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C.T., formerly known as Freelancer Agent Connecticut, or Connie for short, is a character in Red vs. Blue, who was first mentioned in Revelation and made her first appearance in the episode Case File 01.045. C.T. serves as a major character and later antagonist of the Project Freelancer Saga.

Role in Plot[edit | edit source]

Project Freelancer[edit | edit source]

In the episode Case File 01.045, Connie seems heavily disappointed in herself for a failed mission, for "dropping the ball". Washington tries to cheer her up by stating it wasn't just her fault, but Connie complains about the Director, whom Washington tries to defend by saying that he's given them everything, though Connie disagrees. Angry, Connie thrusts her helmet at Wash and tells him not to call her Connie anymore, that it makes her sound "Like a fucking kid" and to call her C.T. As she leaves, she leaves Wash with a warning to choose whose side he's on, or "They" will choose for him.

She was later seen viewing the battle between Team 1, consisting of Wyoming, York, and Maine, and Agent Texas. When Wyoming and Maine began to use live rounds Washington demands they call the Director. Due to her negative outlook on the Director, C.T. remarks "Who do you think gave them the ammo?" C.T. is one of the agents that the Director reprimands for coming down to help York after the result of the fight. After this dressing down, she tells Wash to watch his position on the board.

C.T. is later seen in the briefing room for the upcoming mission to recover the Sarcophagus, where she is assigned to Team B who is to recover a pass code from a high ranking Insurrection official in order to open the Sarcophagus. Over the course of the briefing, she asks several questions and this eventually prompts the Director to order her to silence. She is later seen listening to North in Team B's Pelican. While Wyoming is injured on the ground C.T. tries to comfort him. After the mission, C.T. is later seen back aboard the Mother of Invention talking to an Insurrectionist on the computer. When Wash approaches her, C.T. cuts the transmission and tells Wash to mind his own business, before leaving.