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After a fan sent us a binder of PC Gamer demo discs of games, we knew what we had to do: play them all, no matter how terrible. Demo Disk showcases 1990s to early 2000s-era games, with running commentary and jokes.
— Demo Disk description on

Demo Disk is an ongoing Funhaus gameplay series where Adam Kovic, James Willems, Bruce Greene and occasionally other Funhaus members will play a random old selection of Demo Disks of games sent by a PC Gamer fan (which was submitted by reddit user Kage_Oni. ). The games are from the 90's or 2000's era games which the team plays all, no matter how terrible they are, until they expire - at which point Bruce will proceed to snap the disk. Usually by the end of the gameplay, Bruce Greene would destroy the disc for comedic reasons with running jokes and commentary.

The team will also procrastinate from the game while it is installing to follow something they mentioned in coversation, most regularly known to be "Is there a 'Rule 34' for _____", which they will search - this is unseen by viewers, and the entire page will be blurred while they are looking at it.