Dixon's American Graphite

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Product name::American Graphite Pencil
Manufacturer: Made by::Dixon
Type: wood cased pencil
Also called:
Made in : Made in::USA
Available degrees:

Dixon first introduced their American Graphite Polygrade pencils in the 1870s. They were eventually available graded from VVVS (very, very, very soft) to VVVH (hard). These were the first American made pencils to compete with Europe's high-end drawing pencils such as A.W. Faber's Polygrade pencils. In 1917, Dixon introduced the Eldorado which was graded in the now familiar European style of 2B, B, HB, H, 2H, etc. By 1920 the Eldorado had supplanted the American Graphite Polygrade line of pencils.

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