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Franklin Christoph
IndustryWriting instruments
FounderScott Franklin
Key people
Scott Franklin
ProductsWriting Instruments, Paper, Ink, Pen Cases

Franklin-Christoph is a small pen manufacturer in the US. They have a line fountain pens, roller balls, and ball point pens. Franklin-Christoph manufacturers a line of fountain pen inks, available in 2oz bottles. They also have their own notebooks and notepads, along with pen cases.

Pens[edit | edit source]

Fountain Pens[edit | edit source]

Franklin-Christophs fountain pen line are all made from acrylic blanks turned on a CNC lathe. Their pens are very popular in the Antique Glass ("coke bottle") finish, and Ice finish. They all use German made JOWO nibs, in either #5 or #6 size, depending on the pen. Franklin-Christoph is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get a Mike Masuyama ground nib. Nibs are available in both steel and gold, in a multitude of sizes.

Model 66 Stabilis[edit | edit source]

The Model 66 Stabilis (often called the 66) is a desk pen. A long tapered barrel with a clipless cap, the 66 doesn't fit in a pocket very well for daily carry. The 66 takes a #6 nib, and can be used with a cartridge/converter, or sealed with silicon grease, and eyedroppered with a large 4mL+ ink capacity. There is a very small step where the barrel and section meet, but no threads to fall under your thumb, the 66 has block threads at the very front of the section, making it a comfortable pen to use. The cap is quick to screw and unscrew because of the block threads.

Rollerballs, Ballpoints & Mechanical Pencils[edit | edit source]

Mode 05 Sketcher[edit | edit source]

Available in two versions, either a 5.6mm clutch pencil, or a ballpoint pen.

Model 29 Bellus Rollerball[edit | edit source]

A capped rollerball pen that uses a magnetic to secure the cap.

Fountain Pen Ink [1][edit | edit source]

Standard Inks[edit | edit source]

There are 5 colors in Franklin-Christoph's main ink line:

  • Classic Black
  • Blue 72
  • Brown 732
  • Emerald 357
  • Red 187

Special Inks[edit | edit source]

There are 10 colors in Franklin-Christoph's special ink line:

  • Black Cherry
  • Black Forest
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Loden
  • Midnight Emerald
  • Noir et Bleu
  • Spanish Blue
  • Sweet Maroon
  • Tenebris Purpuratum
  • Terra Firma
  • Urushi Red

Limited Edition Inks[edit | edit source]

  • Franklin Green
2016 Philadelphia Pen Show Exclusive color
  • Ink '17
2017 Philadelphia Pen Show Exclusive Color

Discontinued Colors[edit | edit source]

1st Generation Inks[edit | edit source]

Since discontinued, these are the original inks produced by Franklin-Christoph

  • Black Magic
  • Dark Denim
  • Deep Purple
  • Olde Emerald
  • Syrah Syrah

References and Notes[edit | edit source]

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