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General Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He likes grapes.
  • Although Gavin swears regularly off-camera and says the F-word like the other employees during private conversations, he is the only employee who swears only a little on camera due to his family watching, in addition to not wanting to tarnish his reputation. He sore a lot on-camera during the late 2000s. Occasionally he swears with "s*it", "b*tch", "son of a b*tch", "p*ick", "d*ck", and "bulls*it". He very rarely says the F-word on camera
  • He is noted to often say 'Smeg.' This is a reference to the English Cult comedy Red Dwarf.
  • He is also noted to often say British swear words and British vulgar slangs a bunch, such as "Bloody hell", "Damn", "Bastard", "knob", "Crap", "nick", "Goddamn", "Jesus Christ", "Oh God", "Sod off", "Piss off" "bell end", "twat" and 'Bollocks' or some variation thereof, such as "What the bollocks?"
  • He also is an avid fan of the English Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur. He regularly shouts "Yid Army" in videos referencing a popular chant by Tottenham fans.
  • Gavin has commented in an episode of the Rooster Teeth podcast that he makes up words in all the Achievement Hunter videos he is in, as he tries not to swear. Shouting "clunge," "sausage," and making various mumbling noises are his ways of swearing. During an episode of Rage Quit, Michael complained that Gavin doesn't "speak a real language," and, rather, that he "speaks Gavin." The reason behind his avoidance of swearing is, according to Gavin, that he feels if he swears, it would be wrong because so many of the other staff members swear. However, he has been shown cursing in a few videos, such as the episode of RT Life in which he played a match of tennis against Jack.
  • Gavin has been attacked by most of the Achievement Hunters. Ryan has yet to physically attack Gavin, although he has chased him out of the old office and into the street once, as well as dump a trash can on his desk.
  • Gavin has a strong dislike of soggy bread, and will retch or even vomit at the sight of it. This is referenced in one of the locations seen during Things to Do In GTA V: Cool Off, as the other Hunters are inside a convenience store when he starts assaulting them with water from the hose of his fire truck from outside.
  • He buys Blu-Rays and never watches them.
  • RT fans say that he should be dating Barbara Dunkelman, but neither of them have shown any display of affection towards each other.
  • During the final hours of staying at a hotel, Gavin washes his clothes in the room's shower to save time from waiting for room service to do it.
  • Gavin is currently dating Meg Turney, resulting in the couple's nickname of "TurnFree." They currently live together in Austin, Texas.
  • Gavin has shit his pants 6 times in one day, several of which were on a airplane, prompting Geoff to declare him "The Office Pants Shitting Champion."
  • While it has never been explicitly stated by Gavin, it is implied he is a big Pokemon fan. Whenever Michael and Ray bring it up, Gavin quickly ducks the question and becomes embarrassed. During a recent episode of VS, Gavin displays a great deal of knowledge of Pokemon when trying to teach Ryan how to play Pokemon.
  • He has been teased constantly about his nose in various situations, and about Meg and Ryan due to Free Play
  • Gavin is often abused by Geoff
    • Geoff tends to fart in his area, on him, or in his coffee
    • Geoff has stuck various objects, including his finger, up his butt
    • Geoff had hit his penis in several instances

Let's Play[edit | edit source]

Minecraft[edit | edit source]

