Getting Schooled, Mvt. I

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Back at Strumlotts and ready to explore, the bards rest up, fuel up, and practice up with some familiar and not-so-familiar acquaintances.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Song - "Alto Brown's Orders"[edit | edit source]

Chord Dice[edit | edit source]

  • C as given
  • D minor
  • C (times 3)

Drum kit[edit | edit source]

  • heads- 87 - jazz walts 1
  • kit 81 - techno 4

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Randy: I’ve got the hunger, that sweet halfling hunger.
Give me all your waffles and Randy’ll be fine.

Alto: I’ll curb that hunger and you’ll never want another.
Waffles coming back, and be sure to use the sweet maple butter!
Who’s next?

Ra’zul: I’m not a picky dwarf, I’ve been living out in the woods.
A chef special, Alto Brown, would leave Ra’zul feeling mighty, mighty good.

Alto: Well you’re out of the woods now, so it’s time for some good foods.
Boys, the chef special. Braised boar and beignets!
Next please.

Yashee: I’m hungry today so I’ll start with three sandwiches,
Don’t care what’s on ‘em as long as there’s meat.
Do you have any fruit? No on second thought,
I’ll have tusk soup with a juice and a whole block of cheese.

Alto: Quick boys, three sandwiches, tusk soup, and a block of cheese, chop chop!

That all sounds good.
Are you sure there’s nothing else?
When I’m your cook, you are the boss.

Sauce, smothered in sauce.