Film Fandango

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Film Fandango
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Hosted byDavid Reed, Marek Larwood
GenreFilm, Comedy
Audio formatStream, MP3
Original release7 October 2011 – present

Film Fandango is a weekly film discussion podcast hosted by comedians David Reed and Marek Larwood.

In its initial incarnation (October 2011 – January 2013) the podcast was hosted by Danielle Ward alongside David Reed and was distributed by Absolute Radio.[1] Each week a guest presenter joined the hosts to discuss a new or upcoming cinema release as well as a film of his or her choosing. In October 2012 Marek Larwood replaced Danielle Ward as host.

No longer affiliated with Absolute Radio, the show continues in a similar weekly format albeit with fewer guest presenters.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

A list of early episodes of Film Fandango is available on the podcast's old iTunes page. A list of more recent episodes can be found on the podcast's current iTunes page.

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