Feed Me Bubbe

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Feed Me Bubbe
Hosted byBubbe and Avrom
GenreKosher Yiddish cooking
UpdatesNo Schedule
Original releaseFriday, June 16, 2006 – Thursday, August 7, 2014

Feed Me Bubbe was a Jewish cooking show that is produced on a shoestring budget. "Bubbe" is the Yiddish word for "Grandmother." Bubbe's grandson Avrom introduces each show declaring that "Bubbe" is one of the three words he needs to know when he is hungry and looking for Kosher food.

History[edit | edit source]

The series is produced by Chalutz Productions (so called because Chalutz is Hebrew for "pioneer"). Feed Me Bubbe is part of the new trend in podcasting known as "Vodcast."

Being mentioned in British newspapers, as well as Avrom and Bubbe being guests or highlighted on many other podcasts, has led to Feed Me Bubbe quickly gaining a wide audience and becoming noted.

In each episode Bubbe introduces a recipe, teaches how to cook it, and shares stories from her past; also included is a feature entitled "Yiddish Word of the Day," in which Avrom learns a new Yiddish word from Bubbe. A more recently added segment—"Ask Bubbe"—features Bubbe answering viewer questions and feedback.

Bubbe died on August 7, 2014. Her husband Zaide, (Yiddish for grandfather) died May 18, 2015.

The first episode was released on Instant Media on June 16, 2006. Each episode is approximately 7 to 15 minutes long.

Feed Me Bubbe was one of the shows launched by Instant Media Network. Within its first month over 300 subscribers had made Feed Me Bubbe one of the network's most popular vodcasts. In the first annual Vloggie Awards Feed Me Bubbe was nominated in the cooking category.

Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Bubbe Avrom's grandmother, co-host, and chef
  • Avrom producer and co-host of Feed Me Bubbe
  • Zadie Bubbe's husband, videographer
  • Josh Green Number 1 fan

While the character of "Bubbe" is a stage name meaning "Grandmother," Bubbe is Avrom's real-life grandmother and her real name is never revealed. Since their passing, it has been revealed that their real names were Bertha and Bernard Jonas.

See the Chalutz Productions website for the list of recipes made on the show.

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