinctive personalities and technical expertise of hosts Michael, Nick, and Mr. Modem (The Gutsy Geeks) create a unique chemistry that has appealed to listeners for years. The hosts' humor-laden banter and occasionally irreverent perspective on the world makes this one of the fastest 60-minutes in radio. Either that, or it will bore you to tears. Sometimes it's just too close to call...”[2]
  • DesktopLinix from eWeek sums up the show with “Hosted by "the distro dorks themselves," and syndicated nationally, the "Gutsy Geeks" show aims to promote and teach Linux to newcomers while also providing tips to intermediate-level Linux users. “[3]

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