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CGP Grey is an American-British educational YouTuber and podcaster known for his eponymous YouTube channel and for co-hosting the podcasts Hello Internet with Brady Haran and Cortex with Myke Hurley. He is also a co-founder of Standard Broadcast, a company self-described as a "community of digital creators".[1]

Grey was born in the United States and raised on Long Island in the suburbs of New York City. He attended college in the state of New York and after graduation relocated to the United Kingdom, where he worked as a physics teacher at a secondary school in London. In 2010, he registered the CGP Grey YouTube channel and began uploading explanatory educational videos to it the following year, initially intending to promote his time management business. The videos became popular in their own right, with many achieving viral success, and in 2012 Grey left teaching to become a full-time video producer. As of November 2019, his channel has accumulated 4.0 million subscribers and received more than 480 million views.

In addition to his YouTube content, Grey is a commercially successful podcaster. Since 2014, he has hosted the the discussion podcast Hello Internet with fellow educational YouTuber Brady Haran. It occupied the number one position on the iTunes podcast charts in Australia, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States and had a reported audience of between 600 and 900 thousand listeners as of July 2017. Since 2015, Grey has hosted Cortex with fellow podcaster and Relay FM co-founder Myke Hurley. It peaked in the top six of the iTunes podcast charts in Australia, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

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