  • Gavin, along with Geoff, constructed Achievement City.
  • Gavin, along with Geoff, also constructed the Minecraft Wipeout Course.
  • Gavin, along with Geoff, constructed Mario level 1-1 for a "Things to do in: Minecraft" video.
  • Gavin was not the first person to mess with another person in Let's Play: Minecraft.
  • Gavin has been physically attacked five times by all of the Achievement Hunters in Let's Play Minecraft:
    • First by Michael in Episode 2 for obtaining an achievement that he did not want Gavin to own.
    • By Geoff in Episode 9 for killing him and stealing his stuff.
    • By Jack in Episode 16 when Jack showed up to work late and found Gavin in his chair, which he pulled out causing Gavin to smash his knee on the desk.
    • By Ray in Episode 37 when Gavin cheated by mashing the buttons on Ray's controller and killing Ray before he was able to erect the Tower of Pimps, which angered Ray enough to attack Gavin (which included stealing his batteries, causing Michael to call him for "Delay of Game").
    • By Geoff again in Episode 124 when he tried to turn off Geoff's Xbox to prevent him from getting the "On a Rail" Achievement.
  • Gavin has won the Tower of Pimps three times, not to mention that he created it in Episode 2.
  • Gavin's default player skin for Minecraft is the "Creeper Man." Ironically, he runs into Creepers the most. In Let's Play Minecraft Episode 51, he met two "friendly" Creepers that he claimed were his parents, though they exploded moments later. This same incident occurred in Let's Play Minecraft Episode 64, when two more "friendly" Creepers appeared next to the Birch Bunker, which the others referred to as Gavin's "resurrected" parents that were "picking him up from school".
  • Gavin was the first to find the Tower of Pimps in Episode 13.
  • Gavin was the first to find Geoff's Sky Fortress in Episode 15, although he also unknowingly passed under it earlier.
  • Gavin was the first to find a Stronghold in Episode 25.
    • He then tried to kill everyone by leading them to a big drop.
  • Gavin licked the microphone filter at the beginning of Episode 29. He did this again in a later episode.
  • Gavin is also shown, in "Let's Play: Deathcraft" Part Two, to have a gag reflex when he sees wet bread. This results in his vomiting and gagging several times.
  • Gavin admitted that he'd never played Pac-Man before competing in Episode 38.
  • Gavin is the most destructive of the Achievement Hunters. An example of this was when he burned down the lads' house in Episode 1 as revenge for Ray stealing his wool. Further examples of this were when Gavin burned down the Grifball Arena by placing several buckets of lava within the wool structure in Episode 22, when he burned down the Library of Pimps in Episode 26, and in Episode 28 when he burned down the pier at Camp Achievement Hunter in an attempt to kill Caleb as a result of Caleb's admitting that he stole cooked fish out of furnaces and chests.
  • In Let's Build - Slice of Hell, Gavin renovated his house to include a hidden chamber in the back with the entrance covered by a large painting. This was revealed as Gavin's "Trophy Room of Victory," in which Gavin secretly keeps all of the Towers he won. His secret did not last long however, as Jack discovered the hidden chamber after seeing Geoff walk through the large painting covering the entrance, which led to everyone else discovering it as well. (Geoff was actually the first to discover it in the Let's Build, shortly before Gavin finished it.) This led to the others teasing Gavin about his "secret room" and how he goes there and cries after every time he fails to win the Tower of Pimps. Later on, they started flooding Gavin's secret room as a prank, referring to the water as Gavin's "tears." It was also destroyed in King Michael when the king ordered everyone to retrieve a piece from the room.

Worms[edit | edit source]

  • Gavin's team name in Worms 2: Armageddon was called "Vibrating Munt."
  • Gavin lost every-single match in both Let's Play: Worms and Let's Play: Worms 2: Armageddon. 
  • Gavin once attempted to camp in Let's Play: Worms 2: Armageddon by using a Sentry Gun.
  • Gavin is considered to be the worst Worms player in Achievement Hunter, often killing members of his own team.

Grand Theft Auto[edit | edit source]

