Custom Pen Makers

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Custom pen makers are pen turners who fabricate pens from raw materials and, in many cases, a certain portion of off-the-shelf parts. Pens made can include fountain pens, refill-based pens (rollerballs/ballpoints/gel-ink) and dip pens.

Custom Pen Makers[edit | edit source]

The makers in this list focus on traditional custom pens, including fountain pens and refill-based pens. These makers generally do not use "kit pen" components, but most use off-the-shelf nib units.

Traditional Custom Pen Makers
Maker Company Name Location Materials
Mike Allen Woodshed Pen Co Saint George, South Carolina, US Resin
Jonathan Brooks Carolina Pen Company North Carolina, US Custom-made Resins, Ebonite, Urushi
Brian C. (@chewbacca on Slack) Red Dragon Pen Company Ashburn, Virginia, US Resin
Tim Cullen Hooligan Pens USA Wood, Resin, Metal
Carl Fisher Fisher of Pens Florida, US Resin
Chet Herbert The Herbert Pen Company Richmond, Virginia, US Custom-made Resins
Ryan Krusac Ryan Krusac Studios Calhoun, Georgia, US Wood, Scrimshaw, Ebonite
J. Albert Lawrence Romulus Pens San Francisco Bay area, California, US Resin, Celluloid, Wood
Jake Lazzari Lazzari Design England Resin, Metal
Aaron Logue Aaron Logue Woodturning Waco, Texas, US Resin, Wood
Corey McNabb Appalachian Pen Company North Carolina, US Resin, Metal
Rein van der Mast Pjotr Pens Dordrecht, the Netherlands Metal
Renée Meeks Scriptorium Pens Jackson, Mississippi, US Resin, Wood, Ebonite
Yoshi Nakama 18111 Pens New York, New York, US Resin, Metal
Shawn Newton Newton Pens Hot Springs, Arkansas, US Resin, Metal
Eric Sands Atelier Lusso Huntington Harbour California, California, US Resin, Celluloid, Metal
Jose Sumaquial Intellectus Pen Company Unknown Resin, Metal
Jonathan Twiss Twiss Pens Sherwood Forrest Arts and Craft Centre, Nottinghamshire, UK Cellulose Acetate, Resin, Acrylic, Ebonite, Metal
Troy Clark Brute Force Design Unknown, US Resin, Wood, Metal

Unusual Pen Makers[edit | edit source]

The makers listed here create less-traditional, unique or unusual pens. These can be differentiated by their means of fabrication, filling system (or lack thereof), etc.

Unusual Pen Makers
Maker Company Name Location Description
Jessica Chan Wink Pens Portland, OR Glass-nibbed dip pens
Andrzej Llothar & Jerry Tong  Additive Pens  Sandnes, Norway & ??, Canada  3D printed fountain pens