  • Gavin is the hunter most often seen getting a fire truck:
    • First round of Cops and Crooks Part 1 (blown up when he tried to bail upon noticing it was on fire)
    • Grand Theft Auto V: Enter the Dragonface (ended the video by running over Kerry with it)
    • Things to Do In GTA V: Cool Off (repeatedly soaked the other Hunters in their various locations seen using the hose, although the last few deaths were due to a gas pump exploding with the kills being credited to Ryan)
    • Grand Theft Auto V: Gavin's Heist (blown up upon colliding with a gas pump within ten seconds of the start of the heist)
  • He has the lowest rank of the main six Hunters, at 41 as of the most recent video; only recurring Hunters Kerry (17) and Lindsay (34) are lower.
    • He is the only one of the original six main Hunters to still not be level 100 despite having gotten the achievement for it by accident at level 41; even Jeremy, who replaced Ray (117) after Minecraft 177, has reached that level.
  • Gavin was the original 'getaway driver' in rounds five and eight of Cops and Crooks Part 1, as both times his RPG-wielding teammate climbed into his vehicle after blowing up the cop car killing all three members of Team Gents at once.
  • Gavin once said a dump truck he was driving (in round three of Cops and Crooks Part 1) would never explode and the one driven by Michael and Ray promptly lost its hood. He then noticed the highway he and his teammates were on was incomplete and they jumped off it, landing on their sides - right in front of an arriving Team Gents, who promptly killed Michael and caused Gavin to die upon collision with a parked car after hitting him with their car.
  • Gavin often gets mugged during Let's Plays, although in Enter the Dragonface the muggers more frequently targeted Kerry. Three in particular were hilarious:
    • He was starting to take off in a Hydra when a mugger threw him out of it
    • a mugger sent by Michael mugged him on the side of Mount Chiliad; the mugger died before reaching the bottom when he got tied up in Jeremy's bike
    • Gavin was driving a firetruck when he got mugged waiting for Michael to get in; neither Michael nor Jeremy knew the mugger was driving for two minutes in a hilarious miscommunication
  • Gavin has five main 'Primary' vehicles; he's most often the Hunter who gets a fire truck; he, along with Jack, are most often getting behind the controls of a Cargobob; his favorite aircraft seems to be the massive Titan; and his personal vehicles are a purple Blista he's had since the beginning of the GTA V Let's Plays and a Sanchez motorcycle with Fort Zancudo livery. He has since added a Sovereign motorcycle, a Shotaro, a modded Faggio (which he stupidly selected for a race during the Robbie Kay playlist and ended up in the water during the subsequent escape attempt), and an FMJ supercar.

London 2012[edit | edit source]

  • Gavin's team was Great Britain throughout the three videos. This ties in to Gavin's nationality, as he is originally from Britain.
  • Gavin's final medal count was eight, which adds up to 12 points and gives him third place.
    • He won a gold medal in Archery, which was worth three points.
    • He won silver in Men's Weightlifting and Women's 400m Dash, both worth two points.
    • He won bronze in Men's 25m Rapid Fire Pistol, Women's 10m Platform, Men's Single Sculls, Men's K1 Kayak Single and Men's Triple Jump, each event worth one point.
  • His competitor for Archery was Mark Nutt, and since then he has referenced the name in later Let's Play episodes.

Rage Quit[edit | edit source]

  • Gavin once lost to Michael in "FIFA Soccer 10."
  • Gavin was in control of the mouse when he and Michael played "Slender," prompting both of them to easily get killed by Slender Man whenever he got close to them, due to Gavin either letting go or throwing the mouse.
  • In the episode "Mirror's Edge," you could hear Gavin try to give Michael advice near the end of the video.
  • Gavin controlled the arm in Surgeon Simulator 2013 while Michael worked the fingers.

Game Night[edit | edit source]

  • He has a habit of shouting "What is Game Night?" in the opening of every episode, distracting the two hosts.
  • In one episode of Game Night, Michael interrupted Gavin's shout by walking up to him and forcing his hand over Gavin's mouth the entire episode.

Red vs Blue[edit | edit source]

  • Gavin voices a character in Red vs Blue: Reconstruction; a blue soldier stationed in Rat's Nest named Jones (mispronounced by his teammates as Joe-en-es), who is later (most likely) killed by Caboose.

RWBY[edit | edit source]

  • Gavin was the original voice actor for Junior. However, Monty Oum decided that his voice was "too important" for such a minor role and would be reserving him for later characters. That character was later revealed to be Scarlet David, of Team SSSN (led by his Team Nice Dynamite teammate Michael as the namesake Sun)

RT Life[edit | edit source]

  • Gavin lost to Jack in a game of tennis. As a consequence to a bet made prior to the match, he then had to lick Gus' shingle-infested leg.
  • After tossing an ice cube into Geoff's pants, Gavin was tackled down by Geoff and had ice put down his own pants. While pinned down, Michael, who was holding the camera, poured water on Gavin's head.